Monday, February 1, 2010


Mer-Elf Creations designer Morgaine Price has organized this fantastic hunt for medieval and fantasy enthusiasts! What you are looking is a Red Rose. Just buy it for 0L

This is the first hunt prize from Mer-Elf Creations, this gown is only for the hunt and comes with Short and Long Skirt Options. The long skirt also has with train or without.

Hunt Rules are as Follows:
Lets make this a fun hunt for all by following these rules:

1. PLEASE dont shout, or talk, or whisper out locations of hunt items in local chat.

2. Our designers have spent a lot of time on making these gifts for you , despite their busy schedules. So PLEASE respect them and dont bother them asking where the hunt item is, or for help finding it.

3. PLEASE pick up your hunt items when you leave and don't leave your stuff lying around in the store. Leaving your stuff all over is an inconvenience not only to the designer but also to other hunters and shoppers.

4. Do not use cheat sheets as this takes away the fun of those hunting.

5. Remember to take time to rez completely before you begin to hunt.

6. Remember to thank the designers for their gifts!

7. Hints and other info will be posted here:

So get your comfy shoes on! The Hunt begins here (Age Verified) or (PG Sim)

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