Wednesday, June 29, 2011

KaliKo Celebrates the 4th of July

My friend Kaliope Karas saw a need and has been working to fill it. For those that like to roleplay in Victorian or Wild West sims there seemed to be a lack of simple, well constructed day dresses. Her latest is her Summer Day Series, her colors are based on flowers. Below see her Rose and Sunflower and Carnation. Call me lazy, but I just had her send her advert copy since she did such a lovely job on them. Her gowns are pretty similar, but she has improved on it and added more pattern options. Gowns come with 3 top styles with Jacket and Shirt layers and the skirt comes with or without the Apron, I look foward to see what more she has in store.

Plus in honor of the Independence day she has created this cute patriotic version of the dress. Currently on sale for only 50L!
KaliKo has shops set up in the Deadwood 1876 Sim and the Idaho Sim (2nd floor of Merchant Area). However the easiest way to view and purchase her items is the Second Life Marketplace. Just click here for KaliKo!

Hair in Pictures Nicola from Truth in Dawn and Jessica in Light Blonde by Amacci.

Both models are wearing the Helen Skin from Amacci.

Other colors available for gowns include, Morning Glory, Lavender, and soon, she will have Forest (Green), Weeds (Black), Gentian (pale green with purple trim) and Pansy (Purple)