Thursday, May 21, 2009

LOCO for my New POCO Pal

Is is a friend or is it an accessory? When given the chance to review Damien Fates of LOCO POCOS new PocoPal, I was very much intrigued...

My new, yet to be unamed friend is a little fox and I have to say he was very sly and stole my heart.

Each PocoPal is fully customizable, there are several holds, you have clothing options, fur options and much more.

So if you are looking for something to dress and cuddle, you can't go wrong with a PocoPal!

Skin: :GP: Sundust [light]Breeze-Pure1
Eyes: (Miriel) -Violet Plant (standard)
Lashes: (Miriel) Glamour
Shoes: 50 Flats - Jeweled Flats - Ice
Pants: **DP** Yumyum- drop Capri Pants-white smoke
Top:**DP**yumyum- frill camisole-butterfly
Ring~EyeCandy~ Brushed Silver Mokume Gane Ring
Hair: >Truth< Jess- Auburn

New Friend: Loco Pocos -PocoPal- FOX

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When Gift Cards Go Bad! A Rant!

Today I got a notecard from Elate! many of you may know Kellie Iwish the designer. Kellie was using a gift card system and got a warning that there was a security issue. She and other stores were advised to discontinue. See the note below.

As many of you were already aware, Escort DeFarge, creator of the TMC store card system, had announced a security issue with his system. He recommended that, while the risk was low, designers should disable their store card systems to avoid potential loss. I hesitated to take these steps, because I know how frustrating manually redeeming a store card can be for both the customer and the designer, and I knew that many people had recently purchased store cards during the sale earlier this year. I didn't want to put such an inconvenience on all of those people. I decided instead to put my trust in my customers and hope that no one would abuse the system if given the opportunity.

For months the system continued to function properly and people were able to use the cards purchased for them. Unfortunately, as was bound to happen, a customer's card recently malfunctioned. Instead of letting me know that the card was not working properly, this person abused the system to get a large amount of merchandise for free. While it wasn't completely unexpected that someone would eventually take advantage of this bug, it was disappointing.

Kellie being the sweet and trusting person she is decided to hold off. The system was giving her no problems...Unfortunately the worst happened. One of the gift cards malfunctioned and became a no limit card.

This person used the malfunctioning card to purchase 23,000L worth of merchandise from Elate!

Kellie knows she made a mistake by not heeding the warning, but I wanted to get the word out to others. As Kellie said;

[17:36] Kellie Iwish: I was foolish not to deactivate the system. I hope other designers don't make this same mistake and end up being taken advantage of by evil people.

I did not ask Kellie the name of this person, but she did tell me that said thief been banned from the sim in which her mainstore resides. Sadly, this is probably the worst that can be done. There are no jails in SL.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Face of Beauty

In RL skin is the biggest organ of the body. In SL it can enhance your shape and face making you unique.

Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve has released a new skin in Evolution line called Beauty. Beauty is the first skin she has created that give the option of a hair base with prim bun attachment or now hair.

Those of us in the fashion world or shopping nuts appreciate being able to go to a high lag area with lower prims. (Hair Fair 2009 is coming soon you know)

The Rainbow Make-up (above) is a great springtime look that is colorful without being to over the top. I think I may have to go shopping to find something flowing and chiffon-like to wear.

Nude (Above) is the perfect everyday look.

The body has great shading and subtle highlights. Since I know some may view this from a non-home computer I have opted to be a little shy.

Sachi has informed me that this skin will be in 4 skin tones with bald and hair options (with prim bun attachment). Also included are pubic hair layer, manicure, pedicure and eyebrow shaper.

Plus, she is in the process of creating different hair base colors with different ethnicities. If you would like to see more of the lovely details, I highly encourage you to TP over to Adam and Eve and check out a demo for yourself. Beauty is available for purchase now.

Sachi also gave me a sneak at a release due later this week. This exotic Egyptian look is just great. Her highlights are great on this darker skin tone. The features shine through. This skin also comes bald or with hair and prim bun attachment.

I will admit this is my first Adam n Eve skin. I tend to gravitate to more photo-realistic skins and this fits the bill fantastically. I am glad Sachi gave this fairly new blogger a break.

LOOK 1 and 2

Skin: Adam n Eve - Beauty Skin t2 in Rainbow and Nude
Hair: Truth - Luna Hair - Auburn
Eyes: Miriel - Violet Plant

Look 3
Skin: Adam n Eve Sienna t2 Egypt w/ Hair and prim attachment
Eyes- Miriel in Quiet Green
Earrings - Indyra Originals -Nuvella Hoops in Gold

POSES from Striking Poses

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nifty Newness and Other Stuff

I have discovered a great appreciation to the dedicated bloggers that regularly post. I get an idea in my head and then finally get around to taking the pics and posting. So what you are seeing in this blog is new or mostly new outfits from a few of my fave designers.

First off we start with Indyra Originals. Indyra was on of the first places I ever bought lingerie from and not a year later I was lucky to be chosen for her modeling troupe. Right now Indy has been releasing items for her Spring/Summer Line. The newest is called Spiced Diamond.

This outfit has a selection of 5 colors to choose from including the richly hued deep sea blue I am wearing in the picture above.

La Capitaine shows a flirty yet modern side.

The Jacket is primarily sculpty/prims and works great with so many different items. The other day I wore it with Jeans and a tank top. This look is perfect for that afternoon Garden Party. The dress colors are red/white, black/white and yellow/white (show above)

Outfits and shoes can all be found at Indyra Originals

Kellie Iwish of Elate! has released a great new mini-dress called Silvia!

Silvia comes with several color options including, red, green, chocolate and blue.

With this dress I am wearing Prim Feet shoes from SLink! I finally took the plunge and after playing with a color picker and the omni-hud was successful in making a good skin match! Thanks to Alicia Chenaux for her great Tutorial "How Do I Tint My Prim Feet"

Reading the tutorial (link above) is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ before you go off and get a pair. There have been to many What The Fug blog entries over badly tinted feet. Don't let the next one be you!

Next on the newness is by designer Hyacinth Tiramisu of "Silent Sparrow". This dress is called Selador and its totally retro classy with 3 skirt options as well as some naughty pastie option if you want to go for a teasing topless look.

These 2 pictures, I believe show great examples of how versatile this outfit is.

Look One is with the Woofie Skirt ( I will someday be brave enough to ask what Woofie means)

Look 2 is with the Pencil Skirt. I find I am among the few that actually love system skirts. Really its just a matter of creating a skirt shape to get the right look.

The Jewelry featured is by Violet Voltaire. As many of you may have heard she is going to be focusing on her RL Jewelry Designing and is closing her store. Currently she is having a 50% sale on many of her items.

If you would like assistance in creating the perfect skirt shape take a look at this great "Skirtshape Tutorial" by Miko Origamu of Icing

My Good Friend Leah McCullough as just Re-Opened her store .:Naive:. with lots of new items and a men's line too called Magnesium.. The "Persephone's Nightgown" I featured in a previous blog is now up for sale along with some great dresses and casual wear.

First is a new dress in her Catwalk Collection called Grace.

The sequin texture has great sparkle without being over the top.

Then on the more casual side is The Cleo Hoodie and Shorts.

The Cleo Hoodie and Shorts are sold separately. Plus you get both white and black with a color stripe. (green, pink, yellow, blue and purple)

So there you have it. Links to stores can be found above.

See you in the shops!

Look One:

Silent Sparrow: Selador
Woofie Skirt Look:
Hair: Calico Creations -Seelie by (Dark Chocolate)
Skin: Curio/Gala Skins: Sundust Pin-up- Apple Pie 1
Jewelry Violet Voltaire-Glitterati in Black
Shoes: SLinK- Lovely Legs - Black

Pencil Skirt Look:
Hair: Calico Creations- Betty
Skin: Curio Gala: Sundust Pin-Up - Apple Pie 1
Jewelry: Accessories by Eolande - Cascade Set - Silver
Shoes: SLinK - Lovely Legs - Black

Look Two:

Outfit: Indyra Orignals - La Capitaine - Yellow
Shoes: Indyra Originals - Josephine -Black
Hair: ::69:: - Miracle - Faded Brown (may have new textures by now)
Skin: Curio/Gala : Sundust Pin-Up - Bee Knees 2
Earrings: Laughing Academy - Tisiphone Pendant Earring

Look 3

Dress: Elate!-Silvia - Plum
Skin: Curio/Gala: Sundust- Pin-Up- Starlet 2
Hair: Truth-Felicity 2 in Auburn
Shoes- SLink -Desire Sandal - Taupe
Jewelry- Accessories By Eolande Necklace and Jade Bangles

Look 4-Modeled by Tru Bohemian
Dress: .:Naive:. Grace Dress
Shoes: Maitreya- Grace Sandal in Black
Hair: Elle F - Cassandra Hair
Jewelry: Accessories by Eolande- Petite Pearl - Silver
Skin: Dutch Touch Skin - OnYx- Purple Special Ed. Sunkissed
Lashes- Miriel- Feathered
Eyes- Miriel- Light Brown

Look 5- Modeled by Tru Bohemian
Outfit: .:Naive:. Cleo Hoodie and Shorts and short socks in Black & Purple
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Dannie Sneaker- Charcoal
Hair: Elle-F - Jude Hair - Black 1
Skin: ::Tuli:: Faith Skin (Tan)