Friday, February 19, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 19 - Faunication

One of the fun things about the general group of fandom for silentsparrow (I know! I'm on topic from the very start, don't get used to it) is the great diversity of types of not-fully human avatars you see there. My original thought was to say "bipedal avatars", but come to think of it, I've seen dragons and scorpions and all sorts of amazing avatars shopping there, I can only assume it's a case of like, wrapping a pants leg around a claw here, squeezing a carapace into a corset there, and hoping for no rips (or, alternatively, a human form too, but, pfft, that's just silly :D). Silentsparrow is very popular with members of the furry community, and I must credit hya for helping me overcome my initial aversion to that particular segment of society. But among the Twittery Birds, you will also find a plethora of people with human avatars with additional animally bits. Winge'd folk, of course, are prevalent, and you'll find of course a healthy scattering of nekos (setting the cat amongs the pidgeons...heh), elf ears are practically de rigeur, but at most gatherings of 'sparrow junkies, you're most likely to find yourself face to face with an awful lot of (at least part-time) fauns. Digi legs, whether naked and fuzzy, or in Lazy Places' wonderful boots, can be found hoofing around all over, and whatever your sensibilities towards morphing into a fantasy creature are, spare one the chore of choosing what shoes to wear.

I don't wear mine often because it cuts down my options as to what pants I can wear, but I do like their quirky elegance a lot when I do break them out. Outside of skirts, capris are the best option to wear with them, due to length, and in this case, I'm wearing the bloomers from the Severina suite, which have a soft, velvetty look, and are simple enough to not be overwhelming to the eyes, but kept interesting by the silver design on the left thigh. I've kept most of the busyness to my top half, with a whole bunch of layering. The stripey underlayer is the bodice from the Meadowlark dress, and although I'm covering most of it up, it's a beautifully feminine and at the same time sexy piece, with a clutch of roses at the centre of the bosom, and beautifully cut and shaded cups. The colour I'm wearing is not available anymore, being a group gift at a party from some while ago, but Meadowlark is still around in some other beautiful colours, so buy those. Over it, the beyond-adorable Knitty Sweater, in Vixen. Each different colour of this asymmetrical big-buttoned, loose-sleeved cardigan features a different hand-drawn patch design, including crows, toadstools, test tubes, skulls and starbunnies. It comes in a long version and a cropped version, which I am wearing here, and also has a big pretty patch on the back. An extra, small detail I am wearing is at my waist, the belt from the Piaf dress, an oldie-bit-goodie, which while searching my bulging emails the other day, I found an ancient group notice announcing its release. It made me smile. God bless Gmail and its boundless capacity, allowing me to keep such little tokens of times past. You may notice, if you squint, that I am not wearing my usual Schadenfreude Fey ears, in order to be a wee bit more fauny, I am instead wearing SLink's Sachara ears, in Outy, they're a complete bargain, you get four different styles of ear when you buy them, and they have the same easy-to-use style of recolouring HUD that SLink's foot shoes feature. So, yay! My legs and sweet little tail are by Titania's Court, and is one of the most elegantly shaped faun sets I've come across, with a good choice of colours, and also included ears and horns, but I'm wearing Schadenfreude's Kinder horns, for adorableness. It works, I think.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Cupid - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Pure 2
Hair: Magika - Backslash - Red C
Cardigan: silentsparrow - Knitty Sweater - Vixens
Undershirt: silentsparrow - Meadowlark - Sepia
Pants: silentsparrow - Severina Suite - Kohl
Belt: silentsparrow - Piaf
Faun legs and Tail: Titania's Court - F_Faun Autumn Red
Ears: SLink - Sachara Elf Ears - Metal Free - Outy
Horns: Schadenfreude - Kinder Horns

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