Friday, April 27, 2012

Isle Of Wyrms @ Fantasy Faire 2012

When you look into a mirror, who do you see?  Are you old than time itself and larger than life?  Are you still stumbling to find yourself and still a bit wobbly on your legs?  Have you just begun your life and everything is new and wondrous?  In Second Life, it could be all of the above and, on the Isle Of Wyrms, it is possible.

In Fairytales, we learned that dragons were evil and destroyers.  I have discovered that is far from the truth.  Last week, I was privileged to meet mentors from the Isle Of Wryms and learned that Dragons are far more than the eye meets.   Dragons have their own personalities, their own style and even their own generations.

First, let me show you the infant of the Dragon world - A Hatchling.

This is a Fae Hatchling.  Newborn to the world, a Hatchling is still learning to walk and fly.  And just like kids, Hatchlings love cookies!

Next, we have the adolescent of the Dragon world - A Wyrmling.

Meet the Hydra Wyrmling.  A teenager, unsure of themselves and still try to find its place in the world.  Can you image keeping all three mouths fed?

Finally, there is the adult - A Dragon.

Here we have the Astral Dragon.  Astral has all the aspects you would imagine on a Dragon - spinal horns from snout to tail.  Sheer, almost bat-like wings.

The Wyrmlings and Dragons also include rideable saddles. All avatars include appearance editing HUDs so you can customize your avatar and make it unique.

If you prefer something different from a Dragon variation, let me introduce you to one of my favorites - A Gryphon.

Please stop by the Isle Of Wyrms store today at the Fantasy Faire 2012 Shadow's Claw SIM and talk with a mentor to learn more these and other available avatars.  While you are there, please be sure to check out their Relay For Life vendors.  Remember, 100% of all purchases and donations made to RFL vendors to to American Cancer Society.

ND/MD @ Fantasy Faire 2012

Every time I hear about a new release from ND/MD, I beat a path to their store because I know it will amazing.  And what they have generously donated for Relay For Life at this years Fantasy Faire 2012 is certainly no exception.  Both men and women will run to the Shifting Sands SIM for these skins.

For the ladies we have the FAITH skin with a Vamp styled makeup.

FAITH comes with two skins, one with just a hint of teeth showing behind those lovely dark red lips.  No need to fear they are fangs just because the style is called Vamp.  Tattoo layers are also included for breast cleavage and two blond hairbases.

For the gentlemen ND/MD presents AVOLAS, a dark Eleven skin.

AVOLAS includes eleven ears, face and body tattoos along with hair base tattoo layers.
Both FAITH and AVOLAS are available at the ND/MD store at the Fantasy Faire 2012 Shifting Sands SIM.

ND/MD has also donated TWO complete avatars for auction!  For one lucky gentleman, AVOLAS, the darkest Elven avatar, complete with outfit.

For the winning lady, FAITH, a "little" or "tinie" avatar, also complete with outfit.  FAITH is just a little bigger than a Petite avatar.

Whether you purchase a RFL skin from the ND/MD store or bid on an auction item, please remember that 100% of the proceeds go to Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

::Elysium:: @ Fantasy Faire 2012

No matter what I do in Second Life, Medieval roleplay will always be my favorite. And thanks to Ophelia Dayafter from ::Elysium:: has helped re-ignite that passion.  Ophelia has given us some sexy, stylist and sensational donations for this year's Fantasy Faire 2012 and, lucky me, I get to show them off.

First is ELAYNE, a lovely maiden gown, a popular dress from ::Elysium::, in purple to honor Relay For Life. ELAYNE is available with an open neckline and a modesty cover. 

Next we have something sexy for those evenings out. CERRIDWEN, a beautiful gown in the RFL purple for Fantasy Faire 2012. The gown has too different styles, with or without a corset, opera length gloves and a flexi skirt with resizer.

Also on a RFL vendor is LEAF EYES makeup in a plain and Shimmer Shadow styles. Use it to accentuate a beautiful dress or enhance a fun, fantasy character.

Both dresses are only avaiable at Fantasy Faire 2012, so don't miss out! 100% of all proceeds from items sold on the special RFL vendors go to Relay For Life to help support American Cancer Society. Also, RFL vendors are available throughout the Faire for donations.

Dress: ::{Elysium}:: Elayne RFL Edition SHIFTING SANDS SIM
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * DINA * /black SHIFTING SANDS SIM
Skin: -Belleza- Belle sk Smokey Nudes
Eyeshadow: [mock]Liz 10 eShadow [eye only]
Shoes: Art Decade Academy Flats in Violet

Dress: ::{Elysium}:: Cerridwen RFL Edition SHIFTING SANDS SIM
Eye makeup: ::{Elysium}:: Leaf Makeup Shimmer Shadow SHIFTING SANDS SIM
Hair: Osmose - Fragrance/Onyx
Skin: -Belleza- Belle sk Smokey Rubies
Lip makeup: ~Blacklace Beauty~ Gloss Lipstick Purple 1
Shoes: N-core SOUL XtremeHeel II
Jewelry: EarthStones Wicked Vines Necklace and Earrings - Bronze

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wonders at Wunderlich's

I have always known Wunderlich's Historical Garb for their Victorian, Rococo, Regency, Elizabethan, Renaissance, Medieval and movie costumes.   Naergi Wunderlich's attention to detail and historical accuracy is evident in her designs.

At Fantasy Faire 2012, I learned that Naergi is not limited to historical pieces.  Wunderlich's has two amazing items in Relay For Life vendors - one for women and one for men.

For the men Naergi is offering an amazingly detailed Android skin.  A must for any Sci Fi lover.

For the ladies, wrap yourselves in Wunderlich's Stripwrap, a multifunctional creation in three different layers - White, Bloody and Dirty.

The wraps reminded me so much of a Mummy, that I decided to pair it up with one of the [:MIRROR'S ENIGMA:] skins, also on a RFL vendor at Fantasy Faire 2012,  the Bast Mask from Illusions and Black Pharoah's Staff from Tekeli-li!, both also located at Fantasy Faire.

Remember, 100% of all proceeds from Relay For Life vendors are donated to American Cancer Society.  For information on Fantasy Faire 2012, Relay For Life and/or American Cancer Society, please visit their web sites.


Wunderlichs Male Android 1 Skin - Blue Shifting Sands SIM


Wunderlich's StripWrap - White - full-body wrap suit Shifting Sands SIM

 *~*Illusions*~* Masks - Bast Mask Shifting Sands SIM

[:MIRROR'S ENIGMA:] - Kaldreia Black Ebony Skin The Tides SIM

Tekeli-li! - Black Pharaoh's Staff The Tides SIM



Fantasy Faire 2012

Relay For Life

American Cancer Society