Sunday, February 7, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 5-6 - SUNDAY BONANZAA!

No blogging yesterday due to a friend coming over and being here and being all in the way and stuff. He's a Second Life skeptic. When I logged in to check on my bunnies (one had foolishly hopped into a river, luckily, all Ozimals are equipped with scuba gear, so she was fine) he bombarded me with stupid questions. Not noob questions, stupid questions. "Who's that lady? That's not you, your hair isn't that colour, you're not wearing that skirt, you're not wearing that belt! You're not flying, why is she flying? What are those bunnies for? You should shoot one! Why are your ears pointy? A skirt wouldn't move like that if you were flying, why are you flying? How did you walk through that window? THOSE MOUNTAINS ARE REALLY CRAPPY" (I happen to agree with him about the mountains, they belong to a neighbour and are an eyesore). What eventually shut him up was when I was showing him what one could do with one's avatar, and he said "make her a DANDY!" and I instantly suited her up in silentsparrow's Gloomy Suit, with Schadenfreude's Digital Alchemy top hat, and he was like "COOL!". He still thinks Second Life is lame though. Can't win 'em all. So, instead, he and my husband sat around playing Bayonetta, which made me feel like all tough chick. And when I feel all tough chick, I default to either Pirate or Viking. I'm a fantasy seafaring type, me.

So here I am, slightly piratey. I'm wearing bloomers from Datura, which is a just gorgeous set anyway, these bloomers ain't your granny's glitch pants. Ironically, given that they're bloomers. Rich and velvetty, with a thick ribbon garter around one leg, and such beautiful ruffled cuffs, with layers of faded brocade and lace, if the skirts with this set weren't so pretty, I'd stretch up these cuffs and wear them as a skirt. It would be a weird-fitting skirt, but the thought is there all the same. At my waist I'm wearing the highwaist from the Cerise Selador set, another Limited Edition set, I'm afraid, but there are lots of similar things out there, should you be man enough to want to emulate my look. And the Fond Affections bustier, big sister to the bra I was wearing in my last post. Here you can see the elaborate, vaguely heart-motifed brocade of the lower part if it. Pretty, isn't it? It also has a bright heart on the back. Valentine's day is coming up, you know. This would be a nice, tasteful way of wearing your heart on your...back. My tattoos are some of my favourites. The belladonna:lepidoptera tattoos come in a million colours, and has an impressive 7 options per colour set, 3 for the upper body, 2 for the legs, and one each for the hands and feet. I particularly like the version I'm wearing because of the shading on the shoulders, which looks a little like a sheer mesh top being worn underneath the clothes. Also, while my friend was here, we spotted the book "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters". As a nod to that, I'm wearing Schadenfreude's Electro-Cute plugs in my ears, see the little octopus? Aww, so tentacley.

So to today, spurred on by my semi-victory with the hat yesterday, I decided to don the new Chapiteau Chapeau, a collaboration between silentsparrow and Schadenfreude. As can be expected from a hya/Alle venture, it comes with scads of options. There's a squeefully cute mini version for all the loli types out there, a small version, for small people, a full-sized version for full-sized people, and a decadent scarfed version, for ladies who ride, and ladies who don't ride, and dandy, dandy men. It comes with a HUD, which allows you to change the texture of the hat, the scarf (two options per colour, one with lace at the tips, and one plain) and to change which of the endlessly adorable Chapiteau cameos you want to wear at the front. It's like [insert number of combinations I'm not clever enough to work out] hats in one! Here I'm wearing it in Dollie purple. Playing to a theme, I'm wearing a Dollie t-shirt, from the second silentsparow Bird of Random gatcha in the courtyard. It's number 18, in the SMALLER of the two birds, and at 25L a pop, it's quite the bargain, unless you happen to be compulsive like me and pokemon bounces around your brain telling you to CATCH 'EM ALL! Then it's slightly less cheap. But worth it! I am also wearing the jacket from Batties, a fun set released around Halloween, you can't see it in my pictures, and I only noticed today, but there are bats on my boobs! How goth is that? Batties, and its sibling sets Cheshire, Cuttles and the location exclusive Babbage, are some of the most versatile sets you can get at silentsparrow, as far as casual-wear goes, packed full of skirts, tanks, gloves, and all sorts of other cute little extras you know you can't live without. On my bottom half, pants from the Severin Suit (which is still, until Tuesday, at 50% off in the Suits room at the silentsparrow mainstore). The Severin and Severina matched male and female sets are possibly my favourite matching things, each for their own lovely reasons. The pants in Severin being a huge part of that. They're bi-coloured! And stripey! And have these neat buckley strappy awesome bits, and awesomeness. So I'm wearing the Iris, a purple that doesn't match the rest of my purple, but matching is for saps anyway. Also, look at my shoes! They're nothing new, but they're cool as can be. They're from Katat0nik, and apart from being such a sweet shape, they're texture change, individually texture change, so look! Stars and Stripes! It's like I'm American! A really purple American.

So yes. This post has been tl;dr, I know. If you've read this far, I heart you.

Outfit Credits:

Pic 1

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam Frex [DARK] - Beach - Crude 1
Hair: Magika - Crim - Red E
Top: silentsparrow - Fond Affections Bustier - Sea
Middle bit: silentsparrow - Celedor - Cerise (Limited Edition)
Bloomers: silentsparrow - Datura - Strawberry
Tattoos: silentsparrow - belladonna:lepidoptera (upper)A - Ash
Feets: SLink - Jolie Pied - Mid
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears (with Elecro-Cute plugs, using a seperate HUD)

Pic 2:

Skin: (as above)
Hair: Truth - Sage - Cherry
Top: silentsparrow - T-Shirt of Random #18
Jacket: silentsparrow - Batties
Pants: silentsparrow - Severin Suit - Iris
Shoes: Katat0nik - Bubbly Mary Janes - Purple
Hat: Schadenfreude&silentsparrow - Chapiteau Chapeau
Bracelet (L): Schadenfreude - Bangle and Jellies
Bracelet (R): Schadenfreude - Starlust Charm Bracelet (from Starlust Motel lobby)
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Spiral Horns

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