Sunday, December 20, 2009

12 Drummers Drumming

On the Twelvth Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, the 12 Drummers Drumming Dress.

The dress is, well ... FUN! This dress will put a smile on your face, as well as anyone who sees you in it. A short velvet dress modeled after a drum with rich red and black textures directly from a toy drum.

Just like a drum,
the velvet is stretched tight over the body and criss crossed gold cording lace the sides from top to bottom. Matching black pumps are also part of this dress.

A completely adorable hat tops it all off. A child's toy drum rests at a jaunty angle, giving the entire ensemble a festive and fun feel.


Dress: 12 Drummers Drumming from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Jewelry: Dark Princess Amaterasu Special from Alienbear Design
Hair: Sash - Coal from Deviant Kitties
Skin: Climax Tone3 Makeup 11 from Pulse Skins

11 Pipers Piping

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, the 11 Pipers Piping Mask.

A symphony in gold, close your eyes and you can almost hear the Sand Pipers singing a joyous song. Eleven birds are perched among an array of gold feathers, musical notes and roses.

Such a valuable and
priceless mask could be worn with a dress of equal value. What better than Moxie's 24K Cocktail Dress. This halter dress is slinky and sexy with its open front skirt and ruffled edging.

You will look like a million in this mask of gold!


Mask: 11 Pipers Piping Mask from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Dress: 24K Cocktail Dress from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Shoes: BELLA Gold Sequins from Zhao Shoes
Hair: Natalia - Night from Truth Hair
Skin: FS Skin - Fiona (Glamour) from Free Speerit

10 Lords A Leaping

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, the 10 Lords a Leaping Gown.

This is a Red Carpet gown if ever I saw one. Three separate panels of sheer silk cover this floor length skirt, moving as if you are walking on air.

The corset bodice is covered in mosaic patterns with three vibrant colors of blue, green and purple. By now, you should know Moxie has a hidden surprise for us. Upon closer inspection of the mosaic patterns, you will see 10 Lords Leaping with joy.

A charming black feather
boa is draped over the shoulder for that added touch of sophistication. Sheer black stockings and matching black pumps completes the outfit.

Men will be leaping into your arms when you wear this gown.

Gown: 10 Lords a'Leaping Gown from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Jewelry: Pearl Teardrop Pearl Set (deep black) from Alienbear Design
Eyelashes: JEZEBETH-Tintable from [the Obscene]
Hair: Wild Orchid w/flower bluevelvet from Exile
Skin: Altonia ll/ooOOoo from Pulse Skins

9 Ladies Dancing

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, the 9 Ladies Dancing Gown.

And this dress was made for dancing! The halter top has a daring keyhole opening and detailed rose appliques the entire length of the torso. A soft flowing skirt has an incredibly sexy open slit exposing the right left from ankle to hip. The deep, rich blood red color would make a rose blush in shame. Matching red pumps are included with this gown.

You ask why this
outfit is called 9 Ladies Dancing? Take a close look at the gorgeous hair ornament of red roses. You will see nine lacy ladies dancing around the line of roses!

What man wouldn't want to dance closely with a Lady wearing this rich gown.

Gown: 9 Ladies Dancing from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Earrings: Exquisite Set from Purple Rose Jewelry
Hair: Kiera black from
Sky Everett Designs
Skin: Timeless ll/Makeup 14 from Pulse Skins

8 Maids A Milking

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, the 8 Maids a Milking Mask.

Moxie has always been an outstanding clothing designer, but her masks are in a league of their own. The detailing on this mask indescribable! You have to take a close look at this to really understand the incredible amount of work that went into this design.

The white and silver feathers, sparkling beads, white roses and the beautiful mask texture make this mask breath-taking. But what puts this mask into the superb category are the eight tiny milk white maids hidden throughout the mask. Moxie didn't miss a step with this creation.

I could think of only
one dress and one dress alone that is fit to wear with this exquisite mask - Moxie's Winter White Snowflake Gown. Even a Maid will feel like a Queen wearing this one-of-a-kind mask.


Mask: 8 Maids A Milking Mask from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Gown: Winter White Snowflake Gown from
Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Jewelry: Princess Krystelle Necklace & earrings set from
Alienbear Design
Shoes: Lovis in White Suede from Zhao Shoes
Hair: Anette - Brown Frost from Deviant Kitties Designs
Skin: Dance With Me/In The Morning from
Pulse Skins

7 Swans A Swimming

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, the 7 Swans a Swimming Dress.

I should mention a male friend was visiting me when I was photographing this dress and begged for a copy.
A snowy white corset top depicts seven graceful swans gliding atop a sash of white and blue/gray ruffles. White and gray feathers adorn the hips and bustle.

Sheer white
stocking topped with white lace and a thin blue/gray ribbon weaved into the lace. White satin gloves and a matching hair ornament with a crisp white and blue/gray flower and white and gray feathers top off this gorgeous outfit.

Imagine yourself a beautiful swan as you glide across the dance floor in this dress.


Dress: 7 Swans A Swimming from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Shoes: Coquette Noir Shoes: Medaille: Steel from
Indyra Originals
Jewelry: Ice queen complete in Diamond from By Alexander
Hair: Natalia - Night from Truth Hair
Skin: Climax Tone3 Makeup 11 from Pulse Skins
Eyelashes: Lashes-SHAX-Tintable from [the Obscene]

6 Geese A Laying

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, the 6 Geese a Laying Dress.

Layer, upon layer, upon layer of ruffles cascade down from the high waist to just above the knee. The texture of the ruffles unique, feather-like quality that would make the perfect nest. The satin, single shoulder bodice is trimmed with downy feathers. Wrist length gloves trimmed with the same feathers as the neckline and black stockings are perfect accents.

However, Moxie did not
stop there. Remember, this dress is 6 Geese a Laying. Take a close look at this amazing hat! Nestled among the feathers, plumes and ribbons are six geese, including one that closely guards her nest of eggs.

Individually, the dress and the hat are incredible designs and a must for a Fashionista's wardrobe. No wild goose chase here. Fly to Moxie's store now!


Dress: 6 Geese A Laying from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Shoes: Lovis Black Suede from Zhao Shoes
Hair: ETD Divine - Chestnut Burnt from ETD
Skin: NewYorkSunKissed-makeup4b from LeLutka

Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Golden Rings ....

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, the 5 Golden Rings Gown.

The first word that came to my mind when I slipped into this gown was sleek! The Golden Rings gown is like wearing a second skin. The bodice is wrapped by, that's right, 5 golden rings of satin that end tied off in two different bows for the right hip. Moxie has also given us a choice of a strapless (which I am wearing) or a golden cross strap top. So you can wear this gown in several different ways.

The black skirt hugs the hips
and legs, then gives us fabulous mermaid flair at the end, with a slightly longer train in back. Matching black stockings and pumps are also included in the package.

What better way to treat yourself to a Christmas gift!

Gown: 5 Golden Rings Gown from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Jewelry: VIRIDIAN Arubino from !Terra D'ombrA !Maizon Rayna
Skin: Climax Tone3 Makeup 11 from Pulse Skins
Hair: Love Story 8ball from Exile

4 Calling Birds

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, a 4 Calling Birds Mask.

Moxie created four intricately worked wire and beaded Calling birds in this opulent half mask.

Thick and full black feathers fan out in a semi-circle around the mask. Downy black feathers can be seen around the edges and the multi-coloring of a bird's breast circle the eye opening. Finally, thin black velvet ribbons hang gently from the bottom.

Concerned about a proper fit? No need to worry, because Moxie incorporated a sizing script into the mask for easy fitting.

Moxie has several beautiful dresses in her
store that are perfect to wear with this luscious mask. I chose her Black Swan dress to keep the theme of the mask and holiday. Incredibly sexy with its exposed leg, this dress is an actual black swan!

A black satin corset bodice is the swan's body, the waist partially covered in soft black feathers. The swan's neck wraps up and around the right breast, with the head enticingly nestled in the cleavage. A small feathered adornment attaches to the swan's neck. The half skirt is made entirely of black feathers that drape over the hip and almost down to the floor. Even the black satin gloves have a feathered design on them.

You will be the belle of the Masquerade Ball in this stunning mask and dress.


Mask - 4 Calling Birds Mask from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Dress - Black Swan from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Shoes - Lovis from Zhao Shoes
Earrings - *Rezzable* Silver & Feather Earring from Crimson Shadow
Hair - GRACE Hair - Charcoal Black from
Skin - Timeless ll/Makeup 14 from Pulse Skins

3 French Hens

On the third day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, 3 French Hens.

The moment I saw this dress I was taken back to 19th century Paris. I can imagine performing on the stage of the Moulin Rouge while Henri Toulouse-Lautrec sits at his table, sketching the dancers.

The white strapless bustier has beautiful white french lace edging from the V-shaped neckline and all the way down the deep V in the back. The V shape is continued on into the multiple layers of sa
tin in the white skirt. Delicate white feathers adorn the back of the skirt and sheer white hose give the dress an excellent flow of color.

Though the entire dress is done in
white, burgundy roses and lace line the top of the skirt over both hips and a single rose in back. A final flourish of the burgundy blended with the white is seen on the hair ornament made from feathers, roses, lace and beading.

Oh La La! Heads will turn when you arrive in this dress.

Dress - 3 French Hens from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Shoes - Bare Lauren (Alligator ColorSet) from Stiletto Moody
Choker and earringss - Princess Diantha Set White from Alienbear Design
Bracelet - Silver Snowflake from Precious Moments Jewelry
Hair - Janae - White from ETD
Skin - Liz Pale natural makeup natural1 lips from Fior Di Perle Skins
Eyelashes - EyeLashes! Frosty Morn Eyelashes from Talon Faire

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2 Turtle Doves

On the second day of Christmas, Moxie sent to me, a lovely dress named 2 Turtle Doves. The search for the perfect little black dress is now over.

This cocktail dress ties coyly over one shoulder with ribbon and feathers. The bodice is exquisite with golden turtle doves embroidered into the fabric. The detailing that went into this dress is breath taking!

The gold embroidery carries down throughout the full, short skirt as if the dove's tail feathers entwine with the black lace. The full skirt floats as if a cloud and moves softly, creating an alluring and feminine dance. What better way to express love and romance than with two Turtles Doves together.

Sheer black, lace topped thigh high stockings add the final touch to this amazingly detailed dress. I found a beautiful pair of black satin gloves with black feathers at the elbows along with black feathered earrings. With classic black satin pumps, I am ready for all the holiday parties.

Dress - 2 Turtle Doves from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Shoes - ~*ZHAO*~ "LOVIS" LEFT (BLACK SUEDE) from Zhao Shoes
Gloves - Alpaka Jersey Gloves with feathers from Maya's Remix
Earrings - *Rezzable* Silver & Feather Earring from Crimson Shadows
Hair - Natalia - Raven from Truth Hair
Eyelashes - Lashes-MOLOCH-Tintable from the.oBscene
Skin - Timeless ll/Makeup 14 from Pulse Skins

Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Days of Christmas with style!

Ladies, get ready to sing! Our very own Moxie Polano re-created a seasonal song in a very special way. Moxie has created each of the 12 Days of Christmas with style and creativity in the form of dresses, gowns and masks. So let me clear my throat and take a deep breath, for I have the joy to present to you Moxie Polano's Haute Style's 's 12 Days of Christmas is fashion.

On the first Day of Christmas, Moxie gave to me, a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Simple, clean lines of this dress perfectly accentuate the curves of a woman's body with a plunging neckline form-fitting
grace. The mermaid style flair of the skirt with its train add chic elegance to this design. The deep rich brown color would make the trees in a forest sigh with envy. By itself, this dress is a must for any woman's closet.

But as the song goes, we find Moxie has beautifully captured the partridge and the pear tree in this dress. The V-neck is lined with branches, leaves and pears, as alive and vibrant as the woman that wears it. Not to be outdone my the dress, a hair adornment with matching branches. leaves and pears also has a small spray of corn blue flowers. Moxie even added a pair of matching brown stiletto pumps to complete the outfit.

Mother Nature herself has come alive in this gown.

Gown - Partridge in a Pear Tree Gown from Moxie Polano's Haute Styles
Hair - Aiiyanna - Chocolate Burnt from ETD
Skin - Climax/Tone 2-Makeup 12 from Pulse Skin
Jewlery - Choker, earrings and bracelet from The Alchemist's Chest

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fight the cold with Bodywarmers

I didn't discover one outfit today - I discovered TWO! FA Creations latest release are Brown Tweed and Houndstooth Bodywarmers. Two distinctly different outfits by one amazing designer, Sandie Saenz.

The Brown Tweed Bodywarmer has high waisted tweed trousers. The prim cuffed pant bottoms blend marvelously well and the buttons on the high waist are an excellent accent. A matching tweed vest is layered over a brown plaid shirt. To top it all off is a sleeveless tartan jacket vest with a dark brown bandana to keep you neck toasty warm. I love the the use of the different materials and patterns in the layering.

If skirts are more to your
liking, then take a look at the Houndstooth Bodywarmer. The black and white houndstooth skirt is short and flirty over black knitted leggings. A black leather belt with silver accents rests squarely on the hips. The black, long sleeved turtleneck sweater is perfect under the sleeveless bodywarmer jacket . The quilted look, silver buckles and eyelets and finally the houndstooth pockets makes me want to find this at my local department store.

If you can't make up your mind between the trousers and the skirt, why not get both!

Outfit #1
Outfit: Brown Tweed Bodywarmer Set from FA Creations
Hair: .+*Riha*+.Coco [MS] from Mirai Style
Skin: Liz Sunkissed natural makeup natural1 lips from Fior Di Perle
Shoes: Mishima Dawn - Leather Brown from Maitreya
Earrings: Wood earring(brown) from ICoN

Outfit #2
Outfit: Bodywarmer Houndstooth Set from FA Creations
Hair: Amacci Cap hair ~ Dark Wine from Amacci
Skin: Climax/Tone 3 Makeup 11 Freckled from Pulse Skin
Boots: *KL* Boots Venice 3.1 Slate from Kitties Lair
Handbag: Bandana Handbag BLACK from Fauxy Walks

Monday, December 7, 2009

Glamorized on for pennies!

So, the other day in a group I'm in, the perennial question of "Where can I get good skins for not much money?" came up. I sat the discussion out as my skin tastes nowadays run to the not-cheap (there are exceptions, such as Frick, but I somewhat lamely tend to stick to my Curio of late) when someone mentioned a store owned by Yoko Leeeroy. I like a triple-E at the best of times, and then someone else in the group piped up saying happily that Yoko Leeeroy was her other account, so in group solidarity, I headed over to Glamorize to have a peek. The tiny store turned out to be well worth a visit, and I left with only a tiny chunk taken out of my L$ balance. The first specatcular thing about this store is the generosity of the prices. No single item in Glamorize costs more than L$5, fatpacks at their upper limit cost L$22.

For L$20, I picked up a Princess Pack of the Jonquil skins. A fair peach tone, with auburn eyebrows and a subtle dusting of freckles over the nose, and a delicate little mouth, and nice eye-makeup. These skins retail singly at L$2, and come in a number of tones and styles, and for my L$20, I got 12 makeups, each with a boosted cleavage option too! And, in a remarkable turn up for the books, there are also male skins! In a gothic pale, and a 'normal' fair tone, with various facial hair options and whatnot, for the same great prices.

Glamorize also has a nice range of shapes, priced wonderfully, and rather pretty eyes. The eyes are in the smaller size, which I must admit isn't to my taste, I feel they make my av look at best surprised, at worst, high, but these are lovely nonetheless and really at the price, I can't complain, it's my own taste. Also worth a look were the prim nails. I'm not usually a fan of prim nails, too much to go wrong with flappy hands and posing and general disaster, but I was quite taken by the rainbow glitter prim nails Glamorize had, and at L$12 for a pack of 6 shades, there wasn't much wrong I could do so long as I didn't get too adventurous with how I stood. These nails are of a modest length, too, so they don't look scary and talon-ish, just nice and bright and shiny.

There is also a small range of clothing, fantastically decorated jeans for L$2, a range of dollarbie tops, L$3 minidresses, and some beautifully patterned fringed scarves, a few nicely shaded mens shirts and jeans, and some pumps, which I havn't shown, but are prettily designed.

So, yes. Whether you're a penniless newbie (or a friend of one) or you just want to bulk up your inventory for cheap, I heartily recommend a trip to Glamorize, and while you're there, throw a bit of love in Yoko's tipjar for her generosity.

Outfit credits:

Pic 1:

Skin: Glamorize - Jonquil 01 Skin
Hair: Magika - Julie - Red C
Eyes: Glamorize - Glamor-Eyes 2-8
Top: Glamorize - Pokey Brown Cami
Jeans: Glamorize - Pretty Paisley Pants
Scarf: Glamorize - Wrapped Scarf with Tassels - Plum Paisley
Boots: In Her Shoes - Warm Winter Boots - Red
Nails: Glamorize - Wine it Up nails

Pic 2:

Skin: Glamorize - Jonquil 02 Skin
Hair: Magika - Snow Queen 2009 - Red C (it snows on you! :D)
Eyes: (as above)
Top: Glamorize - Shooting Star Long Cami
Jeans: Glamorize - Jack
Sneakers: Scribble - Heel Biters
Nails: Glamorize - Red Glitz Nails