Friday, April 27, 2012

Isle Of Wyrms @ Fantasy Faire 2012

When you look into a mirror, who do you see?  Are you old than time itself and larger than life?  Are you still stumbling to find yourself and still a bit wobbly on your legs?  Have you just begun your life and everything is new and wondrous?  In Second Life, it could be all of the above and, on the Isle Of Wyrms, it is possible.

In Fairytales, we learned that dragons were evil and destroyers.  I have discovered that is far from the truth.  Last week, I was privileged to meet mentors from the Isle Of Wryms and learned that Dragons are far more than the eye meets.   Dragons have their own personalities, their own style and even their own generations.

First, let me show you the infant of the Dragon world - A Hatchling.

This is a Fae Hatchling.  Newborn to the world, a Hatchling is still learning to walk and fly.  And just like kids, Hatchlings love cookies!

Next, we have the adolescent of the Dragon world - A Wyrmling.

Meet the Hydra Wyrmling.  A teenager, unsure of themselves and still try to find its place in the world.  Can you image keeping all three mouths fed?

Finally, there is the adult - A Dragon.

Here we have the Astral Dragon.  Astral has all the aspects you would imagine on a Dragon - spinal horns from snout to tail.  Sheer, almost bat-like wings.

The Wyrmlings and Dragons also include rideable saddles. All avatars include appearance editing HUDs so you can customize your avatar and make it unique.

If you prefer something different from a Dragon variation, let me introduce you to one of my favorites - A Gryphon.

Please stop by the Isle Of Wyrms store today at the Fantasy Faire 2012 Shadow's Claw SIM and talk with a mentor to learn more these and other available avatars.  While you are there, please be sure to check out their Relay For Life vendors.  Remember, 100% of all purchases and donations made to RFL vendors to to American Cancer Society.

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