Friday, February 26, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 26 - Niv The Desk Potato

Christmas came late today! I'd been given a cheque last Christmas and with it, we decided we would buy WiiFit Plus. However, of course, it being just after Christmas, there was what was described woefully by the people in the various game shops as a "worldwide shortage" of the balance boards. But today, that shortage ended! Or, maybe some days ago, I dunno. Point is, at lunch time today my husband came in proudly bearing an enormous bag from Game, and as a direct result of this, I have spent the majority of this afternoon variously wobbling across tightropes, hoola-ing hoops, and running around after cats, among other adventures. Being quite the desk potato (I don't watch much TV, but gosh do I ever have a healthy monitor tan), I am now pleasantly tired and mildly sore. I choose to also attribute this in part to how badly attired I was for the whole affair. I have a tendency to wear trousers that are at least two inches too long for me, which means I was constantly stepping on my hems and stumbling and being a perfectionist and having to start all over again. Another downside to my adorable style of RL dress is that when it rains, I get very very wet. But that's another story. Anyway, due to this, I have come to resent my trousers today, and chose to dress Niv in something a bit more sporty. Being, of course, lazy as I am, I have done it wrong. And here it the result!

Of course, it's quite hard to find "sporty" clothes in even the most extensive silentsparrow wardrobe, it's somewhat the antithesis of what hya does. So I lamed out, and went for SHORTS. These happy plaid shorts are from the Cuttles outfit, from whose sibling sets I've worn some stuff in older posts (WOW that was an awkwardly written sentence). It's not shown so well in my pics, but the cuffs of these are very cute, lightly scalloped, and all sorts of orange. My T-shirt is another delight from the Bird of Randomness in the silentsparrow courtyard, the larger of the two birds, for this one. It's the Deep Sea Creatures t-shirt, again in a shade of purple I really, really like. I also have particular fondness for the artwork, I had it as my desktop for a while after hya posted the pic on Plurk. With a big border of black around it. Very deep-sea-ish. And look! A little seahorsey sneaked round the back. Small things amuse me. My socks came from a semi-fruitless search for lower-leg wear that wasn't stockings OR plain dress socks. In the end I settled for the (frost) Wrath Stockings from a group gift that is no longer available. Sorry! But to dress them up, I veered into my daring "Not silentsparrow" category, and throw on these adorable legwarmers from Concrete Flowers. Look! They have carrots and bunnies on them and don't really go with the rest of the outfit! :D That's just how cool I am.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Nomine - Primrose - Virgin - Oil (red)
Hair: Magika - Neat - Red C
T-shirt: silentsparrow - T-shirt of Random #12 - Deep Sea Creatures Tee
Shorts: silentsparrow - Cuttles!
Stockings: silentsparrow - Wrath Suite Stockings - Frost (Frost Group Gift)
Legwarmers: Concrete Flowers - Carrots Legwarmer
Sneakers: In Her Shoes - Dirty Denim Sneakers
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Spiral Horns

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