Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 11 - It'll be on your desk by the end of the day

The other day I joined Avatars United. If you've not heard of it yet, it's sort of like Facebook, for people in online gamey things, and Linden Lab have recently acquired it, spurring a buttload of SL residents to join. I rather like this. I think it's especially nice for players of games such as Runescape (which I occasionally dabble in), where fraternization outside of the game is generally discouraged due to underagedness and so on, which is well and good for protecting the kiddies, but some of us are adults with pure intentions towards each other. It's odd though, mixing your worlds. Long ago, when I still worked in a club, a new player came in, and he had an oddly familiar and distinctive name, and it clicked, that I had met him in Runescape, before I'd started playing Second Life. We'd been acquaintances at best in Runescape, fished in the same place on the same world from time to time, sort of thing, and in IM, I confirmed that it was indeed him (I'm Nivaya there too), and we chuckled over the coincidence that in all the clubs in all the virtual worlds, he'd wander into mine. He got a bit clingy for a while and then said his mom wouldn't let him play SL anymore, so I'm guessing some underage ban went on there, and I started to idly worry about cross-world stalkers. But anyway, I've "united" with a nice wide range of people on AU, from close friends to people whose name I know, to people whose name I don't know, and linked my Runescape avatar to my SL one and feel strangely accomplished about it all. I'm still not sure of the point in the whole thing apart from to microblog without the bitchiness of Plurk, but on the slim chance that you're reading this from my Feed Reader on AU - HI!

So it looks like my accidental schoolgirl of yesterday graduated nicely and found herself a nice secretarial job of sorts. In a place with a cool dress-code, natch. The basis of the look formed from it being bloody cold here right now, and me wanting to wear one of the silentsparrow's aptly-named Snug cardigans. So I did. The Snug cardigan is the most incredibly cozy-looking thing, rich chunky knit, with sculpted puffy sleeves, with safety-pin fastenings at the front, and pinned on patches, a big one at the back, and a little one at the front. The patches are texture change, and filled with various black and silver artiness, and if you were lucky enough to get the version from last year's Starlust VD hunt, there's also heart-themed patches in there. Underneath it, my 'blouse', with its little sprocket buttons, is actually a vest, from the Twinstar lucky bird suite. If you missed it being in the chair, do not despair! In a move of great loveliness, hya has many many of her past lucky bird sets set out to buy, in the panels of glass next to the lucky bird cage. While you're there, say hello to Otterly and Gravity, parents of one of my bunnies! My skirt is from the semi-vintage Dreaded Sunny Day set, one of the older items in store, which has one of my favourite system skirts in the world. Because I don't fear the system skirt, it's called a skirtshape, yo. Make one right, and you'll have all the best curves in all the best places. Anyway, what I love about this skirt is the wraparound front, with its fishtail effect sexy bit at the front, and the excessive beltage. And the pattern. And the colour. Never, ever ignore classic pieces like this. Do remember to wear panties, though.
Oh! Earlier in the post I mentioned the Starlust VD hunt, the 2010 hunt started today, go do it, and bring your clue-solving head, my gorgeous lip piercing is the prize from Ellabella, and we all know how much I love my Ellabella piercings, this one has four little lip studs, and on a chain, a tiny little heart in a round cage. With some extra chains. It is Love. There are ridiculous amounts of wonderful prizes other than this, too, so go hunt!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Cupid II - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Pure 4 (with dark brows, yay!)
Hair: Magika - Denise (back picture) & Saturday (front picture) - Red C
Cardi: silentsparrow - Snug Cardigan - Blood
Vest: silentsparrow - Twinstar Lucky Bird Suite - Orangecream Sprocket Vest
Skirt: silentsparrow - Dreaded Sunny Day - Fawn
Shoes: First Flower - Hemlock - Magenta
Glasses: Prim0ptic - Celeste Glasses
Lip piercing: Ellabella - Starlust is for Lovers
Necklace: Eolande - Heart's Devotion Necklace - Silver
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Ankh & Plug

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