Thursday, February 18, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 18 - Prairie Princess

So, recently I've been on a bit of a Disney kick. Within the last less-than-a-week, I've watched Up, Snow White (Valentine's Day gift), Enchanted (which I realized we owned and never watched) and The Princess and the Frog. The Princess and the Frog was yesterday, and it was the most extraordinary thing, my husband and I had the entire cinema to ourselves, with it being towards the end of its run, and being 'late' on a school night. So I was free to enjoy the movie in the way I do at home, like a child, with various shrieks of horror, cheers of joy, and little, tiny sniffles. I'm cute. This concentration of Mouseness has made me rather aware of the concept of "princesses" (not the real ones, they tend to be horsey and dull). You'd think in a world of make-believe, where sovereign nations with beautiful adventurous daughters can easily be fabricated, there'd be more in the way of hard and fast rules as to what counts as a princess, but really, of all the movies I've watched lately, the only one that was formal about what counted as a princess was The Princess and the Frog. And that was only in an oblique, coincidental sort of way. So I figured, I can claim to be an impoverished princess too! I'm certainly cute enough, and in this outfit, my adventure can be that I'm a humble but impeccably dressed scullery maid who turns out to be secret royalty. Yes! I am a princess. Look at me princess around. Here I go!

My gorgeous top is from the silentsparrow Caged Bird Lolita suite, and has a nice layered look. The blouse part underneath has stunning shading, with the green and turquoise combining to an effect of silken sheen, and the pinafore-like upper part features a beautifully sparse line-drawing of a caged bird, which puts me in mind of elegant 50s and 60s lounge artwork. I'm a nerd like that. On an amusing side-note, my husband once accidentally got a pink (PINK!) version of the Caged Bird Lolita suite from the silentsparrow Lucky Bird, and even now still actually wears parts of it. He's a manly man, my husband. The skirt is from the Datura suite, in Mint, and while the colours don't match the top entirely, I think the darker green of the skirt highlights the details in the top nicely. This version of the skirt, the Prairie skirt, is the simplest of the three included with Datura, but still stunningly lovely, crushed velvet in texture, with a fine lace underlayer, and floor-sweeping in length, highly wearable on an everyday basis. On my arms, are the Kurai Tart armwarmers I neglected to show, some days ago! Sculpted and cozy, with thick velvet Kurai-patterned bows, and lace peeping out the cuffs, there is nothing tarty about these, unless they're all that you're wearing. Then, y'know. Have at it.

My skin is the adorable new Luan skin from Rockberry. With freckles. And what freckles! These are no mere sprinkling of fairy kisses (as my grandmother used to refer to my own childhood freckles as), these are full-on, redhead and proud freckles, accentuated by the healthy rosy cheeks, giving the whole thing a nice wholesome outdoorsy look, especially given that the lightest Rockberry skin tone is rather darker than I normally wear. Also of note, is that the beautiful soft lips are tintable in Appearance, which means that for the price of one skin with eyemakeup, you have an absolute TON of options for lip colour, from a deep nude, to a frosty pink. Each skin also comes with a boosted cleavage option, as is all the rage these days. Being a somewhat flat-chested avatar, I really appreciate this, that the shading on the boobs is not by default all inflated and pushed up. Rockberry's Luan skins come in four tones, with a huge amount of options, so go buy them, and be cute like me!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Rockberry - Luan - Light - Makeup B
Hair: lamb - Milk (skull part only) - Sun Dried Tomato
Top: silentsparrow - Caged Bird Lolita - Verdant
Skirt: silentsparrow - Datura - Mint
Armwarmers: silentsparrow - Kurai Tart - Lime
Shoes: Katat0nik - Bubbly Mary Janes - Green
Locket: silentsparrow - Chapiteau Locket - Doveys
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Plugs

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