Friday, June 19, 2009

Just a Little Taste of Hair Fair 2009 Offerings

This has to be my favorite event of the year! In RL I have this baby fine straight-ish hair that can't hold a cur or volume without mass application of hair product. So I live for offerings of hair SL has to offer.

I know its going to be lag-tastic, so I am going to wait a bit before hitting the festivities. In the meantime a couple of lovely designers let me have a Sneaky Peek of their hair fair offerings. Rather then go into an advance written description, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

First up is Designer Sakuradawn Lei of Lazy Places

This is my first experience with Lazy Places hair and I am very pleased. I love the color-change streaks and bangs that give the hair a whimsical look.

Dawn in Brown

Deeba in Auburn (Ginger Bang)

Arya in Black (Blue/Yellow bangs)

Then we have designer Catty Loon with Audacity. Catty sent me several hairs in her brown tones. These hair's have resizer scripts which I personally love. Especially the fact I can just resize 1 prim at a time for the perfect fit.

Tara in Espresso

Nali in Darkest Chocolate

Ethel in Mahogany

Hair Fair begins a Midnight SLT on June 20. That is just a few hours from now.

Get those low lag outfits, take of your scripted objects and bling. I also highly recommend setting your graphics to low if you have a lot of problem. Or if you are patient, give it a couple of days to let the initial rush pass. The event will be happening for 2 weeks.

Don't forget to to look for those hairs in which the proceeds of their sale go to Locks of Love!

See you at the Fair!

Look ONE

Hair: Lazy Places - Dawn(Brown)
Skin: Gala - June (Sundust Light) Oriental Poppy2
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes ( Smokey Quartz)
Lashes: Miriel - Glamour

Look 2
Hair: Lazy Places - Deeba - Auburn/Ginger
Skin: Gala - June (Sundust Light) Doe 1
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes ( Aquamarine)

Look 3

Hair: Lazy Places - Lazy Places - Arya (Black)
Skin: Adam n Eve - Siennat2 - Egypt
Eyes: Shine - Lustrous Teal Eyes (Large)

Look 4

Hair: Audacity - Tara (Espresso) (Color Change Hair Band)
Skin: Gala- Breeze (Sundust Light) Pure2
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes - Open Ocean

Look 5

Hair: Audacity- Nali (Darkest Chocolate)
Skin: Gala - Breeze (Sundust Light) Sepia 1
Eyes: Miriel- Standard Eyes - Green

Look 6

Hair: Audacity - Ethel - Mahogany
Skin: Gala- Pin Up- (Sundust Light) Starlet 1
Eyes: Miriel - Standard Eyes - Violet Plant

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