Saturday, February 20, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 20 - Breeeeathe Iiiin

The astute reader may notice that today I am looking a little more svelte at the waist. The further astute among you may notice that I'm dressed more like a certain someone else, today. This is partly because I'm lame. In all sorts of excitement, a ran out today and bought the amazing new fully sculpted Petit a Petit corset from silentsparrow (it took priority over sorting out a hungry Ozimals bunny, who I should point out is just fine now), and proceeded to make a pig's ear of fitting it. I managed to get as far as altering my shape, as the included notecard advised me to, and went and bought a marvellous non-wiggling AO from Posture is Everything, as the included notecard advised me to (I'm all about following the instructions) and looked at myself proudly...and had NO ARMS. I'd been rather clumsy with the invisiprim. So, being a whiny sort, I went whining to hya for advice, who then donned my shape (it was surreal, she looked just like me, but blue) and fixed it up in a jiffy and I had arms and a gorgeous nipped-in waist and all was wonderful. [note: please do not do what I did and go bother hya to do this for you, she will explode and it'll be my fault and I'll be sad and that'll be YOUR fault, and the shame cycle continues]. Once that was done, I stood dumbly, thinking how I'm not on form today, and tried to think of something to wear that would show this off nicely. And that's how I came to be dressed by hya!

First things first, the corset. It's tricky to fit if you don't follow the instructions, so do that, and, wonderfully, once you have it done, that's it, no more fitting! Each colour of corset comes with a HUD, which has three variations on the colour, a largely unpatterned version, a gentle brocade, and a coloured-and-white striped version, and here's the clever part! If you buy another colour, you just have to use the HUD from that, on your old, already-fitted corset, and hey presto! another colour without all the hassle of fitting! Or you could just buy the Uberpack, which has all the colours in one, easy-to-manage HUD, and save time AND 20% monies. I'm wearing the mid-blue shade of the corset without prim laces, which I am told is the less tricky of the two to fit. It has a marvellous shape, fitted and shaping without making your eyes water and your ribs ache just by looking at it. The effect is accentuated rather on the striped version, which actually makes you slightly dizzy if you stare at it too long. Which is totally cool. Underneath it, hya advised I wear the top from Severina, with fluffy lace sleeves, and a fancy lace halterish-arrangement which I fell quite in love with from the first moment I saw it, and rich jewel-coloured trim at the neckline. My bloomers are unfortunately no longer available, but the blue matched so wonderfully, it would be wrong NOT to wear them. The are from the old Spiderbaby suite, which has recently been cleared from the (Not So) Secret Sale room, and sated my insistence on bloomers with RUFFLES. Added to the ruffly effect are some frilly white ankle socks from sn@tch, and the collar from Schadenfreude's lolita-tastic Jerry's Lament set, which also features colour-change HUD goodness. My shoes are Shiny Things' "hyasynths", and are every bit just as wonderful as their namesake, quirky and pretty and unusual all sorts of good things. So there. Now, go fit your corsets!!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Frick - Pin Ups - Peach - Sophia (lt brows)
Hair: Magika - Ju - Red C
Sculpted Corset: silentsparrow - Petit a Petit Underbust Corset
Top: silentsparrow - Severina - Robin
Bloomers: silentsparrow - Spider Baby - Blueberry
Socks: Sn@tch - Hep Chick
Shoes: Shiny Things - hyasynths - Black
Collar: Schadenfreude - Jerry's Lament
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Plugs

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