Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 23 - Happy Birthday!

Not to you, though. Unless it actually happens to be your birthday today, of course, in which case, Many Happy Returns. But in fact, it turns out to be my daughter's 6th birthday today, and I've spent several many hours of today watching kids running round and screaming and generally having a delightful time. Last night, I was having a delightful time at the Rookery, the club over silentsparrow. Persephone decided we should have an impromptu gathering there, and impromptuly gather we did! When hya showed up online, she DJ'd like an awesome trooper, having just woken up and it being terribly short notice. A great time was had by all, I was briefly pantsless, then my internet crapped out and I was sad. I was going to blog what I wore then, but I'm going to save that for another day, and instead show this partydress-like ensemble I put together today. My girl didn't get to wear a party dress today, her party was a little more rough-and-tumble in a big play area, so I'm wearing one for her. Although I'm sure she wouldn't approve of my choice of colours, but Bah! Not everything has to be pink!

I've layered two tops to make my...top. I think it works wonderfully and it's something I will try again, I think. The top underneath is the top from the Sylvan Lolita Suite, which is a lovely set, and I particularly like in this colour (copper) because of the way the black detailing has a very distinct bluey tinge to it, and the shape of it lends itself to layering beautifully. Over it, something I hadn't noticed before, it's the Open Front Celador top. I particularly enjoy the naming convention with it - "YOUR NIPS ARE SHOWING". If only all my clothing was so helpfully labelled. Then my pantsless incident of last night might never have happened. It's the same smiley little touch that I like in my silentsparrow clothing as "omg hya my belly is showing" for filler layers. They make me happy. Anyway, the Celador top normally has a nice white filled in part over the boobies, but this version of it forgoes that, for wearing with either pasties, or as I have done, with a corset underneath. It's really a very very nice effect, and I'm glad I discovered it. My skirt is from the Ritual Suite, which I adore the shiny shading on, and comes with all sorts of fun bits, like a chalice and a rosary and a big booming wonderful ballgown skirt and a top and and and pants and um this lolita skirt. All party dresses should have lolita skirts! Also, lookit mah boots! I first saw these on hya, wearing the hyablue version, of course, and was like "I LOVE THOSE BOOTS" at the same time as she was saying "LOOK AT MY BOOTS" so I think the boots count as instant win. They are the Patchwork Ankle Boots, from Lassitude & Ennui, classic bootmaker of wonderfulness. Jackal Ennui was at the gathering last night, it was exciting, I was skeptical about her really existing, and whined at her that my legs were too fat for her lovely new boots. Then later I remembered that this is SL and that I could - hey, wow! make my legs less fat. So I DID. And so now I can wear them and they're wonderful and the buttons on them are colourchange and it's awesome. I liek patchwerkz.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam Frex [Light] - Cupid 2 - Allure 2
Hair: Magika - Curl - Red E
Top: silentsparrow - Sylvan Lolita Suite - Copper
Over-top: silentsparrow - Celador
Skirt: silentsparrow - Ritual Suite -Penny
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui - Patchwork Ankle Boots - Brown
Necklace: Schadenfreude - Flewksbriar

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