Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 2 - Greenback

It used to be that I'd just 'collect' silentsparrow clothing. I'd love it, buy it, wear it once, and then it would be carefully filed away in a maze of subfolders in the depths of my inventory. And that made me sad. But then, a flash of the obvious struck me! I could wear this top with those pants, and hey presto! Repeat wearability! Of course, as a longtime reader of Closet Crisis, I was not only aware of (and a devout believer in) making one's own outfits from pieces, but also that silentsparrow pieces could be used. It just seemed somehow naughty to do it with the lovely sets from silentsparrow. What if the patterns clash?! What if I DO IT WRONG?! For those of you who don't know, hyasynth Tiramisu already does a wonderful job of mashing up her outfits for her lucky chair sets and group gifts (by the way, join the group, 250L join fee, SO worth it), so who was I to argue?
But I was being SILLY. Silly silly silly Niv. Because it turns out, hya's clothes are a DELIGHT to mix n' match. It's now my everyday style of dress, rare is the day I'm not sporting some 'sparrow. You're not limited to wandering around in vampiric splendour with silentsparrow, break up the suits and suites and you can look individual and wonderful. Individual JUST LIKE ME *ahem*.

Today I bring you a limey look. Silentsparrow colours are generally consistent between outfits, so you've always got a great chance of shades from multiple outfits going together well. The base of my outfit is the Luxe Corsetm which is incredibly versatile, and manages to be basic at first glance and wonderfully opulent on closer inspection, with gorgeous sexy lacing at the back, and the Gutter Glitter Lolita skirt. I am a sucker for patchwork, and subtle patchwork even more. As you can see in the closeup picture, Gutter Glitter is adorned with a multitude of sewn-on details, moons, stars, buttons, hearts and patches. It's REALLY CUTE. To brighten things up, I've thrown on one of the Cropped Kurai jackets, I adore the spirally patterns of the Kurai suit, and the tiny tails at mid-back make me feel oddly fancy and a little like an RPG military cadet or something. An Ankhy one. The outfit still needed "something" and that "something" was a bum bow. When hya released the bum bows last year iwasalllike Whaaaaaa?! but I've found they can finish any outfit with a girly girly GIRLY flourish. Each pack of Bum Bows features three patterns to match various suites/suits, and comes on multiple attachment points, for those of you with tails of non-standard skirts or...or if you wanted to wear three at once? And because it's still wintery, stockings from the Lottie suite. If you happened to look up my skirt, I'd disapprove and possibly yell at you, but you would also see that the top of the semi-sheer stockings are lime green too. And as for the patterns clashing? They don't. They coordinate. :D

Outfit Credits

Skin: Curio - June - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Pure 1
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Megan - Blood
Top: silentsparrow - Luxe Corset - ash (alternate)
Skirt: silentsparrow - Gutter Glitter - Lolita - Gloom
Jacket: silentsparrow - Kurai Cropped Jacket - Lime
Stockings: silentsparrow - Lottie Stockings - Lime
Shoes: Shiny Things - MaryGeos - Spring Green

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