Monday, December 7, 2009

Glamorized on for pennies!

So, the other day in a group I'm in, the perennial question of "Where can I get good skins for not much money?" came up. I sat the discussion out as my skin tastes nowadays run to the not-cheap (there are exceptions, such as Frick, but I somewhat lamely tend to stick to my Curio of late) when someone mentioned a store owned by Yoko Leeeroy. I like a triple-E at the best of times, and then someone else in the group piped up saying happily that Yoko Leeeroy was her other account, so in group solidarity, I headed over to Glamorize to have a peek. The tiny store turned out to be well worth a visit, and I left with only a tiny chunk taken out of my L$ balance. The first specatcular thing about this store is the generosity of the prices. No single item in Glamorize costs more than L$5, fatpacks at their upper limit cost L$22.

For L$20, I picked up a Princess Pack of the Jonquil skins. A fair peach tone, with auburn eyebrows and a subtle dusting of freckles over the nose, and a delicate little mouth, and nice eye-makeup. These skins retail singly at L$2, and come in a number of tones and styles, and for my L$20, I got 12 makeups, each with a boosted cleavage option too! And, in a remarkable turn up for the books, there are also male skins! In a gothic pale, and a 'normal' fair tone, with various facial hair options and whatnot, for the same great prices.

Glamorize also has a nice range of shapes, priced wonderfully, and rather pretty eyes. The eyes are in the smaller size, which I must admit isn't to my taste, I feel they make my av look at best surprised, at worst, high, but these are lovely nonetheless and really at the price, I can't complain, it's my own taste. Also worth a look were the prim nails. I'm not usually a fan of prim nails, too much to go wrong with flappy hands and posing and general disaster, but I was quite taken by the rainbow glitter prim nails Glamorize had, and at L$12 for a pack of 6 shades, there wasn't much wrong I could do so long as I didn't get too adventurous with how I stood. These nails are of a modest length, too, so they don't look scary and talon-ish, just nice and bright and shiny.

There is also a small range of clothing, fantastically decorated jeans for L$2, a range of dollarbie tops, L$3 minidresses, and some beautifully patterned fringed scarves, a few nicely shaded mens shirts and jeans, and some pumps, which I havn't shown, but are prettily designed.

So, yes. Whether you're a penniless newbie (or a friend of one) or you just want to bulk up your inventory for cheap, I heartily recommend a trip to Glamorize, and while you're there, throw a bit of love in Yoko's tipjar for her generosity.

Outfit credits:

Pic 1:

Skin: Glamorize - Jonquil 01 Skin
Hair: Magika - Julie - Red C
Eyes: Glamorize - Glamor-Eyes 2-8
Top: Glamorize - Pokey Brown Cami
Jeans: Glamorize - Pretty Paisley Pants
Scarf: Glamorize - Wrapped Scarf with Tassels - Plum Paisley
Boots: In Her Shoes - Warm Winter Boots - Red
Nails: Glamorize - Wine it Up nails

Pic 2:

Skin: Glamorize - Jonquil 02 Skin
Hair: Magika - Snow Queen 2009 - Red C (it snows on you! :D)
Eyes: (as above)
Top: Glamorize - Shooting Star Long Cami
Jeans: Glamorize - Jack
Sneakers: Scribble - Heel Biters
Nails: Glamorize - Red Glitz Nails

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  1. Hey! I added some bigger eyes to the store =)