Friday, August 28, 2009

Poop Hunt 2009 - Its the S**T

Last Year Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose had her 1st Poop Hunt with lots of great poses. This year with the new Festivale Sim she shares with Autumn Hykova of Tiny Bird Poop Hunt 2009 has become Sim Wide with lots of great designers participating!

Another difference this year is that not only do you find turds (tied with a bow) but also rolls of Toilet Paper too.

I have already done a little hunting of my own and so decided to show off the little nuggets of goodies I have found. Along with the special turds and rolls you should be looking for!

So here is the info low down from the note card I received from Dove:

The Hunt:
Where - Festivale sim ONLY (if you find someone trying to replicate our shit, please let me know, they need to be ended)
When - Friday the 28th - Friday the 4th
What - You are looking for toilet paper rolls and poop piles with bows/ribbons on them. They can vary in size (but they won't be blindingly small), vary in color and also vary in textures/accessories but they all have the same uniform look to them.

How - The poops and toilet paper can be hidden on either side of the sim, pretty much anywhere. As of right now most are within the area of shopping, with a few just barely on the outskirts. Some are outside, some are inside shops.

Also, they encourage teamwork. So if perfectly alright to share tips, hints and even cheat sheets.

The hunt runs till September 4, 2009 and when I was there earlier it was quite laggy so don't feel you need to rush right over. The ones I found were very visible. In fact there is a list of hints too. So be sure to join the Long Awkward Pose or Tiny Bird Subscribe-o-matics if you haven't. Their note cards and notices are ones I look forward to and I am sure you all will as well.

So your Limo Awaits! See you at the HUNT!


Jacket: Pig- Cardigan - Pooptones
Shirt: Vaanitas Vesture - festivale TP top
Skirt: Vanitas Vesture - Weston Swishy Skirt

Skin: Tiny Bird -Starlight by Aut 2
Hair: Tiny Bird - Sprocket(2) - Brownie
Jewelry: DECO - Poop Hunt Exclusive Smoky Earrings and Bangle

Shoes: 50 Flats patent rose - choco (Not part of Poop Hunt)

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  1. aww thank you! and I really like the mixing and matching you did there! the poop in the hand seals the deal! lol <3