Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Post

Let me say up front - I do NOT hate Valentine's Day! I just don't like the fact that one day of the year should be the end-all and be-all of romantic days. Show someone you love them every day of the year. Doesn't have to be in big ways. Just in the little things that let you know someone you care.

With that said, here are my Anti-Valentine's Day picks for 2012!

From E-Clipse we have Celeno, or what I would like to call The Harpie.

This is an amazing look for when you just want to scream (and claw) at the world.

For that dark place I selected Alecto from House Of Rage Evolution.

Sometimes you just feel blue!

What better way to end an Anti-Valentine's Day blog than with an anti wedding dress from Son!a.

He left me at the altar. I left HIS heart in San Francisco.

Forget the flowers, the candy and romantic dinners. Surprise someone you love on a week night with a neck massage. Rent their favorite DVD; the one you never want to watch. have the oil changed in their car or check the air in the tires. It is the little things in life done every day for no reason that means more than all the treats given once a year.