Monday, June 29, 2009

My Final Hair Fair Post...I think

After finally shopping my way through the Hair Fair, I realize I was a bit more circumspect in my spending then last year. This isn't necessarily a bad thing since I am on a budget. Still I got some awesome hair to show!

So here are the final hairs that I purchased. This entry is going to be heavy on pictures and light on words.

PAPER TIGER 1 in Auburn by Curio (Has 2 hair versions in pack and color change head band)

TARAE III in Umber by JR*Republic ( This one adds very little to ARC if that matters to you)

TIARA in Firebrick by TEKUTEKU (Tiara included by attaches to nose. I had to mod a lot. Hair has resizer script)

Madeline in Brown Shades by Dernier Cri - (Has hair color HUD with several shades to choose from.)

MEGAN in Dark Brown by Calico Creations

BETTY BOOP in Dark Brown by Curio

Hair Fair dates have been extended to July 6, 2009, be sure to check it out

All Skins but Betty Boop Picture are Makeups from June 1 by Gala Skins
Betty Boop picture: Pin Up Skin Jitterbug 1 by Gala Skins

Monday, June 22, 2009

Philotic Energy at Hair Fair

OK, totally loving these 3 styles from Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy! She has been a fave of mine since I bought my first hair from her called Ariadne. One of the best short hairstyles out there I think.

First up is her Lilya Hair! 50% of the Proceeds on this Hair go to Locks of Love. The hat is color change too!

Next up is Keeva with her cute curly buns and scarf.

A vast majority of my hair has bangs. But I really like the way she has this done so the hair looks more natural and not a helmet.

Last I think is my favorite called Pepper. I will let the picture do the talking.

These can all be found at the Hair Fair. She also has Demo's in her store and on XLStreet.

Hair Fair is still pretty packed, but it goes on for 2 weeks so you have time!

More to come as I try on stuff!

Look 1

Hair- Philotic Energy - Lilya - Clinker (50% proceeds to Locks of Love)
Skin - Gala Skins - June (Sundust Light) - Doe 1
Eyes - Miriel Standard Eyes - violet plant.

Look 2

Hair - Philotic Energy - Keeva - Clinker
Skin - Gala Skins - June (sundust light) - Daylily 1
Eyes - Miriel Standard Eyes - Violet Plant.

Look 3

Hair- Philotic Energy - Pepper - Clinker
Skin - Gala Skins - June ( Sundust Light ) Pure 2
Eyes - Miriel Standard Eyes - Violet Plant.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just a Little Taste of Hair Fair 2009 Offerings

This has to be my favorite event of the year! In RL I have this baby fine straight-ish hair that can't hold a cur or volume without mass application of hair product. So I live for offerings of hair SL has to offer.

I know its going to be lag-tastic, so I am going to wait a bit before hitting the festivities. In the meantime a couple of lovely designers let me have a Sneaky Peek of their hair fair offerings. Rather then go into an advance written description, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

First up is Designer Sakuradawn Lei of Lazy Places

This is my first experience with Lazy Places hair and I am very pleased. I love the color-change streaks and bangs that give the hair a whimsical look.

Dawn in Brown

Deeba in Auburn (Ginger Bang)

Arya in Black (Blue/Yellow bangs)

Then we have designer Catty Loon with Audacity. Catty sent me several hairs in her brown tones. These hair's have resizer scripts which I personally love. Especially the fact I can just resize 1 prim at a time for the perfect fit.

Tara in Espresso

Nali in Darkest Chocolate

Ethel in Mahogany

Hair Fair begins a Midnight SLT on June 20. That is just a few hours from now.

Get those low lag outfits, take of your scripted objects and bling. I also highly recommend setting your graphics to low if you have a lot of problem. Or if you are patient, give it a couple of days to let the initial rush pass. The event will be happening for 2 weeks.

Don't forget to to look for those hairs in which the proceeds of their sale go to Locks of Love!

See you at the Fair!

Look ONE

Hair: Lazy Places - Dawn(Brown)
Skin: Gala - June (Sundust Light) Oriental Poppy2
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes ( Smokey Quartz)
Lashes: Miriel - Glamour

Look 2
Hair: Lazy Places - Deeba - Auburn/Ginger
Skin: Gala - June (Sundust Light) Doe 1
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes ( Aquamarine)

Look 3

Hair: Lazy Places - Lazy Places - Arya (Black)
Skin: Adam n Eve - Siennat2 - Egypt
Eyes: Shine - Lustrous Teal Eyes (Large)

Look 4

Hair: Audacity - Tara (Espresso) (Color Change Hair Band)
Skin: Gala- Breeze (Sundust Light) Pure2
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes - Open Ocean

Look 5

Hair: Audacity- Nali (Darkest Chocolate)
Skin: Gala - Breeze (Sundust Light) Sepia 1
Eyes: Miriel- Standard Eyes - Green

Look 6

Hair: Audacity - Ethel - Mahogany
Skin: Gala- Pin Up- (Sundust Light) Starlet 1
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes - Violet Plant

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bring back the Bathing Beauties!

Living in Florida, Hot weather usually makes its appearance well before the actual first day of Summer. In fact I have been enjoying a nice pool with 84 Degree water since early May. So I decided its time to feature some swimsuits. A first I did try to take pictures in my little box of a sky studio, but something was missing. So I opened up the handy dandy search button to find some SL Beaches. This was not as easy as I hoped, but I was able to find some interesting Locales to pose on.

Today I have 3 great suits to show off:

My first is the new Tyna Swimsuit from .:Naive:. This one piece is classic and elegant. Even better she gives 2 options in the folder, Black or White with a colored belt.

For something a bit more bright and fun I have the new Redkini from Filthy~Pussy, Inc, or ::FP:: as I like to call it. The designer is still fairly new to the clothing scene but I found the shading she did on this to be amazing! A big plus the bottom of this bikini does not involve butt floss. It still shows a bit of tush but isn't quite skimpy enough to call it a thong.

This last suit I came upon at the Zaara Sale and fell in love. This suit can be worn with or without the shirt, plus it comes with great black knee length knickers as well. I have chosen to keep the shirt on to make this more like a Tankini.

So whatever your bathing suit style is, one of the designers in SL is sure to have it! Links to featured items are ble See you at the beach!

Items Worn:

Bathing Suit-::Naive:: Tyna in Black and Purple
Skin: Tuli - Hope Natural (sunkissed) Group Gift (250L to join)
Hair: Cake- Afterglow in Chestnut
Eyes: Miriel -Violet plant
Pose: LAP - Alone Time

Bathing Suit: Filthy~ Pussy, Inc - Redkini
Hair: ETD- Laine in Chestnut
Skin: Tuli - Hope Natural (sunkissed) Group Gift
Eyes: Miriel - Violet Plant
Pose: Striking Poses- Ashanti Freebie

Bathing Suit: Zaara - Xacuti Acid green - Pink
Skin: Tuli - Hope Natural (sunkissed) Group Gift
Hair: Cake: Barcelona w/ clip in Chestnut
Pose: Torrid Free Model Pose 2