Monday, August 10, 2009


Anyone that knows me, knows that I tend to favor more feminine dresses. So today, I decided to step outside of my box. "In the Spotlight" is .:Naive:., created by Leah McCullough. I have to be honest, I've never seen her designs till just the other night, and all that I can say is Wow. The designers of SL that have been around for awhile have some serious competition coming at them. One of the reasons that I think that Leah is so talented is due to her time as a Fashion Model as well as Photographer in SL. This girl knows what she wants to see in stores, so now she finds herself providing it to the community as a whole. Another reason that I've fallen for her designs, is her unbelievable prices. For someone that has been on the fashion scene in more ways than one, she sure does not believe in price gouging. I adore this one shoulder , "Elle Gray Tee"! What first caught my eye is it's hand drawn silhouette, so it was a must when it came to shopping, but once I had the oppurtunity to put it on, OMG! I went over this piece with a fine tooth comb, all the edges line up, the knitting of the tee shows up. Every bit of texture was perfect, right down to the way it has a wrinkling effect around the natural waist, and shoulder.

Next on my list was the pair of "Rebel Condition Pants (Red)". This pair of low rise capri's are in plaid, made of a satin like material, and boast a gray knit cuff just below the knee. Leah spaired no details in these. She amazes me with the shading effects she gives to the thighs and around the knees with the natural look of gathering material. The pants in a whole are so versatile, they can be worn with heels, ankle boots, or even drop back to the 80's and get yourself a pair of Doc Martins.

There are so many reason that I would recommend .:Naive:. to anyone in the mood for some real shopping. She's got the looks you have always wanted, the looks that you've always wanted to try, the accessories needed, and lastly, the prices that you can't beat. Don't just take my word, I suggest you see for yourself!
Till next time, much love,
SKIN: :Curio:Sundust-June2 (:GP: Sundust [Dark] June-Raccoon2
HAIR: >Truth< Grazia-Mocha
SHIRT: .:Naive:. Elle Gray Tee
PANTS: .:Naive:. Rebel Condition Pants (Red)
ACCESSORIES: .:Naive:. Big Hoop Basic Silver (earrings)
/artilleri/ Racer Bracelet
=DeLa*= Sandal "Tanya Black"

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