Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes, this is Valentine's Day. But February 14, 2010, is also the Chinese New Year. In honor of the Year of the Tiger, I would like to present five Asian themed outfits from five of Second Life's exciting designers.

First, I present Tang from !Terra D'ombrA. maizon Rayna is an amazing designer who is not only creative, but understands how clothing should flow over a woman's body.

This dress is feminine, functional and fun! The soft Asian-styled texture does not overpower you, but adds to the natural grace of the wearer.

The high necked, sleeveless top, capri length pants and open skirt all combine for a classic look. This is an outfit you can wear every day and never grow tired of it.

maizon is also an excellent jewelry designer! The belt is sold with the Tang dress. The necklace and earrings are her Etrusca set. A perfect match to the dress. Zhao Shoes' Clover adds to the charm of this Chinese themed dress.

Be sure to stop in at !Terra D'ombrA today and look at her other stunning designs.

When you hear the name Angel Dessous, most people immediately think lingerie. They are, of course well known for their sexy intimate wear, but take a look at Misaki Asia.

This is a breath-taking gown combining unique textures and accents into a stunning presentation. A large black bow in back, black opera length gloves and a very imaginative fan and flower shoulder attachment add to the charm. Be sure to check all 7 colors of the Misaki dress! Each is a work or art.

Alienbear's Ambroisa II black Pearl set seems made for this dress, as well as Indyra Original's Coquette Noir Shoe Medaille Pharaoh's Gold pumps.

Finally, I could not resist using Tukinowaguma's Nastassja hair to create an elegant look for a New Year celebration.

Never again will I think of lingerie when I hear Angel Dessou.

Tradition meets futuristic in Nomine's Cyber Cheongsam. Munchflower Zaius blended the cheongsam styled top with a seductive and sexy skirt to create a fantasy outfit to rival the best.

Again, we have a designer who has managed to find incredible textures that bring to life the Chinese design.

The top, traditional looking from the front has a surprisingly open back with criss-crossing corset strings. The skirt, two wide panels front and back, completely exposes the legs in a sexy and provocative way. From the open fingered, opera length gloves hang wrist to elbow sleeves that hang to the floor.

Only addition to this striking ensemble is enkythings' Fujin Saena pumps.

Cyber Cheongsam brilliantly brings eastern culture together with Sci Fi.

Bare Rose is very well known for having any theme outfit you could dream up. And today is no exception.

Zeku is an adorable and sweet pant suit with a high-waisted flexi duster jacket that goes all the way to the floor. The texture is a beautiful flower print in 4 rich colors in the one outfit. That's right - 4 colors for the price of 1!

As long as the jacket length is, the top is cut high just below the breasts with flexi ties holding it closed and leaving the midsection coyly exposed.

Matching belted pants and choker complete this sweet and innocent look.

Finally, what Chinese Dynasty would be complete without an Empress! Of course I am speaking of Nicky Ree's Tang Empress gown.

Available in 8 vibrant colors, any woman would be a queen dressed in this gorgeous gown.

Wear it in full royal form or as a long sleek evening gown.

Bijoux Or Design's Christine set gold/green is the ideal accent for this Gem of the Orient.

Whether celebrating the Chinese New Year in casual or formal wear, celebrate in style!

Outfit #1: !Terra D'ombrA - Tang
Skin: [LeLutka] - New York SunKissed-makeup6b
Hair: kyoko's Hair Shop - ww*hair-066:Black
Shoes: Zhao Shoes - Clover Black/Silver
Jewelry: !Terra D'ombrA - Etrusca

Outfit #2: Angel Dessous - Misaki Asia
Skin: Unique Megastore - Afrodite_2G-A2_M12_by_Nany_Merlin
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Nastassja ebony
Shoes: Indyra Original - Coquette Noir Shoe: Medaille: Pharaoh's Gold
Jewelry: Alienbear Design - Ambroisa II black Pearl set

Outfit #3: Nomine - Cyber Cheongsam
Skin: Belleza - Belle sk Meows & Cherries
Hair: Goldie Locks Hair - Amaterasu - Black
Shoes: enkything - Fujin Saena

Outfit #4: Bare Rose - Zeku
Skin: FIOR DI PERLE - Liz Pale smokey pink makeup pink1 lips
Hair: Exile - Molly/twilight
Shoes: enkything - Tagona II Snake Purple

Outfit #5: Designing Nicky Ree - Tang Empress Gown - Green
Skin: Pulse Skin - Timeless ll/Makeup 14
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Brooke (Gold) ebony
Shoes: Juicy - Classic Pump - Lime
Jewelry: Bijoux Or Design -Christine set gold/green

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