Sunday, February 28, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 27-28! - Theend

My last Silentsparrow February post is going to be another doublepost. On Saturday I was preoccupied due to not wanting to go to a wedding. I don't much like weddings, especially those of people I don't know (in this case, my husband's boss). So we made an excuse to not go, but I married a bloody boyscout, who doesn't like to use people as false excuses, and so I spent much of yesterday trying to teach my daughter how to ride a bike (with stabilizers). I think whoever coined the term "Like riding a bike" didn't figure 6 year olds into the matter. This was the third time we'd taken her out on the bike she got for Christmas, and each time, she has NO idea what to do when faced with having to pedal. By the time we're on our way home, she's got the hang of it, more or less, but then the next time we take her out, it's back to square one and I find myself repeating "Move your legs! Like you're running! One after the other! Keep going, not backwards!". At this rate, we should be ready to take the stabilizers off by the time she's, ooh, 15? Then it was a Pixar shorts DVD and Wii Fit and paranoia at the hands of the chavs who harrassed and confused me while we were out, for the rest of the day. See, look at that! I have no qualms using other people as excuses. As I was barely on SL yesterday, my outfit for this part is a somewhat arbitrary collection of pretty pieces.

First of all, the skirt. The Bustle. The bustley, skirty thingy. The skirt is from a suite I've mentioned a few times in this series of posts, the Severina Suite. I'm a great fan of short skirts with a train-y bit, and this one is glorious. It has a big sculpted ruffle at the hips, which cascades down at the back into a burlesque-tastic...skirty bustley thingy. It's yummy. And named for a very nice lady. Who does not have button eyes. With it is the lovely Shruggie in Ash, with bell sleeves and a turtleneck collar. You can't see it well in my pictures, but it's got big bandy stripes on the sleeves. It's a wonderful piece that can be dressed up or down and worn with just about anything you can think of. Really, I am thinking right now and can't think of anything it wouldn't look great with in one colour or another. Even a SPACESUIT *makes note: "badger hya about making a silentsparrow spacesuit"*. Under THAT, I am wearing the corset from the Ritual Suite, in Ash, again. I wore the Penny Ritual skirt the other day, this is the pretty top that goes with it. It has a beautiful, slightly ruched, silk-effect texture, with fantastic boning down the front, and flatteringly shaped cups that suit any size of bust. The whimsical lacing, if it can be so called, at the back is my favourite part of it, though. It's pretty leafy twigs! With my shruggie, I've covered another nice detail of it, the lacey drapings over the shoulders and front, which you can just about spot, peeping out underneath. Ooh, and, my skin! My skin is the preview of Schadenfreude's upcoming new skins, which boast a reworked nose and collarbone and softer, more porcelain-doll like texturing, among many other improvements, and I'm very excited to see more of these. I'm *ahem* not sure of where it can be got yet. But I'll be sure to ask! My entire head is by Schadenfreude. That's pretty awesome.

And so onto this day, Sunday. One of the reasons I logged on briefly yesterday was because of a silentsparrow group notice telling of a new Limited Edition outfit! Not a hunt, just a single, out there to buy, limited edition outfit, being released in four waves of 25 (the other reason was that my bunny monitor said I had a new nest, it was mistaken, it had found an old nest of mine - Bah!). Of course, I missed the first wave of releases, and a friend very kindly offered to pick me one up when the next wave happened (they're transfer!). Relatively short story shorter, I now and the proud owner of the Blood Ritual Tunic Set, the husband or brother or son or some sort of male or tomboyish female relative of the suite from which the corset I was wearing earlier came from.
It makes me feel pleasantly Joan of Arc-ish to wear this, but like, less crazy and French. Maybe like Joan of Arc was in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. But still less French. I can't help but feel like in my pics I've made it look like a shorts-and-tights ensemble, which is very nice but not what it is. Instead, it is, as the name might suggest, a tunic and tights set. What I've made look like ornate shorts, are in fact the sculpted bottom part of the tunic. What look like tights are tights, but in the Men in Tights style of tights, I've shown them off in brown on here, before. Remember when I made you stare at my crotch? Yes, I know there's been a few times...I still respect you though. As a person, you know. Then there's a rich deep red velvet top, at the awesome suedey half-jacket, which I would buy the outfit for, alone. it has sculpted shoulder caps, and the same viney pattern that formed the back of the corset I was wearing before. My hair was a Stumblebum exclusive from Clawtooth, which you may have just missed, I think. It's the first hair from Clawtooth I've seen with flex, and is very, very nice, it moves prettily and I'm all for braids in semi-random places. But back to my pretty suit, when last I looked, there were a few left from the third wave of release, which means you can either try your luck now (this was a few hours back I checked) or wait for the final release wave. Hang out at silentsparrow if you're the keen type. And of course, join the Twittery Birds group, to keep updated about this sort of thing and all the other sorts of things and and and things!

Outfit Credits:

Pic 1:

Skin: Schadenfreude - Langwidaire - Dawn - Audrey
Hair: Schadenfreude - Cinder - Razzamatazz + Grey Goose bangs & undercut
Top: silentsparrow - Ritual Ballgown Suite - Ash
Shrug: silentsparrow - Shruggie - Ash
Skirt: silentsparrow - Severina - Ash
Shoes: Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps - Black
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Spiral Horns

Pic 2

Skin: Nomine - Primrose - Virgin - Oil
Hair: Clawtooth - Morning Revamp - Sunset (tinted)
Suit: silentsparrow - Ritual Tunic Suit - Blood (limited edition #17!)
Boots: Kookie - Armada Boots - Vintage

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