Friday, February 5, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 4 - Bad Ballerina

I was a horrible, horrible ballerina. I took ballet classes for 9 years in my youth, and have nothing to show for it but good posture (the key is to imagine there's a meat hook stuck through the top of your head that's pulling you upwards. Charming imagery for little girls who just want to be prancing fairy princesses) and a habit of walking round on tiptoe, but I prefer to think that's because I'm sneaky. But that's not the kind of bad ballerina I'm talking about, in this case. I'm talking about the kind who drinks and smokes and has tattoos and...wears non-sanctioned tutus. She's probably not even a real ballerina! Probably just pretends to be, to sneak into those wild Royal Ballet Company parties. I like to think she's more a ballerina for the circus! A rough-and-ready sort of circus, not an enchantingly whimsical one. Yes, tough circus ballerina. That's my look for today!

The tutu I am wearing is from silentsparrow's Coppelia, which in its entirety if perfect for any fae, or ballet prancer, or general cutie. Persephone remarked that she has the outfit in pink, and looked like Ballerina Barbie in it. In my book, this is a Very Very Good Thing. But here I am, in the black! The skirt is covered in swirly vines, with layers of tulle underneath. There are also some very sexy ribbon suspenders which attach to the undershorts, tied with bows, and clipped to loose-weave stockings. With these, I'm wearing the unbearably cute Dumbo Chapiteau corset in Ash (you get two versions, one with dark stripes and one with friendly coloured stripes). Underneath it, a bra, which comes with the Fond Affections bustier, the top of which peeps merrily over the top of the corset, making a very nice bright effect from the back. My tattoos are hart.thorn&thistle, named for all sorts of pointy pretty things and also features bees, for added pointiness. There should be more boob-antlers in the world, I think. Around my neck is the BRAND NEW Chapiteau Locket, in Dumbo. The locket also comes in other colours and cute critters of the Chapiteau line, and if you buy the SeaNorses one, you get a bonus picture of me inside, to carry with you always. Or replace with someone you like, the choice is yours. Inside my own locket, I've put a picture of some bunnies. They're not my bunnies. I'm creepy like that.

On an SL DRAMAZZZ topical note, I am informed by Perse that the boots I am wearing form part of a controversial outfit. On extended hiatus from Plurk as I am, I miss all the juicy stuff. At any rate - the boots are from a Sn@tch outfit, which something-something-I-don't-know, I don't see what the fuss is about, but people will think what they will. I figure Perse will have something to say about it, and chances are I agree with her. For me, through, I coincidentally found these boots in an inventory search for "Ballet", thought they went well with the outfit and am still wearing them proudly, which I think one way or another speaks for itself.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Pin-Up - Moonbeam Frex [dark] - Apple Pie 2
Hair: Truth - Joanna - Cherry
Corset: silentsparrow - Chapiteau - Dumbo
Bra: silentsparrow - Fond Affections - Love
Skirt/suspenders/stockings: silentsparrow - Coppelia - Ash
Tattoos: silentsparrow - hart.thistle&thorn
Boots: Sn@tch - from Dangerous outfit
Locket: silentsparrow - Chapiteau Locket - Dumbo
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Ankh & Plug

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