Saturday, August 29, 2009

NEW RELEASE @ Haute Style & Co.

Haute Style & Co. has it's first release in just a couple of months, named Karo. This first release is special for a couple of reasons, first, it's amazing, secondly, it marks the return of Forda Fairlane's Haute Style & Co. Mainstore to her true home at Haute Couture Sim, owned by Moxie Polano, Forda's long time friend. Congratulations, and Welcome Home Forda!

Now, on to Karo...

This untraditional pantsuit is made of silk texturing. The breast area has vertical rouching that is edged just below with a pale sage embroidered cloth, and continues to be fitted to the hips. The pants are capri length with a chartreuse layered flair.

The short sleeve jacket makes this outfit perfect for the fashionable woman at the SL office, or choose to wear it while shopping with the girlfriends. The jacket is made to match the sash on the bodice, made of pale sage, with an embroidered deeper sage leafing. Remove the jacket, and you've got a strapless pantsuit for an even out on the town. What jewelery I found to match this ensemble came from none other than Earthstones, called Karuka, the bracelet and earrings come as pair, as well as the bracelet is paired with a matching ring(not shown) and can be purchased in the mainstore.

It's saturday, the best day to shop, so find your inner fashionista, and enjoy the quality of SL's best.
Till next time.
Much Love, Emee

Outfit: Karo , Haute Style & Co.
Jewelery: Karuka bracelet, Karuka necklace, Karuka earrings, Earthstones
Hair: Monica (mahogany), >Truth<
Skin: :GP: SUNDUST [Dark] June-Grass 2, Curio
Shoes: Maitreya Grace Heels, Maitreya

Friday, August 28, 2009

Poop Hunt 2009 - Its the S**T

Last Year Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose had her 1st Poop Hunt with lots of great poses. This year with the new Festivale Sim she shares with Autumn Hykova of Tiny Bird Poop Hunt 2009 has become Sim Wide with lots of great designers participating!

Another difference this year is that not only do you find turds (tied with a bow) but also rolls of Toilet Paper too.

I have already done a little hunting of my own and so decided to show off the little nuggets of goodies I have found. Along with the special turds and rolls you should be looking for!

So here is the info low down from the note card I received from Dove:

The Hunt:
Where - Festivale sim ONLY (if you find someone trying to replicate our shit, please let me know, they need to be ended)
When - Friday the 28th - Friday the 4th
What - You are looking for toilet paper rolls and poop piles with bows/ribbons on them. They can vary in size (but they won't be blindingly small), vary in color and also vary in textures/accessories but they all have the same uniform look to them.

How - The poops and toilet paper can be hidden on either side of the sim, pretty much anywhere. As of right now most are within the area of shopping, with a few just barely on the outskirts. Some are outside, some are inside shops.

Also, they encourage teamwork. So if perfectly alright to share tips, hints and even cheat sheets.

The hunt runs till September 4, 2009 and when I was there earlier it was quite laggy so don't feel you need to rush right over. The ones I found were very visible. In fact there is a list of hints too. So be sure to join the Long Awkward Pose or Tiny Bird Subscribe-o-matics if you haven't. Their note cards and notices are ones I look forward to and I am sure you all will as well.

So your Limo Awaits! See you at the HUNT!


Jacket: Pig- Cardigan - Pooptones
Shirt: Vaanitas Vesture - festivale TP top
Skirt: Vanitas Vesture - Weston Swishy Skirt

Skin: Tiny Bird -Starlight by Aut 2
Hair: Tiny Bird - Sprocket(2) - Brownie
Jewelry: DECO - Poop Hunt Exclusive Smoky Earrings and Bangle

Shoes: 50 Flats patent rose - choco (Not part of Poop Hunt)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NEW from Elate! Meet Penelope!

Kellie Iwish of Elate has released this lovely new dress today! This dress has a lovely wrap around effect on the tops and great sequin/scale detail on the mini skirt. Penelope comes in several colors: Purple, Black and Red (as shown) plus pink, brown, navy, blue and green. All dresses have an optional white or cream top)

This dress is out in her shop now. So grab this limo and check out the new Penelope Dress at ELATE!

Dress Penelope - Elate!
Skin: June 2 (Raccoon) by Gala
Hair: Betty Boop in Auburn by Curio Gala
Shoes: Medaille in Steel by Indyra Originals
Jewelry: Mermaidia set in Silver by Accessories by Eolande

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Cocktails at 5th & Oxford

Due to my awesome grabbiness, I was lucky enough to be in receipt of a review pack of 5th & Oxford's (formally Fleur) new Summer Cocktails line of things! Fleur in the past has been one of my favourite sources of skins, and while I knew Roslin Petion has been known to make clothes, I must admit I hadn't really given them much thought in the past. So when I opened what I was sent, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it not only contained skins from their new Audrey line, but dresses, too! Not only that, but later in the day, I had dropped on me an absolutely gorgeous retro bar, complete with stools and accessories. It had never occurred to me, with all their beautiful sim builds of the past (my personal favourite being the Nouveau with the station and the big long train, so noir, so clever) that one of the team of Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot must be a rather marvellous builder. But I'm getting ahead of myself, of course, as is my way.

I've long been a fan of Roslin Petion's skins, in my overflowing inventory I have just about one of every makeup from the old Fleur Vivant line, and a fair few from the previous Allure line of skins. The new Audrey line of skins has all the glamour and soft beautiful quality that I have come to expect. One of the odd little things I adore about these skins and have noticed with the previous lines, is how wonderfully done the hands are, striking a perfect balance between not being too plain as to be featureless, but also not all veiny and haggard-looking, and the nails beautifully manicured. The makeups of the Summer Cocktails skins are just as the name suggests, summery, light, and fruity. The cheeks have a light flush of colour to them, hinting at a day in the sun and perhaps a couple of drinks, and although it doesn't show up so much on my chosen Fair skintone, the darker tones in the range show a soft highlighting sheen. The skins themselves are simply lovely all over, shading and highlights soft but flawless, and the body parts beautifully drawn. I was particularly taken by the elbows, oddly. I did have to modify the shape of my face a little to make the skin look 'right', but I've been finding myself doing that a lot lately, and it's really rather rewarding in the end.

The dresses too, were fantastic. The Summer Cocktails Dress is a satiny vintage number, slinky and elegant, in six colours, named for yummy colourful drinks, and comes with prim sleeves and belt. The shading and gathers of the fabric are particularly well-done at the bust, which makes me wonder if I spend too much time looking at boobs. It's a distinct possibility. The Summer Cocktails Mini is a more flirty, fun style, a little less grown-up, and with more a nod to 60s hipsters. It clings to one shoulder, and gathers at the waist, and is a party dress if ever I saw one.

And so to the matching bar! In a fabulous retro style, fit to grace the den or the poolside or anywhere else where it's feasible to have a party with a gorgeous retro bar! But unfortunately not the rooftop upon which I live. The bar comes with a myriad of sweet little accessories, plates of olives, slices of lemon, a drinks shaker (which gives out martinis!), soda syphons, and holdable, drinkable drinks! The prims all add up sadly, and my poor little parcel couldn't take it, but it's soso cute, it's worth the relatively heavy primmage if you can at all spare it. the front of the bar, and the stools are colour change too, which means you can match with your decor or mix it up and it remains all good!

5th & Oxford's Summer Cocktails skins, clothing and furniture are really a wonderful way to round off the last weeks of summer and see you into autumn, a memento of long days and longer evenings, of parties and sultry sunshine, and generally a glamourous good time. Available only from 5th & Oxford

Outfit Credits:

Pic 1

Skin: 5th & Oxford Audrey - FAIR - Summer Cocktails 5
Hair: Gritty Kitty - Ghetto - Red
Dress: 5th & Oxford - Summer Cocktails Dress - Appletini
Shoes: LC Vamp - Caliah - Emerald (no longer available)

Pic 2

Skin: 5th & Oxford Audrey - FAIR - Summer Cocktails 1
Hair: Tiny Bird - WillowC - Pomegranate
Dress: 5th & Oxford - Summer Cocktails Dress - Purple Haze

Pic 3

Skin: 5th & Oxford Audrey - FAIR - Summer Cocktails 4
Hair: Magika - Lady - Red E
Dress: 5th & Oxford - Summer Cocktails Mini - Blue Lagoon
Shoes: Periquita - Mary Jane Shoe - Black Stars
Bar with goodies: 5th & Oxford Summer Cocktails Bar

(eyes [marine] and lashes in all by Miriel, no longer available)

In The Spotlight: Mod.G

So Nivaya and Emee have set the bar with their features and now its my turn. In the Spotlight today we have Mod.G

has a great blend of casual wear with a touch of Bohemian.

Modd. G has a great selection of dresses, tops and jackets as well as bottoms. She also has some great shoulder bags (not pictured) and has expanded into making eyes as well.

Her clothing appears to me to be photo-sourced, however, its very well done. I especially love the smocking detail that is featured on the blouses neckline and sleeves. (see below) The sculpty attachments do not have re-sizers but required very little modification for me.

If you are looking for casual outfit, or a nice dress to socialize with friends, Modd.G is definitely worth checking out.

Top: Modd.G emelda Stitch Cropped Blouse (blue)
Pants: Modd.G The Milky Way Jeans (Beige)
Shoes: 50 Flats - Snake Skin Buckle ( Summer Gift)
Skin: Gala Skins - June - Pure 4 - Sundust[light]
Hair: Truth - Romy - Auburn
Bracelet: Eclectica - Tortoiseshell
Ring: Eye Candey Silver Mokume Gane Ring

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quick Sparrow Loev!

Yesterday, I was a grumpy Niv, for no reason. It was sad. I was cheered up rather a lot though, when I noticed that hyasynth Tiramisu of silentsparrow had put of a GROUP GIFT. It's highly cheering indeed when hyasynth sets out group gifts, for a number of reasons. Firstly, free silentsparrow goodness. C'mon. That's reason enough. But secondly, and more importantly, I adore the way with group gifts and lucky chair sets, that hyasynth mixes and matches pieces from previous sets, to make awesome new sets. Takes all the work out of it for me. And also gives me the chance to take a different look at pieces I already have, and mash them together neatly. It's good and super.

This particular group gift is the Rose Madder Suite (somewhat matching to her Madder lingerie available in the Starlust Panty Raid). It features the jeans and jacket from the Aconite suit, an Aesthete waistcoat (not shown in my peekshures) and a Jangling Jack shirt, in varying tones of a deep pinkish red. My pictures really fail to do justice to it. The jacket in particular, is decorated all over with opulant brocade patterning, with a couple of ankhs thrown in there just to make you feel like a proper goth. The pants are velvetty and rich and dark and just gorgeous, with the shirt having just enough patterning to be interesting without being obnoxious. It really is terribly ironic that the thing that pulled me out of my bad mood was something that made me feel all moody and gothsome, but there it is. The magic of Miss Tiramisu strikes again.

The gift will be out until August 26th, and is only available to those already in the silentsparrow group, so, if you're not, I'm sorry for dangling this loveliness under your nose, but go join now, and you'll be in time for the next gift! And if you are in the group, go, fetch! It's next to the big blue glass birdy at silentsparrow, wear your group tag and go get it!

I make no apologies for my shameless fangirling! <3

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam FREX [Dark] June - Raccoon 2

Hair: Tiny Bird - Hayden - Pomegranate

Outfit: silentsparrow - Group Gift - Rose Madder Suite

Shoes: ETD - Buckle Ballet Flats - Grapefruit

Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears Pointy Chains n Rings

Mouthmouse!: Modd.G {RandomThingThangs} - Nom-A-Mouse

Monday, August 17, 2009

In The Spotlight: MIEL

Niv's turn for some spotlighty goodness! This week Emee has prodded me out of my blogger hibernation, and with good reason, to continue the brand new but surely will be proud and classic tradition of Monday's In The Spotlight spot....light. In The Spotlight will showcase stores that the Dressing In Pixels team consider outstandingly lovely in terms of design, texturing, and general loveliness, while trying to stay away from strongly established brand names. My own personal extra criteria is that when I walk into the store for the first time, I am overwhelmed with the urge to buy it all up and to hell with the financial consequences. With this, my shiny spotlight falls upon a store we found on the Cupcake sim, Miel. Also, a honey cupcake sounds really good right now.

Due to my severe laziness, I had only heard about Miel the other day, with their prize on the Skipping Stones hunt, which I went "Oh cute! I should go looking there!" and then being extraordinarily absent-minded, forgot all about. It was only when I went on an exploratory stroll of Cupcake with Persephone and Emee that I actually found it again and went "Oh cute! I should buy everything!". Which neatly filled my above criteria and indeed I spent like a trooper. The designs are oh-so-very cute, and attention to detail on the clothing is just wonderful.

I've chosen to showcase their SF outfit in Coal. It consists of a babydollish sculpted tunic, with pockets with optional flowers in. FLOWERS! Flowers in my pocket! You see how I was sold by this concept. It's eccentric, cute, and yet rather elegant all at once. Marvellous! Worn with it is the matching shorts, with beautifully made little ties at the thighs, hand-drawn alpha textures that actually make sense as a bow when you zoom in on them. I love it when things look like what they're supposed to look like. It seems like such a simple thing, but it's really a mark of epic win when hand-drawn. All the wrinkles on the clothing are just right, which is another biggie with me, they're not just put there for the sake of it, or not at all, I dig some good wrinkles. I did have to enlarge the prims quite a bit to accomodate my curvylady hips, and belly, but that's what I get for eating all those prim cookies. With the outfit, I'm wearing the WPGIII Scarf in Maroon, sold seperately but a perfect accent to the dress, sophisticated and contrasting and long enough to wrap around an elephant. Being able to wrap things around elephants is not one of my important criteria, but I appreciate it in a scarf. I have my reasons. Trust me. You don't want to know.

Also delicious are Miel's shoes. I'm a sucker for wedges and mary-jane style shoes, and Miel's JANE shoes are all these things and more! Yes, more than two things! They come in three styles, FLOR, which I am wearing in the picture, with sculpted flowers, MONO, a plain style, and a plaid striped style which I suck too much to remember the name of, but dude! They're COLOUR CHANGE. Each style has three different colour styles to buy, a bright, a pastelly light and a neutral-ish, and various parts of the shoe can be colour-changed to glorious mix n' match....glory. To go with these supershoes, cute knee socks, in the same styles and colour choices, with the sculpted top of the socks equally colour change and versitile and infinitely win! I bought the Brights in both cases, in the spirit of breaking out of my box of...mostly black.
On my head, I sport Miel's AM TULIP headband, which has a matching skirt and top, buyable separately and really, how could I resist? I love tulips! And that's another thing I love about the store. various little accessories really complete each outfit, while remaining tasteful and yummily affordable.

So'anyway, I heartily recommend Miel to anyone with a sense for quirky eccentric quality and awesomeness and lovely things and am very quite glad that my absentmindedness didn't stop me from discovering this store. It's love. Sweet, honeysome love. Visit Miel at

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam FREX [dark] June - Daylily 2
Hair: lamb. - Babys on Fire - Sun Dried Tomato
Dress + Shorts: MIEL - SF OUTFIT COAL
Hairband: MIEL - AM TULIP headband - CHAMPAGNE
Ears: SLink - Sachara Elf Ears Pointy Frogs n Beads (I'm in LOVE with these, also!)
Eyes: Miriel - Marine (standard) (no longer available ;__;)
Lashes: Sin Skins - Tipped Fluff Lashes (possibly also no longer available)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Anyone that knows me, knows that I tend to favor more feminine dresses. So today, I decided to step outside of my box. "In the Spotlight" is .:Naive:., created by Leah McCullough. I have to be honest, I've never seen her designs till just the other night, and all that I can say is Wow. The designers of SL that have been around for awhile have some serious competition coming at them. One of the reasons that I think that Leah is so talented is due to her time as a Fashion Model as well as Photographer in SL. This girl knows what she wants to see in stores, so now she finds herself providing it to the community as a whole. Another reason that I've fallen for her designs, is her unbelievable prices. For someone that has been on the fashion scene in more ways than one, she sure does not believe in price gouging. I adore this one shoulder , "Elle Gray Tee"! What first caught my eye is it's hand drawn silhouette, so it was a must when it came to shopping, but once I had the oppurtunity to put it on, OMG! I went over this piece with a fine tooth comb, all the edges line up, the knitting of the tee shows up. Every bit of texture was perfect, right down to the way it has a wrinkling effect around the natural waist, and shoulder.

Next on my list was the pair of "Rebel Condition Pants (Red)". This pair of low rise capri's are in plaid, made of a satin like material, and boast a gray knit cuff just below the knee. Leah spaired no details in these. She amazes me with the shading effects she gives to the thighs and around the knees with the natural look of gathering material. The pants in a whole are so versatile, they can be worn with heels, ankle boots, or even drop back to the 80's and get yourself a pair of Doc Martins.

There are so many reason that I would recommend .:Naive:. to anyone in the mood for some real shopping. She's got the looks you have always wanted, the looks that you've always wanted to try, the accessories needed, and lastly, the prices that you can't beat. Don't just take my word, I suggest you see for yourself!
Till next time, much love,
SKIN: :Curio:Sundust-June2 (:GP: Sundust [Dark] June-Raccoon2
HAIR: >Truth< Grazia-Mocha
SHIRT: .:Naive:. Elle Gray Tee
PANTS: .:Naive:. Rebel Condition Pants (Red)
ACCESSORIES: .:Naive:. Big Hoop Basic Silver (earrings)
/artilleri/ Racer Bracelet
=DeLa*= Sandal "Tanya Black"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just a quick hello!

First of all, I just want to say that I'm stoked to be apart of this new adventure with my dear friends, Persephone and Nivaya. We, collectively, will have so many new ventures in the future that you'll not want to miss!

Now having said that, here's a little bit about me:
I've been working the fashion scene in SL since day 1. Over the past couple of years, I've run high fashion sims, creating tattoo's for the ever popular Rezzable sims, and also furthered my SL career by Founding Timeless Agency and remaining CEO and Founder(SerinaJane Loon was brought in as co-CEO in 2008) up until just a few months ago when I decided to leave it in the hands of SerinaJane Loon.
Yes, to dispel any rumors, I did take some time off from SL due to RL issues but have recently returned to take a step back, and do something less life consuming, and enjoyable.
I'm honest, not mean. What I mean by that is that I do tell the truth, and I'm not afraid if you don't like it, this is who I am. Now, do I purposely go out of my way to make a person feel foolish or less than a human being? Absolutely Never!
I take pride in myself, in my friends, and what work I do. You will not find me doing a "fluff" piece just because a designer is a friend or throwing clothing at me left and right like some do.
So having said this, I can't wait to get moving and show you all that I have. Enjoy what's to come!
Love, Emee

Sale at Mer-Elf Creations

Greetings All, I just got a heads up from Morgaine Price of Mer-Elf Creations!

She is having a BIG SALE!

Starting today and ending this Friday the 7th of August,

All single color gowns excluding limited editions will be only 150 L !!!!

And for a limited time until Friday if you buy a megapack, and you will get a 2nd

megapack free !

If you wish to do the buy 1 get 1 free megapack offer PLEASE send Morgain Price a notecard with your name, the megapack you bought, and the free megapack of your choice.