Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flirtatious Fae!

Yesterday the Fae of the Realm of Sylvhara had their Annual Fae Dae Festivities. Being Fae Royalty it was important I look my best for my fellow Fae brothers and Sisters. The set up was lovely with these great bubbles that were a gift a couple of years ago.

So a few pictures later, I thought I should blog this!

Dress: Evie's Closet- Ariel (purple)
Headpiece: AC Girl - Butterfly Headpiece (Sadly this store is closed)
Wings: Wing Song by Ely _ Ely's Gold Transparent Wings (color change)
Hair: Exile - Love Song 2 in Auburn
Skin: Gala - Cupid 2 - Crave 2
Pose: Happy Mood - Bubble Chair ( can win in prize chair)

Silentsparrow Month! Day 27-28! - Theend

My last Silentsparrow February post is going to be another doublepost. On Saturday I was preoccupied due to not wanting to go to a wedding. I don't much like weddings, especially those of people I don't know (in this case, my husband's boss). So we made an excuse to not go, but I married a bloody boyscout, who doesn't like to use people as false excuses, and so I spent much of yesterday trying to teach my daughter how to ride a bike (with stabilizers). I think whoever coined the term "Like riding a bike" didn't figure 6 year olds into the matter. This was the third time we'd taken her out on the bike she got for Christmas, and each time, she has NO idea what to do when faced with having to pedal. By the time we're on our way home, she's got the hang of it, more or less, but then the next time we take her out, it's back to square one and I find myself repeating "Move your legs! Like you're running! One after the other! Keep going, not backwards!". At this rate, we should be ready to take the stabilizers off by the time she's, ooh, 15? Then it was a Pixar shorts DVD and Wii Fit and paranoia at the hands of the chavs who harrassed and confused me while we were out, for the rest of the day. See, look at that! I have no qualms using other people as excuses. As I was barely on SL yesterday, my outfit for this part is a somewhat arbitrary collection of pretty pieces.

First of all, the skirt. The Bustle. The bustley, skirty thingy. The skirt is from a suite I've mentioned a few times in this series of posts, the Severina Suite. I'm a great fan of short skirts with a train-y bit, and this one is glorious. It has a big sculpted ruffle at the hips, which cascades down at the back into a burlesque-tastic...skirty bustley thingy. It's yummy. And named for a very nice lady. Who does not have button eyes. With it is the lovely Shruggie in Ash, with bell sleeves and a turtleneck collar. You can't see it well in my pictures, but it's got big bandy stripes on the sleeves. It's a wonderful piece that can be dressed up or down and worn with just about anything you can think of. Really, I am thinking right now and can't think of anything it wouldn't look great with in one colour or another. Even a SPACESUIT *makes note: "badger hya about making a silentsparrow spacesuit"*. Under THAT, I am wearing the corset from the Ritual Suite, in Ash, again. I wore the Penny Ritual skirt the other day, this is the pretty top that goes with it. It has a beautiful, slightly ruched, silk-effect texture, with fantastic boning down the front, and flatteringly shaped cups that suit any size of bust. The whimsical lacing, if it can be so called, at the back is my favourite part of it, though. It's pretty leafy twigs! With my shruggie, I've covered another nice detail of it, the lacey drapings over the shoulders and front, which you can just about spot, peeping out underneath. Ooh, and, my skin! My skin is the preview of Schadenfreude's upcoming new skins, which boast a reworked nose and collarbone and softer, more porcelain-doll like texturing, among many other improvements, and I'm very excited to see more of these. I'm *ahem* not sure of where it can be got yet. But I'll be sure to ask! My entire head is by Schadenfreude. That's pretty awesome.

And so onto this day, Sunday. One of the reasons I logged on briefly yesterday was because of a silentsparrow group notice telling of a new Limited Edition outfit! Not a hunt, just a single, out there to buy, limited edition outfit, being released in four waves of 25 (the other reason was that my bunny monitor said I had a new nest, it was mistaken, it had found an old nest of mine - Bah!). Of course, I missed the first wave of releases, and a friend very kindly offered to pick me one up when the next wave happened (they're transfer!). Relatively short story shorter, I now and the proud owner of the Blood Ritual Tunic Set, the husband or brother or son or some sort of male or tomboyish female relative of the suite from which the corset I was wearing earlier came from.
It makes me feel pleasantly Joan of Arc-ish to wear this, but like, less crazy and French. Maybe like Joan of Arc was in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. But still less French. I can't help but feel like in my pics I've made it look like a shorts-and-tights ensemble, which is very nice but not what it is. Instead, it is, as the name might suggest, a tunic and tights set. What I've made look like ornate shorts, are in fact the sculpted bottom part of the tunic. What look like tights are tights, but in the Men in Tights style of tights, I've shown them off in brown on here, before. Remember when I made you stare at my crotch? Yes, I know there's been a few times...I still respect you though. As a person, you know. Then there's a rich deep red velvet top, at the awesome suedey half-jacket, which I would buy the outfit for, alone. it has sculpted shoulder caps, and the same viney pattern that formed the back of the corset I was wearing before. My hair was a Stumblebum exclusive from Clawtooth, which you may have just missed, I think. It's the first hair from Clawtooth I've seen with flex, and is very, very nice, it moves prettily and I'm all for braids in semi-random places. But back to my pretty suit, when last I looked, there were a few left from the third wave of release, which means you can either try your luck now (this was a few hours back I checked) or wait for the final release wave. Hang out at silentsparrow if you're the keen type. And of course, join the Twittery Birds group, to keep updated about this sort of thing and all the other sorts of things and and and things!

Outfit Credits:

Pic 1:

Skin: Schadenfreude - Langwidaire - Dawn - Audrey
Hair: Schadenfreude - Cinder - Razzamatazz + Grey Goose bangs & undercut
Top: silentsparrow - Ritual Ballgown Suite - Ash
Shrug: silentsparrow - Shruggie - Ash
Skirt: silentsparrow - Severina - Ash
Shoes: Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps - Black
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Spiral Horns

Pic 2

Skin: Nomine - Primrose - Virgin - Oil
Hair: Clawtooth - Morning Revamp - Sunset (tinted)
Suit: silentsparrow - Ritual Tunic Suit - Blood (limited edition #17!)
Boots: Kookie - Armada Boots - Vintage

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ahoy Matey! It's a great Ingenue Offer

Ok so this is just cute, being a fan of Ingenue I have quite a wardrobe and I don't blog her nearly as much as I should. I think Betty Doyle's retro creations are among my favorites. In a notice does she has a great Daily deal I have to share! For 200L you get sweater, pants and the flats! She only put out 100 and its just over 50 now. I am really surprised they haven't been snapped up yet!

So grab a tp down to Ingenue and pick up this great outfit and be sure to check out her other great dresses, separates and shoes!

OUTFIT: Ingenue - Ahoy Matey Oufit ( top, jeans and shoes)
Skin: Gala - Cupid 2 - Pure
Hair: Truth - Joanna Auburn
Eyes: Curio - Watercolor

Silentsparrow Month! Day 26 - Niv The Desk Potato

Christmas came late today! I'd been given a cheque last Christmas and with it, we decided we would buy WiiFit Plus. However, of course, it being just after Christmas, there was what was described woefully by the people in the various game shops as a "worldwide shortage" of the balance boards. But today, that shortage ended! Or, maybe some days ago, I dunno. Point is, at lunch time today my husband came in proudly bearing an enormous bag from Game, and as a direct result of this, I have spent the majority of this afternoon variously wobbling across tightropes, hoola-ing hoops, and running around after cats, among other adventures. Being quite the desk potato (I don't watch much TV, but gosh do I ever have a healthy monitor tan), I am now pleasantly tired and mildly sore. I choose to also attribute this in part to how badly attired I was for the whole affair. I have a tendency to wear trousers that are at least two inches too long for me, which means I was constantly stepping on my hems and stumbling and being a perfectionist and having to start all over again. Another downside to my adorable style of RL dress is that when it rains, I get very very wet. But that's another story. Anyway, due to this, I have come to resent my trousers today, and chose to dress Niv in something a bit more sporty. Being, of course, lazy as I am, I have done it wrong. And here it the result!

Of course, it's quite hard to find "sporty" clothes in even the most extensive silentsparrow wardrobe, it's somewhat the antithesis of what hya does. So I lamed out, and went for SHORTS. These happy plaid shorts are from the Cuttles outfit, from whose sibling sets I've worn some stuff in older posts (WOW that was an awkwardly written sentence). It's not shown so well in my pics, but the cuffs of these are very cute, lightly scalloped, and all sorts of orange. My T-shirt is another delight from the Bird of Randomness in the silentsparrow courtyard, the larger of the two birds, for this one. It's the Deep Sea Creatures t-shirt, again in a shade of purple I really, really like. I also have particular fondness for the artwork, I had it as my desktop for a while after hya posted the pic on Plurk. With a big border of black around it. Very deep-sea-ish. And look! A little seahorsey sneaked round the back. Small things amuse me. My socks came from a semi-fruitless search for lower-leg wear that wasn't stockings OR plain dress socks. In the end I settled for the (frost) Wrath Stockings from a group gift that is no longer available. Sorry! But to dress them up, I veered into my daring "Not silentsparrow" category, and throw on these adorable legwarmers from Concrete Flowers. Look! They have carrots and bunnies on them and don't really go with the rest of the outfit! :D That's just how cool I am.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Nomine - Primrose - Virgin - Oil (red)
Hair: Magika - Neat - Red C
T-shirt: silentsparrow - T-shirt of Random #12 - Deep Sea Creatures Tee
Shorts: silentsparrow - Cuttles!
Stockings: silentsparrow - Wrath Suite Stockings - Frost (Frost Group Gift)
Legwarmers: Concrete Flowers - Carrots Legwarmer
Sneakers: In Her Shoes - Dirty Denim Sneakers
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Spiral Horns

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 25 - In which Niv cowers

Cowers and whimpers. From thunderstorms! Of which there is one going on outside now. The silly thing is, I like thunderstorms. Lightning is very pretty! Thunder is dramatic and noisy! I like rain! But, whenever I see a flash of lightning, I jump out of my skin, and when I hear a rumble of thunder, I gibber like a...grown woman who is scared of thunder. My husband seems to like it though, gives him an excuse to be clung to. So, there is that. It gives me an excuse to wear this skin, all pale and pink cheeked. So really, thunderstorms are made of excuses. And so am I, all the time, so maybe I'm a thunderstorm! Maybe that's why I'm scared of them. Maybe I'm really scared of MYSELF! Ooh, that's deeeep, maaan. I think I ate too much tiramisu after dinner and confused myself.

So onto my clothing! Before my head explodes! I started out by wanting to wear the wonderful, sculpted Kurai Tart miniskirt, but without my bottom showing. I'm shy about my bottom outside of summer. What if I sat on something cold?! *shudder* So, of course, I needed something under it. Something bloomery. I went to my most favourite fallbacks in the area of bloomers, Datura, this time in Dusk. I simply adore this shade of purple, deep and bluey and mysterious and pretty, with the same lovely details of the other Datura bloomers, soft velvetty texturing, with a shiny ribbbon and lace hems. Paired with the Kurai skirt, it looks pleasantly like a dancing warmup sort of outfit. The next part of it is brought to you by the magic of OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. It is in fact the famous Chapiteau Henley, worn under the Datura corset that matches the bloomers, but by wonderful squinting, it really rather resembles a shrug worn over a very very fancy and pretty tank. It's awesome of me to do. From the back view, you can see the cute raggedy details of the Henley, as well as the beautiful ribbon on the back of the corset. And see how daring I am, showing off my hips like that! The shoes I'm wearing, I WON! from the Random Prize Bird at the Rookery, they are the First Flower Hemlock shoes, which I've worn on the blog before, in Sapphire Blue, and I simply adore the shape of them. They're cute and flirty and sexy at once, and I'm a sucker for a well-done ankle strap. Oh, I'm also wearing the Goth version of Violet Voltaire's Doll Face necklace, which has gathered equal amounts of comments along the lines of "Awesome!" and "Creepy!". Both are good in my book. Also, I like it when I get called dollface, in a 50s sort of way. I think it's charming. Try it out on me!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam Frex [Light] - Winter - Pure 2
Hair: Magika - Sneaky - Red E
Top: silentsparrow - Datura - Dusk
Undertop: silentsparrow - Chapiteau Henley - Ash
Skirt: silentsparrow - Kurai Tart - Ash
Bloomers: silentsparrow - Datura - Dusk
Shoes: First Flower - Hemlock - Sapphire Blue
Necklace: Violet Voltaire - Doll Face - Goth
Ears (just visible): Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Spiral Horns

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 24 - Limey

The other day at the Rookery, we were discussing the colours we wear least. A few people, Achariya, Persephone, said perhaps green for them. And I thought to myself "Hah! How silly! I would never wear green not-much, green is my favourite colour!" (as, it is). But then I realized, I actually wear surprisingly little in the way of Lime Green. And lime green is the green hya does most! My taste in green is more a dark, hunter green sort of shade. That's not to say I don't like lime green! I do. Just whenever I put it on, it contrasts too much with the black it's paired with, and I go "ouch, that's too bright". Which somewhat goes to show, that gothwear isn't all black, indeed, it has a lot of bright colours, like sunlight coming through a stained glass window. And what's more gothic than stained glass? Ooh, ooh, stained glass bats! I want those now. Stained glass bats.

Given my relative lack of bright green-wearing, I'm wearing something I'm not sure I've actually worn before since buying it. Also because I'm not much of a long-shirt person. But today, I felt like wearing a long shirt! And so I am! This is the Skullyrock shirt, which I'm thinking might not be available anymore, but, I might be mistaken. It's a yummy western style shirt, brimming over with details, lacing at the front and the back, pointed breast pockets, and a light mayan-like skull detailing over the top part. I enjoy the way that there's a tiny bit of belly showing at the opening at the bottom, given that my pants are tastefully low-riding. My pants are the Lime Gloomy pants, which have lime green stitching down the side, and the gorgeous swirly Gloomy pattern creeping up to mid-calf. It's a very simple outfit, but I think that paired with my Sentou Yousai cowboy boots, it all works very well. I'm also wearing another one of my beloved Ellabella piercings. This one is Gemmed Bites: Steamed, and as the name might suggest, it's happily steampunk themed, with a little verdigris cog hanging from it, and a cog and spike verdigris chin piercing thingy. It's really very nice, and the lip piercing parts are studded with little tiny black gems. So, a horribly simple, short post today, but I think it's good and nice and I'm lovely and a bit sleepy now.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Cupid - Crush 2
Hair: Magika - Flow II - Red C
Shirt: silentsparrow - Skullyrock - Sage
Pants: silentsparrow - Gloomy Pants - Lime
Boots: Sentou Yousai - Black Cowboy Boots
Piercing: Ellabella - Gemmed Bits:Steamed

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 23 - Happy Birthday!

Not to you, though. Unless it actually happens to be your birthday today, of course, in which case, Many Happy Returns. But in fact, it turns out to be my daughter's 6th birthday today, and I've spent several many hours of today watching kids running round and screaming and generally having a delightful time. Last night, I was having a delightful time at the Rookery, the club over silentsparrow. Persephone decided we should have an impromptu gathering there, and impromptuly gather we did! When hya showed up online, she DJ'd like an awesome trooper, having just woken up and it being terribly short notice. A great time was had by all, I was briefly pantsless, then my internet crapped out and I was sad. I was going to blog what I wore then, but I'm going to save that for another day, and instead show this partydress-like ensemble I put together today. My girl didn't get to wear a party dress today, her party was a little more rough-and-tumble in a big play area, so I'm wearing one for her. Although I'm sure she wouldn't approve of my choice of colours, but Bah! Not everything has to be pink!

I've layered two tops to make I think it works wonderfully and it's something I will try again, I think. The top underneath is the top from the Sylvan Lolita Suite, which is a lovely set, and I particularly like in this colour (copper) because of the way the black detailing has a very distinct bluey tinge to it, and the shape of it lends itself to layering beautifully. Over it, something I hadn't noticed before, it's the Open Front Celador top. I particularly enjoy the naming convention with it - "YOUR NIPS ARE SHOWING". If only all my clothing was so helpfully labelled. Then my pantsless incident of last night might never have happened. It's the same smiley little touch that I like in my silentsparrow clothing as "omg hya my belly is showing" for filler layers. They make me happy. Anyway, the Celador top normally has a nice white filled in part over the boobies, but this version of it forgoes that, for wearing with either pasties, or as I have done, with a corset underneath. It's really a very very nice effect, and I'm glad I discovered it. My skirt is from the Ritual Suite, which I adore the shiny shading on, and comes with all sorts of fun bits, like a chalice and a rosary and a big booming wonderful ballgown skirt and a top and and and pants and um this lolita skirt. All party dresses should have lolita skirts! Also, lookit mah boots! I first saw these on hya, wearing the hyablue version, of course, and was like "I LOVE THOSE BOOTS" at the same time as she was saying "LOOK AT MY BOOTS" so I think the boots count as instant win. They are the Patchwork Ankle Boots, from Lassitude & Ennui, classic bootmaker of wonderfulness. Jackal Ennui was at the gathering last night, it was exciting, I was skeptical about her really existing, and whined at her that my legs were too fat for her lovely new boots. Then later I remembered that this is SL and that I could - hey, wow! make my legs less fat. So I DID. And so now I can wear them and they're wonderful and the buttons on them are colourchange and it's awesome. I liek patchwerkz.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam Frex [Light] - Cupid 2 - Allure 2
Hair: Magika - Curl - Red E
Top: silentsparrow - Sylvan Lolita Suite - Copper
Over-top: silentsparrow - Celador
Skirt: silentsparrow - Ritual Suite -Penny
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui - Patchwork Ankle Boots - Brown
Necklace: Schadenfreude - Flewksbriar

Monday, February 22, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 22 - Blue Monday

I have no good excuse for brevity today (I hear it's like, the soul of wit, or something, I fail bard). I'm just feeling the traditional Monday blah that gets bandied around with such excitement. My day consisted of doing the dishes and being told by my daughter that it's extremely rude to call someone a "pie" (after I called her a pudding-pie) and failing to manage to offload my excess bunny nests (*ahem* Visit our meadow if you so desire, and take a peek at the nests. And hang out! I like company). That's enough pimping my bunnies. I feel dirty now. It's not as fun as I've been led to believe! But I have nice bunnies, and their babies need nice homes. Apart from that, blah. Happily, though, I remain in possession of a very big folder full of silentsparrow clothes, so at least I can still look very pretty, and that can only be a good thing.

I like to think that today I am chapioning some somewhat under-appreciated gems from silentsparrow. Just in that, with exceptions, I don't see people wearing them very often. Also I'm still in slouchycasual mode, as partially explained above. First off, my corset. It's one of the older Seperates I know of that is still in the store, I think it was around when I first started haunting silentsparrow and gazing longingly at the pretties. it's the Blue Velvet corset, from the Ribbons Velvet Corset pack. The detailing on it is truly impressive, with tulips and roses adorning the front, and a great big blue bow, and 15 little metal clasps (I counted!). At the back, the ribbons lacing it have a vaguely greenish, iridescent quality to the shading, and it's all over very pretty. With it, the Gloomy Shrug, detailed with glorious spirals, like the tentacles of a particularly artistic seamonster, or some sort of grabby black ooze, or something equally sinister and pretty. Or else, I could just give the cop-out that's in my head and describe them as "Burtonesque". If you squint at the detail on the sculpted cuff, it looks a little bit like a stylized skull. It's lovely. The collarless version I'm wearing here is particularly fun in that it doesn't actually appear to have anything holding it together, it's just sleeves for the sake of wonderfulness (and a bit of a return to my ooze theory). My jeans are from a suit I think is definitely overlooked by many, but is one of the more traditional "goth" outfits in the whole store. It only comes in black and has a freakin' trenchcoat, land's sake! House of Leaves is a delight in details, slinky and sexy while covering every inch, with three coat-tail options and sculpted leaf-shaped buttons, and these incredible jeans! They're very lightly patterned, with faded patches on the knees and the seat of the pants, which is where you can really see how lovely the patten is, and they even have that little patch that I've never known the name of. You know, the one that's like a big belt loop and has the name of the brand on it? Anyway, with these, you can proudly display your designer goth jeans, which is nice. I'm not much of one for 'labels', but this is subtle and awesome enough for me to accept and love, and the silentsparrow logo is, after all, very pretty.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Winter - Frost 2
Hair: Magika - Jackie - Red C
Top: silentsparrow - Blue Velvet Corset
Shrug: silentsparrow - Gloomy Shrug - Sorrow
Pants: silentsparrow - House of Leaves
Locket: silentsparrow - Chapiteau Locket - Seanorse
Shoes: Kari - Kicks

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 21 - And breathe out...

Today, very, very lazy Niv. Not feeling so well. Also, been rotting my brains watching my husband play Fallout 3 all day. I've been helping. Mostly by yelling "Look out!" when he's about to die. It doesn't help, his character has died at least 20 times today, but it makes me feel everso useful. So, a lazy me = a lazy Niv = lazy blog post. But also comfy blog post, oh yes. After yesterday's breathtaking corset, I figured I should wear something more slouchy anyway. Better for the innards, you know. So, here I am in my jammies!

I am wearing the silentsparrow Ratties Pajammies II. In the me to the left, I'm wearing the capri bottoms with the Ratties tank top, and to the right, the capri bottoms with the 3/4 length sleeve top. They're comfy and cute and cozy and everything you could want (that starts with the letter C, at least) in sleepwear. I like the Ratties best, something about an affinity with rodents. And the colour red. And the ADORABLENESS of them. The others available are incredibly adorable too, of course. When these were released, hya had a slumber party with a movie, and it was lovely, but I had to leave because my clothes were glitching and no-one could see how cute I was, and it was sad, and when I came back, I was naked, and that was sad too. But this is what I wore, anyway! Also, the Belladonna:Lepidoptera tattoos in Sepia, this time the less epic version, and the hand parts. Subtle and swirly and mothy and lovely. And because since I got these, I can't stand to be proper SL barefoot, the Jolie Pied sculpted feet from SLink. They're such nice feet, and I'm one who finds feet creepy normally, but look! My toenail polish matches my jammies! Yay! So there. I've been lazy. Less words. More sitting. I'll go do that. Good.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - June - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Pure 1
Hair: Maitreya - Amber - Red
Pajamas: silentsparrow - Pajammies II - Ratties
Tank: silentsparrow - Tank Tops - Ratties
Tattoos: silentsparrow - belladonna:lepidoptae - Sepia
Foots: SLink - Jolie Pied - Med Bare Fin
Snuggly Elephant: Schadenfreude - Stuffed Elephant (Starlust Souvenier)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 20 - Breeeeathe Iiiin

The astute reader may notice that today I am looking a little more svelte at the waist. The further astute among you may notice that I'm dressed more like a certain someone else, today. This is partly because I'm lame. In all sorts of excitement, a ran out today and bought the amazing new fully sculpted Petit a Petit corset from silentsparrow (it took priority over sorting out a hungry Ozimals bunny, who I should point out is just fine now), and proceeded to make a pig's ear of fitting it. I managed to get as far as altering my shape, as the included notecard advised me to, and went and bought a marvellous non-wiggling AO from Posture is Everything, as the included notecard advised me to (I'm all about following the instructions) and looked at myself proudly...and had NO ARMS. I'd been rather clumsy with the invisiprim. So, being a whiny sort, I went whining to hya for advice, who then donned my shape (it was surreal, she looked just like me, but blue) and fixed it up in a jiffy and I had arms and a gorgeous nipped-in waist and all was wonderful. [note: please do not do what I did and go bother hya to do this for you, she will explode and it'll be my fault and I'll be sad and that'll be YOUR fault, and the shame cycle continues]. Once that was done, I stood dumbly, thinking how I'm not on form today, and tried to think of something to wear that would show this off nicely. And that's how I came to be dressed by hya!

First things first, the corset. It's tricky to fit if you don't follow the instructions, so do that, and, wonderfully, once you have it done, that's it, no more fitting! Each colour of corset comes with a HUD, which has three variations on the colour, a largely unpatterned version, a gentle brocade, and a coloured-and-white striped version, and here's the clever part! If you buy another colour, you just have to use the HUD from that, on your old, already-fitted corset, and hey presto! another colour without all the hassle of fitting! Or you could just buy the Uberpack, which has all the colours in one, easy-to-manage HUD, and save time AND 20% monies. I'm wearing the mid-blue shade of the corset without prim laces, which I am told is the less tricky of the two to fit. It has a marvellous shape, fitted and shaping without making your eyes water and your ribs ache just by looking at it. The effect is accentuated rather on the striped version, which actually makes you slightly dizzy if you stare at it too long. Which is totally cool. Underneath it, hya advised I wear the top from Severina, with fluffy lace sleeves, and a fancy lace halterish-arrangement which I fell quite in love with from the first moment I saw it, and rich jewel-coloured trim at the neckline. My bloomers are unfortunately no longer available, but the blue matched so wonderfully, it would be wrong NOT to wear them. The are from the old Spiderbaby suite, which has recently been cleared from the (Not So) Secret Sale room, and sated my insistence on bloomers with RUFFLES. Added to the ruffly effect are some frilly white ankle socks from sn@tch, and the collar from Schadenfreude's lolita-tastic Jerry's Lament set, which also features colour-change HUD goodness. My shoes are Shiny Things' "hyasynths", and are every bit just as wonderful as their namesake, quirky and pretty and unusual all sorts of good things. So there. Now, go fit your corsets!!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Frick - Pin Ups - Peach - Sophia (lt brows)
Hair: Magika - Ju - Red C
Sculpted Corset: silentsparrow - Petit a Petit Underbust Corset
Top: silentsparrow - Severina - Robin
Bloomers: silentsparrow - Spider Baby - Blueberry
Socks: Sn@tch - Hep Chick
Shoes: Shiny Things - hyasynths - Black
Collar: Schadenfreude - Jerry's Lament
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Plugs

Friday, February 19, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 19 - Faunication

One of the fun things about the general group of fandom for silentsparrow (I know! I'm on topic from the very start, don't get used to it) is the great diversity of types of not-fully human avatars you see there. My original thought was to say "bipedal avatars", but come to think of it, I've seen dragons and scorpions and all sorts of amazing avatars shopping there, I can only assume it's a case of like, wrapping a pants leg around a claw here, squeezing a carapace into a corset there, and hoping for no rips (or, alternatively, a human form too, but, pfft, that's just silly :D). Silentsparrow is very popular with members of the furry community, and I must credit hya for helping me overcome my initial aversion to that particular segment of society. But among the Twittery Birds, you will also find a plethora of people with human avatars with additional animally bits. Winge'd folk, of course, are prevalent, and you'll find of course a healthy scattering of nekos (setting the cat amongs the pidgeons...heh), elf ears are practically de rigeur, but at most gatherings of 'sparrow junkies, you're most likely to find yourself face to face with an awful lot of (at least part-time) fauns. Digi legs, whether naked and fuzzy, or in Lazy Places' wonderful boots, can be found hoofing around all over, and whatever your sensibilities towards morphing into a fantasy creature are, spare one the chore of choosing what shoes to wear.

I don't wear mine often because it cuts down my options as to what pants I can wear, but I do like their quirky elegance a lot when I do break them out. Outside of skirts, capris are the best option to wear with them, due to length, and in this case, I'm wearing the bloomers from the Severina suite, which have a soft, velvetty look, and are simple enough to not be overwhelming to the eyes, but kept interesting by the silver design on the left thigh. I've kept most of the busyness to my top half, with a whole bunch of layering. The stripey underlayer is the bodice from the Meadowlark dress, and although I'm covering most of it up, it's a beautifully feminine and at the same time sexy piece, with a clutch of roses at the centre of the bosom, and beautifully cut and shaded cups. The colour I'm wearing is not available anymore, being a group gift at a party from some while ago, but Meadowlark is still around in some other beautiful colours, so buy those. Over it, the beyond-adorable Knitty Sweater, in Vixen. Each different colour of this asymmetrical big-buttoned, loose-sleeved cardigan features a different hand-drawn patch design, including crows, toadstools, test tubes, skulls and starbunnies. It comes in a long version and a cropped version, which I am wearing here, and also has a big pretty patch on the back. An extra, small detail I am wearing is at my waist, the belt from the Piaf dress, an oldie-bit-goodie, which while searching my bulging emails the other day, I found an ancient group notice announcing its release. It made me smile. God bless Gmail and its boundless capacity, allowing me to keep such little tokens of times past. You may notice, if you squint, that I am not wearing my usual Schadenfreude Fey ears, in order to be a wee bit more fauny, I am instead wearing SLink's Sachara ears, in Outy, they're a complete bargain, you get four different styles of ear when you buy them, and they have the same easy-to-use style of recolouring HUD that SLink's foot shoes feature. So, yay! My legs and sweet little tail are by Titania's Court, and is one of the most elegantly shaped faun sets I've come across, with a good choice of colours, and also included ears and horns, but I'm wearing Schadenfreude's Kinder horns, for adorableness. It works, I think.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Cupid - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Pure 2
Hair: Magika - Backslash - Red C
Cardigan: silentsparrow - Knitty Sweater - Vixens
Undershirt: silentsparrow - Meadowlark - Sepia
Pants: silentsparrow - Severina Suite - Kohl
Belt: silentsparrow - Piaf
Faun legs and Tail: Titania's Court - F_Faun Autumn Red
Ears: SLink - Sachara Elf Ears - Metal Free - Outy
Horns: Schadenfreude - Kinder Horns

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 18 - Prairie Princess

So, recently I've been on a bit of a Disney kick. Within the last less-than-a-week, I've watched Up, Snow White (Valentine's Day gift), Enchanted (which I realized we owned and never watched) and The Princess and the Frog. The Princess and the Frog was yesterday, and it was the most extraordinary thing, my husband and I had the entire cinema to ourselves, with it being towards the end of its run, and being 'late' on a school night. So I was free to enjoy the movie in the way I do at home, like a child, with various shrieks of horror, cheers of joy, and little, tiny sniffles. I'm cute. This concentration of Mouseness has made me rather aware of the concept of "princesses" (not the real ones, they tend to be horsey and dull). You'd think in a world of make-believe, where sovereign nations with beautiful adventurous daughters can easily be fabricated, there'd be more in the way of hard and fast rules as to what counts as a princess, but really, of all the movies I've watched lately, the only one that was formal about what counted as a princess was The Princess and the Frog. And that was only in an oblique, coincidental sort of way. So I figured, I can claim to be an impoverished princess too! I'm certainly cute enough, and in this outfit, my adventure can be that I'm a humble but impeccably dressed scullery maid who turns out to be secret royalty. Yes! I am a princess. Look at me princess around. Here I go!

My gorgeous top is from the silentsparrow Caged Bird Lolita suite, and has a nice layered look. The blouse part underneath has stunning shading, with the green and turquoise combining to an effect of silken sheen, and the pinafore-like upper part features a beautifully sparse line-drawing of a caged bird, which puts me in mind of elegant 50s and 60s lounge artwork. I'm a nerd like that. On an amusing side-note, my husband once accidentally got a pink (PINK!) version of the Caged Bird Lolita suite from the silentsparrow Lucky Bird, and even now still actually wears parts of it. He's a manly man, my husband. The skirt is from the Datura suite, in Mint, and while the colours don't match the top entirely, I think the darker green of the skirt highlights the details in the top nicely. This version of the skirt, the Prairie skirt, is the simplest of the three included with Datura, but still stunningly lovely, crushed velvet in texture, with a fine lace underlayer, and floor-sweeping in length, highly wearable on an everyday basis. On my arms, are the Kurai Tart armwarmers I neglected to show, some days ago! Sculpted and cozy, with thick velvet Kurai-patterned bows, and lace peeping out the cuffs, there is nothing tarty about these, unless they're all that you're wearing. Then, y'know. Have at it.

My skin is the adorable new Luan skin from Rockberry. With freckles. And what freckles! These are no mere sprinkling of fairy kisses (as my grandmother used to refer to my own childhood freckles as), these are full-on, redhead and proud freckles, accentuated by the healthy rosy cheeks, giving the whole thing a nice wholesome outdoorsy look, especially given that the lightest Rockberry skin tone is rather darker than I normally wear. Also of note, is that the beautiful soft lips are tintable in Appearance, which means that for the price of one skin with eyemakeup, you have an absolute TON of options for lip colour, from a deep nude, to a frosty pink. Each skin also comes with a boosted cleavage option, as is all the rage these days. Being a somewhat flat-chested avatar, I really appreciate this, that the shading on the boobs is not by default all inflated and pushed up. Rockberry's Luan skins come in four tones, with a huge amount of options, so go buy them, and be cute like me!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Rockberry - Luan - Light - Makeup B
Hair: lamb - Milk (skull part only) - Sun Dried Tomato
Top: silentsparrow - Caged Bird Lolita - Verdant
Skirt: silentsparrow - Datura - Mint
Armwarmers: silentsparrow - Kurai Tart - Lime
Shoes: Katat0nik - Bubbly Mary Janes - Green
Locket: silentsparrow - Chapiteau Locket - Doveys
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Plugs

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 17 - The Great Olympio!

I should start this post by saying that I have not been watching the Winter Olympics. Neither did I watch the Summer Olympics. Ever. All too much like sport, for my tastes. Although, Curling is ridiculous enough to be mildly fun to look at for a few minutes. I'm sure my stance won't change when the Olympics hit my fair shores in a couple of years, either. Here is what I know about this year's Winter Olympics. They're in Canada, some guy tragically died, and Canada finally won a medal of some sort for something. I also know they involve doing cold sporty things like skiing, ice hockey, sledding, team snowball fights, shivering marathons, that sort of thing. Oh and ice skating! And the only thing I know about figure skaters are that Torvill and Dean existed some time before I was born, and still slide around grinning on occasion for national entertainment, and there was that girl with the knee-smashing that one time. And that I went ice skating once and fell down much much less than expected. Then I went a second time and made up for it by making a whole chain of people fall down, so that was okay. I'm graceful! Regardless of all my ignorance, today, I am an accidental ice skater, and rather proud I am of the look, too!

While colours can be found in abundance at silentsparrow, slapping in the face those who claim goths only wear black, there is one colour that's rather *ha ha* thin on the ground. Other than yellow, that is. And that colour is White. (which is why I...ha'd...because the snow and and...on the...ground? :D? Eh, fine.) Anyway, there are very few white silentsparrow outfits, only one truly white one that I can think of, and, I am not wearing any part of that one! So, onto what I am wearing. The tutu skirt and upper, wide highwaist belt of my outfit is from the wonderfully springlike Fleur dress, with white highlights and patterning, which I discovered by happy coincidence when I was looking for something blue to wear with what I had originally intended to blog today. The funny thing is, I had just before been talking to hya about texture belts, a few minutes previously, and had completely forgotten Fleur had such a thing. But as you can see, it does. Yay! Underneath that, I am wearing the bodice from the Lottie Ballgown Suite, in Sterling, which is also pretty white, but I consider it more a silver colour. It has gorgeous fleur-de-lis type patterning on it, and a nice lace detail at the bustline. Underneath THAT, I am wearing the undershirt from How We Quit the Forest, which, see, I said was totally useful in all sorts of situations. My piercings are another set from Ellabella, I can't stress enough how awesome and original and simply beautiful Ellantha Larsson's work is, this set has, among other things, a teeeeny tiiiiiiiiiny little rose hanging off it. My necklace is another case of my boring adage of "good primwork etc etc", it's an early Schadenfreude piece, and still looks all sorts of fantastic. And my marvellously elegant skates are by Bax Coen, which have the same glorious styling as her super sexy ankle boots, but in a skate! Hooray!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Cupid - Moonbeam Frex [dark] - Bouquet 1
Hair: Calico - Hannah - Blood
Big Wide Belt, tutu skirt: silentsparrow - Fleur - Ash
Bodice: silentsparrow - Lottie Ballgown Suite - Sterling
Undershirt: silentsparrow - How We Quit the Forest - Ash
Necklace: Schadenfreude - Alcmund
Piercing: ellabella - A Rose By Any Other Name (silver)
Skates: Bax Coen - BAX Ice Skate White Patent
Ears: Balderdash&Schadenfreude - Etherial Fey Ears

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Celebrate Fat Tuesday in feathers!

Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras! Carnivale! In other words, get wild and crazy!!! Four designers have let their imaginations run wild and created stunning outfits that will bedazzle and beguile everyone.

Amazing colors and fantastic plumage really make Queztal from Jador explode! ziamela Loon certainly knows how to design clothing that catches the eye and make others green with envy.

Reminiscent of the Las Vegas show spectaculars, this green feathered and red sequined creation will be the center of attention as you dance down the main street of New Orleans.

Big thanks to Anthony77777 Bandit of the Bandit Jewelry Shop for the use of his Princess Deluxe Diamond Shoes. If Manolo Blahnik and Harry Winston collaborated, they could still not create any shoes as amazing as these.

Burlesque comes alive in the remastered Bastille from Indyra Originals. Indyra Seigo has combined bold patterns and sexy styling together in this coquetish ensemble.

A fantastically fun flair was added with the pirate style hat with its white plumes. The lacy collar with a wonderful cameo broach and the prim cuffs with the gloves are the kind of details Indyra brings to her designs. Even the thigh high stocking include the matching design from the cuffs and bustle.

Bax black suede boots with a bit of white lace add the final touch to this show stopper.

Ready for center stage at Moulin Rouge, you can-can be in the spotlight wearing this seriously sexy outfit!

Come to the Cabaret old friend! Come to the Cabaret at Nicky Ree's store for this 24 Karat gem of a design.

This fine feathered dress flies with an array of feathers from the tight strapless corset to the fanned and draping of the open bustled skirt. Feathers abound on the matching headdress, shimmering opera length gloves, choker and the playful garter.

If you would think this outfit is complete - surprise! Cabaret comes with three different styles of skirts, stockings and an additional hat.

Available in 10 vibrant colors, this versatile outfit let's you dance the night away in any style you choose.

No need to be a Phantom in the night when you wear Paradisea Royal from Utopia.

The top is completely captivating and exotic with feathers the only covering for modesty's sake. Reminds me of the infamous fan dancers of the Burlesque stage.

The full length black and white feathered skirt comes with a variety of feather styles to mix and match and coyly exposes a leg from the side.

Feathered alpaca gloves from Maya's REMIX and a choker of white lace and black roses from +ROZOREGALIA+ finish off this stunning gown. In the tradition of Carnivale, I added an incredible mask from Illusions.

Whether going to a Black and White Ball or Masquerade, you will be breath-taking in this provocative dress.

Why wait for one day in the year to celebrate live. Enjoy these gorgeous creations every day!

Outfit #1: Queztal - Jador Fashion
Skin: []::Tuli::[] - S5 tan ~ diva 3
Hair: Sky Everett Designs - Kiera black
Shoes: Bandit Jewelry Shop - Princess Deluxe diamond shoes v1.2

Outfit #2: Indyra Originals - Bastille: Remastered: Grenadine Red
Skin: Unique Megastore - Afrodite_2G-A2_M14_sexy_breast
Hair: Deviant Designs - Sasha - Black
Shoes: Bax Coen Designs - BAX Ankle Boot Black Suede

Outfit #3: *Designing Nicky Ree* - Cabaret Star Collection in Yellow
Skin: -Belleza- - Belle sk Smokey Rubies (shaved)
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Garry SH Chocolate
Shoes: N-core - Soul XtremeHeel II

Outfit #4: Utopia - Paradisea_Royal
Skin: [LeLutka] - New York SunKissed-makeup3
Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Kiera black
Eyelashes: [the Obscene] - Lashes-ARAKHNE-Tintable
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Greta Ankle
Jewelry: +ROZOREGALIA+ - *ROSENKAVALIER* Necklace White
Mask: *Illusions* - Volto Puro Femmina: White
Gloves: ! Maya's REMIX - Alpaka Jersey Gloves with feather

Silentsparrow Month! Day 16 - Frowny Gowny

I've never been much of a ballgown person. Even within Second Life, when I first started, EVERYONE I saw wore gowns, "because they could" and most of them were that box of free gowns that permeated every freebie place, and I was like "This makes no sense! You're not a fairy princess! Stop it!". Don't get me wrong, a nice poofy frock, I like to look at, but there's a time and a place for such things, and for me, it never seems to be the right time or place. Oh, sure, I've been to "proms" at the club I used to work at, or I could subject myself to the numerous Jazz Clubs, but seriously, oh my, No. Even when I used to RP at a Victorian Steampunk sim, I'd go with dour, sensible, not-too-flashy, modest dresses...with the exception of the Ball that was held there once, THEN I hammed it up entirely. I was the belle of the thing, totally. But my only real concession to wearing any part of a gown in SL stems from my lame teenage years. I used to have a local newsagent import some American teen magazine for me, like, Seventeen, or Teen Beat, or Seven Feet, or something inane, I forget. One issue was devoted to THE PROM, something that always held fascination for me, as someone who not only lived in a land of no prom, but also left school at the age of 14, and besides, was sort of, y'know, weird. There were of course, thousands of ads for fancy gowns that made me roll my eyes at the extravagance, but then, there was one that I fell in love with. It wasn't so much a gown at all, rather, a suggestion, that you could wear a ballgown length tulle skirt was a casual, graphicy 3/4 length sleeve top. It was the mid 90s, that sort of thing was cool. And as I've never been much of a dedicated follower of fashion, more someone who holds onto ideas she finds aesthetically pleasing as she sees them and they drift out of style, it has become my way!

This outfit actually come together by accident. The top part of it came to be from a game of "match hya!" a few months ago, when she advised me that I the cropped jacket of Blood Tart made an excellent jacket with all sorts of things, including the Ratties T-shirt I had gained from the Bird of Randomness in the silentsparrow courtyard earlier that day. Ratties is one of my most-worn of the gatcha shirts, I enjoy the shade of red, and rats are adorable, so long as they're not carrying plague, and these cuties are clearly not doing that. But indeed, the Blood Tart jacket looks fantastic with all manner of things, I'm always in the market for lace toppy thingies, and this one can be dressed up or down easily with its sculpted shoulder puffs and draping open bell cuffs coming from the elbow. My skirt, in all its gowny glory, is from the Moonchild Suite, and took me a while to decide to wear, originally I was going to wear pants from the Voltaire Suit, but then the reds didn't go together well and I was all like "Wah". Then Perse said something oblique about raggedy skirts and looking all Cinderella, and while I didn't have such a thing in my silentsparrow folder, I had something even more awesome! The Moonchild Suite combines a rich, bright brocade pattern under-skirt, with an open, contemporary flame pattern on an open overskirt, and has a cute little ruffle at the top, plus, capris in a matching style which I almost second-guessed myself and wore instead, but then, I didn't. My skin is from a store I love, but always seem to forget about. It's by Frick, and combines elements of both the Eloh and Sezmra skin templates to create something both cute and sexy, with original makeups simply to die for, in fact, one of the reasons I tend to forget I have these skins is that often the makeup is a little /too/ original for my tastes. But that's okay, they're gorgeous, and the new-ish Pinup line has more in the way of everyday makeups with a twist, such as this cateye look, with the extra feathering underneath the eye, which is just perfection. And the prices at Frick are amazing too, I got all the makeups in the Pinup line, in the peach skintone, with freckled options and two brow choices, for slightly over half the price of many of my other skins. So, be betterer than me, remember to go to Frick!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Frick - Peach frex light brows - Marie
Hair: Magika - Mika - Red C
T-shirt: silentsparrow - T-Shirt of Random #05 (Ratties)
Jacket: silentsparrow - Blood Tart
Skirt: silentsparrow - Moonchild Suite - Scarlet
Ears: Balderdash&Schadenfreude - Etherial Fey Ears

Monday, February 15, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 15 - In which Niv is all "teehee!"

Yesterday, when I went out for dinner, the restaurant we ate at happened to be in the same building as my husband's office. After we had eaten, for no other reason than "because we can" we went up to his office and admired the view of the building site across the street, from the conference room. Something that I saw in there amused me somewhat. In the dust of one of the floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows was the distinct shape of a bird, which had clearly flown smack into the window at some point. After convincing myself that it was surely fine, had merely been a bit startled, hoped no-one saw that, and flew off trying to look cool, I was quite fascinated by the way you could clearly see the tips of its wings, and the shape of it's body, preserved there in the slightly grimy window, from the size and shape of the wings, I'd have guessed it had been a careless pigeon. After that, my husband got a drink from the water cooler, from a plastic cup that secretly had a crack in it, and spilled water all over himself, now THAT was amusing. But anyway, the point is, there was a pigeon yesterday, and today, more pigeon!

silentsparrow's new Lucky Bird set features cutecute hyadrawn picture of a pigeon, which, unless I am misinformed by my brain, was drawn for hya's partner Jessica as a Valentine's gift (but purpler). The reason for my particular bout of "teehee" is that it features various parts of outfits which I LOVE. The Pigeony Rose set consists of a male and female version of a t-shirt in the delicious rose colour that I refuse to admit is really pink, with a pigeon (which I will henceforth refer to as Pidgey, for two reasons, 1: I'm adorable, and 2: as I may have mentioend before, I'm brainwashed by Pokemon), and with a nice thick border of black at the cuffs and neckline. Also included in the set is the always wonderful Kurai Short Jacket, with its incredible jewelled and lacy cuffs, and what made me grin extra hard, a special version of the Nemu gloves! this version of my beloved gloves are particularly gorgeous, as they feature a softly painted-on version of Pidgey, and swirly vines which extend to over the top of the glove. But you can't see that properly in my picture, and here's why. Modesty! I only wanted to show you, the viewer, the bottom of my boobs. And my belly. Because on my belly is the supersweet Pidgey tattoo which also comes in the Rose Pigeony Lucky Bird set, and hey look, some of those vines look like a swirly heart! Remember, the silentsparrow Twittery Lucky Bird is only available for members of the silentsparrow Twittery Birds group, which has a 250L joining fee but is all sorts of worth it, but if you don't want to join, or are totally impatient, liek wot i iz, the set will be out for sale for a very reasonable price next to the Bird.
My skirt is NOT part of the set, it is the Roses Grimley A-Line skirt. The Grimley skirts are wonderfully versatile packs of various styles of richly but subtley patterned black skirts, and are an invaluable nicer-than basic thing to have in your wardrobe. Finally I feel I should say something about my shoes. One day, out of the blue, I said to myself "I want some bowling shoes" and after a small amount of searching, I went to JC's and bought these beauties. Even though they're almost as old as my avatar, and pre-sculpt, they look absolutely fantastic still. As I was saying to Persephone the other day, "Excellent primwork never ages - at least in shoes"

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Cupid 2 - Allure 2
Hair: Clawtooth - Velvet Hearts - Valentine (tinted)
T-shirt, jacket, gloves, tattoo: silentsparrow - Rose Pigeony Twittery Lucky Bird set
Skirt: silentsparrow - Grimley Skirt - Roses - A-Line
Shoes: JC's - Strike! - Checker
Ears (just visible): Balderdash&Schadenfreude - Etherial Fey Ears

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 14 - Happy You Know What!

Brief post (for me), unlike many of the cynics who hate Valentines Day, I'm a happy, thoroughly spoiled girl today, and wish to continue the nauseatingly cute whirl of presents and kisses of the day! It's still a bit of a novelty to me, as my ex was not the romantic type at all, while today I was given a giant (like, dude, seriously, two foot tall) card, a gigantic, delightfully tacky heart shaped box of chocolates, and various other greatness. It's nice to love and be loved in return. Possibly, and this is, I assure you, a completely original statement, not quoted from any neuveau musical movies, the greatest thing you'll ever learn. Is...that thing I just said. See, it wasn't a quote, I mangled it, with awkwardness!

Independently from Persephone, my post today is also Stumblebum Brigade based! This round of Stumblebum goes on for the whole week, so I don't have to feel too bad about posting about it late on a Sunday, you still have plenty of time to grab these goodies. When hya told me she and Allegory were conspiring again for this week, and it would be PINK, Iwaslike "RAAAAAGE!" but it turned out that I was, as I so often am, wrong. If this is pink, I bloody like it! It's dusky and dark and a bit like a red wine stain, but without the headache of it being a stain. The corset and OMG SO TINY skirt are from silentsparrow's new Kurai Tart sets, and wonderfully, you can buy the pieces seperately, or you can buy them in an outfit set, and there are also delightful chunky armwarmers in the ensemble. When the regular colours were released, I was told I could wear the Chapiteau bloomers underneath in order to feel less naked. I did so. I'm not used to my bottom being visiible in silentsparrow! But these are beautifully made little skirts, sculpted, with sexy little knickers to go underneath, I've already enthused about my love for the spirally brocade pattern of the Kurai sets, and this is absolutely no exception. Now, given my adoration of armwarmers, it might seem odd that I'm not wearing the ones that match this, but instead I'm sporting the jacket and stockings from Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude's Stumblebum exclusive offering, I love the loose stitching on the arms of the jacket, and the stockings make me feel ever so much less naked, and besides that, Alle's Lucent heels have a colour option that matches PERFECTLY. In a departure from my usual style, I'm wearing one of Schadenfreude's prizes from the Starlust VD hunt, the pink Heartflake eyes, if you click the fullsize of the pucture, you'll be able to see the pretty pretty overlapping hearts that form the detail of these eyes. My usual eyes from this line are made of trees! My skin, I ADORE. It's a Valentine's Day gift from Nomine, and is of the Primrose line, and has that very fashionable at the moment style of lipstick, but also, look! FRECKLES! Beautiful, beautiful freckles. Like, really nicely done. Want. Want moar freckles. I hope there will be more freckles on Nomine skins, I'm all about the freckles. Anyway most of these things are totally limited edition, so go get them NOW! Also, you know - Love each other always!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Nomine - Virgin - <3
Hair: Schadenfreude - Lethe - Razzamatazz
Bodice: silentsparrow - Kurai Tart - Rose
Skirt: silentsparrow - Kurai Tart - Rose
Jacket: Schadenfreude - Seith Jacket - Rose
Stockings: Schadenfreude - Amortenia Stockings - Rose (opaque)
Shoes: Schadenfreude - Lucent (bows) - Rose maybe?
Eyes: Schadenfreude - Heartflake Eyes (from Starlust VD hunt)
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Spiral Horns
Necklace: Eolande - Candy Hearts

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes, this is Valentine's Day. But February 14, 2010, is also the Chinese New Year. In honor of the Year of the Tiger, I would like to present five Asian themed outfits from five of Second Life's exciting designers.

First, I present Tang from !Terra D'ombrA. maizon Rayna is an amazing designer who is not only creative, but understands how clothing should flow over a woman's body.

This dress is feminine, functional and fun! The soft Asian-styled texture does not overpower you, but adds to the natural grace of the wearer.

The high necked, sleeveless top, capri length pants and open skirt all combine for a classic look. This is an outfit you can wear every day and never grow tired of it.

maizon is also an excellent jewelry designer! The belt is sold with the Tang dress. The necklace and earrings are her Etrusca set. A perfect match to the dress. Zhao Shoes' Clover adds to the charm of this Chinese themed dress.

Be sure to stop in at !Terra D'ombrA today and look at her other stunning designs.

When you hear the name Angel Dessous, most people immediately think lingerie. They are, of course well known for their sexy intimate wear, but take a look at Misaki Asia.

This is a breath-taking gown combining unique textures and accents into a stunning presentation. A large black bow in back, black opera length gloves and a very imaginative fan and flower shoulder attachment add to the charm. Be sure to check all 7 colors of the Misaki dress! Each is a work or art.

Alienbear's Ambroisa II black Pearl set seems made for this dress, as well as Indyra Original's Coquette Noir Shoe Medaille Pharaoh's Gold pumps.

Finally, I could not resist using Tukinowaguma's Nastassja hair to create an elegant look for a New Year celebration.

Never again will I think of lingerie when I hear Angel Dessou.

Tradition meets futuristic in Nomine's Cyber Cheongsam. Munchflower Zaius blended the cheongsam styled top with a seductive and sexy skirt to create a fantasy outfit to rival the best.

Again, we have a designer who has managed to find incredible textures that bring to life the Chinese design.

The top, traditional looking from the front has a surprisingly open back with criss-crossing corset strings. The skirt, two wide panels front and back, completely exposes the legs in a sexy and provocative way. From the open fingered, opera length gloves hang wrist to elbow sleeves that hang to the floor.

Only addition to this striking ensemble is enkythings' Fujin Saena pumps.

Cyber Cheongsam brilliantly brings eastern culture together with Sci Fi.

Bare Rose is very well known for having any theme outfit you could dream up. And today is no exception.

Zeku is an adorable and sweet pant suit with a high-waisted flexi duster jacket that goes all the way to the floor. The texture is a beautiful flower print in 4 rich colors in the one outfit. That's right - 4 colors for the price of 1!

As long as the jacket length is, the top is cut high just below the breasts with flexi ties holding it closed and leaving the midsection coyly exposed.

Matching belted pants and choker complete this sweet and innocent look.

Finally, what Chinese Dynasty would be complete without an Empress! Of course I am speaking of Nicky Ree's Tang Empress gown.

Available in 8 vibrant colors, any woman would be a queen dressed in this gorgeous gown.

Wear it in full royal form or as a long sleek evening gown.

Bijoux Or Design's Christine set gold/green is the ideal accent for this Gem of the Orient.

Whether celebrating the Chinese New Year in casual or formal wear, celebrate in style!

Outfit #1: !Terra D'ombrA - Tang
Skin: [LeLutka] - New York SunKissed-makeup6b
Hair: kyoko's Hair Shop - ww*hair-066:Black
Shoes: Zhao Shoes - Clover Black/Silver
Jewelry: !Terra D'ombrA - Etrusca

Outfit #2: Angel Dessous - Misaki Asia
Skin: Unique Megastore - Afrodite_2G-A2_M12_by_Nany_Merlin
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Nastassja ebony
Shoes: Indyra Original - Coquette Noir Shoe: Medaille: Pharaoh's Gold
Jewelry: Alienbear Design - Ambroisa II black Pearl set

Outfit #3: Nomine - Cyber Cheongsam
Skin: Belleza - Belle sk Meows & Cherries
Hair: Goldie Locks Hair - Amaterasu - Black
Shoes: enkything - Fujin Saena

Outfit #4: Bare Rose - Zeku
Skin: FIOR DI PERLE - Liz Pale smokey pink makeup pink1 lips
Hair: Exile - Molly/twilight
Shoes: enkything - Tagona II Snake Purple

Outfit #5: Designing Nicky Ree - Tang Empress Gown - Green
Skin: Pulse Skin - Timeless ll/Makeup 14
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Brooke (Gold) ebony
Shoes: Juicy - Classic Pump - Lime
Jewelry: Bijoux Or Design -Christine set gold/green

Taking a Tumble for Stumblebum

I love the look of Goth. Its actually more then a look, its a lifestyle. But I fear I will constantly be on the outside looking in. Still I try and with the help of this new Stumblebum Edition of a Dress by Munchflower Zaius of Nomine, I may have reached the point of at least looking passable.

I have opted not to hunt the grid for a "Gothic" setting. Rather I stayed lazy and took it in Nivaya and I's little bunny meadow. In the backround is the new Hearts Desire Tree by Botanical. This tree is scripted with options to drop its heart shaped leaves and has a little carved heart that you can write things in.

To accessorize my look, I pulled out a few things in my inventory that don't get worn often. The boots are by Nevermore, I have had them since I first joined and they STILL look amazing. She is doing her stuff online now and her boots and clothing can be found online at At only 125L the boots are an absoulte steal!

Rounding it off I grabbed one of the new Cupid skins from Gala a classic hair called Epona from Calico Creations and the Glazed Heart (color change) Necklace from Accessories by Eolande.

If you want this great Stumblebum Exclusive dress from Nomine, run don't walk to her shop today!

So Happy Valentines day from the Dressing in Pixels staff. Think of this day to be not only for romantic lovers. But a day to celebrate love in all is wonderful facets.

Dress: Storm Dust Dress (Sugarpink) Stumblebum Exclusive by NOMINE
Necklace: Glazed Heart by Accessories by Eolande

Boots: Femme Dollfie boots by Nevermore/ ( See link in blog)
Skin: Cupid - Amore 2 - By Gala Skins
Eyes: Tragic Eyes - Watercolor (shine) by Curio
Hair: Epona ( Dark Chocolate) by Calico Creations

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 13 - Like a Balloon and - something bad happens!

At first glance, you might think I dressed in the dark today, maybe at a rave. I wouldn't go so far as to say you'd be forgiven for thinking that, because really, that's quite a rude thing to say. On the other hand, I'm a pretty forgiving person, so you might be in luck. But rather than take that chance, you should first hear my inspiration. My muse, my motivation, my REASON. It's an excuse, you'll find, but a decent enough one. I just watched the Pixar movie Up. Now, first things first, Pixar movies always leave me an emotional wreck, and Up was, oh my, no exception, I was bawling in the first few minutes, and at several later points, although, I am admittedly a huge softie. But they don't normally get to me that quickly! Which is the first part of my excuse. Heartstrings tugged all out of shape. The reason this has any relevance, though (not that most of my babble is even remotely relevant, I know) is because BALLOONS. Millions and billions of beautiful colourful ballooooons. When my husband first visited me, for some reason, he had got it into his head that he was going to buy me a balloon. I don't know why, probably something to do with me being adorable, or maybe because of the balloons we picked up in Second Life when we were new. But he was determined to get me a balloon. He didn't, in the end, but it's still a nice, gently romantic thought. One of the reasons for this is, unless it's for some sort of stunt, you never see big big bunches of helium-filled regular balloons these days, only the foil ones, and that's sad because there's little so cheering to see as a big huge bunch of coloured balloons, all translucent and bright and jostling with each other up in the sky. I only do bright colours in one of two ways - Offset by a lot of black, or alllll the colours, mashed up together in a kind of rainbow mess. And that, in a long-winded, rambley way, is my excuse for how I am dressed today.

Inspired as I was by a rainbow of balloons, my outfit was built around the most difficult-to-find colour in the world of silentsparrow. That colour is yellow (it also barely exists in the world of Schadenfreude). My favourite thing in the tiny tiny range of yellow silentsparrow things is the Hedgies Ribbed Tank Top. These tanks were released to go with the Pajammies II sets of....wait for it? Jammies! all of which feature supercute hyadrawn artwork of various favourite creatures. Each pack of the tank includes two variations, the Ribbed Tank, which has just the one large image in the middle, and the regular version, which is patterned with them, and closet yellow fans, this is the yellowest thing you ever did see! With it I'm wearing the Gloomy Kilt in Lust. I adore the dual lengths of this skirt, as well as the Burtonesque swirlies at the hem. Looking to my rear, you'll see the Sparkle Sparkle Bum Bow, a relic of last year's Starlust Unicorn Wars, which is still available to buy in the Starlust Motel lobby, sitting on a rather fetching rainbow unicorn table. Also at the back, the gorgeously delicate Lysander wings, made of wire and glass and light, they can be got in a single colour from buying the Lysander Suit (my husband lived in it for months) or with a very lovely colour change HUD on their own. The HUD allows you to change the metal of the frames, and the wings themselves. My armwarmers aren't available anymore, they were part of Stumblebum Brigade in December, however, you can still get them in zillions of colourways with cute artwork on them, they are the Knitty Armwarmers. And hello Sailor! My delightfully retro Birdie tattoos come in packs of two colourways, and adorn the torso, arms, hands and hips. My piercings, by the way, are another set from Ellabella, and are awesomepretty and feed my craving for rainbowy stuff. So, see, it sort of makes more sense now, right?

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Cupid 2 - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Flirt 1
Hair: Calico - Luna - Dark Blood
Top: silentsparrow - Tank Top - Hedgies (ribbed)
Skirt: silentsparrow - Gloomy Kilt - Lust
Wings: silentsparrow - Lysander Wings
Bum Bow: silentsparrow - Sparkle Sparkle Bum Bow
Tattoos: silentsparrow - Birdie Tattoos - Berry
Armwarmers: silentsparrow - Ellies Armwarmers
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Ultimate - Rainbow for Haiti
Piercings: ellabella - No Rain Here (full)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Luxurious Lingerie for Valentine's Day

I admit it! There are days I want to feel all soft and feminine. So I would like to present five sexy sets of lingerie from five gifted designers perfect to catch the eye of that special person in your life. Hey, wear it just for yourself!

First from SOLANGE! Fashions, Nightlife Lace Lingerie in white. Any groom would be awestruck to see his bride wearing this exquisite design.

This can be worn in a number of combinations; from bra and panties, to a teddie (shown here), or to a corset, with or without the bra. Change the style to change your mood!

Please don't be fooled by the bridal white. Nightlife is available in 9 different colors.

Partnered with Alienbear's Ambroisa II white pearl jewelry set, lacy white Lolita Crown cuffs from ezura and the sweetest pumps from Tribal Bamboo called Like A Princess.

You will feel like a Princess wearing Nightlife.

Next, I present a colorful ensemble from Nicky Ree called Summer Jenna.
Early to bed, but late to rise if you wear this alluring outfit.

Seen here in red, you can choose from 9 rich and vibrant colors. As always, Nicky Ree finds amazing textures and colors.

Paired with Stiletto Moody's Pinup pumps, you will turn the head of anyone who sees you.

Let your hair down and lounge around the house.

OK, I admit it. I have a dark side, just like everyone else. A girl needs something wicked now and again.

And I could not resist when I saw Dark Temptation from Alphamale & Blacklace. Feeling oh so sinfully sultry in this black leather teddie. Laced leather gauntlet gloves and black fishnet stockings brought out the devil in me. Available in 3 colors.

Once again, Stiletto Moody's Pinup pumps (what a perfect name for these shoes) and daring necklace called Nornir from +ROZOREGALIA+, you can be ready for a wild night!

Who ever said less is more had in mind Ophelia from Nomine. Bare more than a little skin in this lacy duster that covers the necessities, but not much more. You'll tease that special person in your life when you walk into the room wearing this.

The outfit is made from beautiful off-white lace from the duster with its flexi jacket and wrist cuffs to the thong panties.

A bit of glitter from ~Muse~ Triste Coeur necklace and earrings and Zhao Shoes color changing Bella pumps adds to the soft and feminine mystique of this lovely negligee.

Last, but certainly not least, a new release from Son!a Luxury Fashion - Flirt! Aptly named, this lusty lingerie can go from bedroom to ballroom by adding the short skirt (as shown) or a full length skirt.

The sheer gauntlet gloves and stockings with garters and sheer black lace teddie, both accented with that touch of diamond, add an elegance to this seductive ensemble. Choose from 4 delicious colors.

The Medaille Coquette Noir shoes from Indyra Originals and Black Tie Affair choker and earrings from P&M Designs add to the sparkle.

Whether you prefer soft and romantic or wild and wicked, this Valentine's Day lingerie collection will make even the strongest hearts race.

Outfit #1: SOLANGE! Fashions - Nightlife Lace Lingerie in White
Skin: Fior di Perle - Liz Pale smokey pink makeup natural2 lips
Hair: Exile - Love Song champagne
Shoes: * Tribal Bamboo* - Like A Princess Pump
Jewelry: Alienbear Design - Ambroisa II white Pearl set
Cuffs: + ezura + - Lolita Crown *White Cuffs

Outfit #2: Designing Nicky Ree - Summer Jenna Lingerie Set in Red
Skin: - Belleza Skins - Belle sk Smokey Mocha
Hair: Exile - Carrie Remix/coffee
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Pinup (Patent Color Set)

Outfit #3: ~Blacklace~ - Dark Temptation: Black Leather Teddy Set
Skin: -Belleza Skins - Belle sk Cherries: The Morning After
Hair: Exile - Ayumi twilight
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Pinup (Patent Color Set)
Jewelry: +ROZOREGALIA+ - Nornir Necklace

Outfit #4: Nomine - Ophelia Duster
Skin: Fior di Perle - Liz Pale smokey makeup red1 lips
Hair: +LALA Moon+ - BabyRose Black
Jewelry: ~Muse~ - Triste Coeur Earring in Silver/Diamond

Outfit #5: Son!a - Flirt black lace black satin SET
Skin: Unique Megastore - Afrodite 2G-A2_M12_sexy_breast_by_Nany_Merlin
Hair: Exile - Love Song 2/charcoal
Shoes: Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir Shoe: Medaille: Wrought Iron
Jewelry: P&M Designs - Black Tie Affair Choker and Earrings