Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just under a month of Silentsparrow!! Day 1(ish)

Oh plans! I had such plans. They were great plans. Well laid, too. THE BESTLY laid, one could say, if bestly was a word. Which it isn't. But alas, they fell by the wayside. That's where the best laid plans fall, you know. It's convenient because at least you know where to pick them up. The plan was, for every day of February, I would blog only clothing from my beloved silentsparrow (with guest stars, of course! Girl cannot live on sparrow alone). But being the delightfully disorganized mess that I am, I forgot that yesterday, being February 1st, was the first day of February. These things pass me by. So, now, it's every day of February except yesterday and other days I forget! I'm sure I will.

To kick off, I must show off something that makes people who know me throw their hands in the air and wonder what the world is coming to! It's PINK! I am wearing it. By choice! A conversation between myself, hya, and the delicious Achariya has made me realize that I hate pink. Except when hya does it, and even then, I have to make excuses. Item: Last year's Lust lucky chair sets (but that was a red sort of pink). Item: The Candy Nephilim Suite for RFL (but that was for charity!). Item: All the pink things from all the LE hunts! (but I'm a COLLECTOR!).
This, I had no excuse for. It's just so PRETTY! It's the Rose Twittery Bird Lucky Chair Suite.
Comprised of a corset and top combo, and gloves from the Datura set (and a brooch, I love these brooches that keep popping up), shorties and lolita skirt from the Chapiteau bottoms set, and stockings from the Lottie suite, AND a tintable tattoo of a classic rose (also on the skirt), all done up in a yumsome raspberry pink - which makes me want candy and there's an old fashioned candy store right up the street, I could go but I assume they've just closed for the day.
As the name might suggest, to the astute of you, it's in the lucky chair. Which is group only. The group costs 250L to join, and you MUST join it, hya regularly gives out gorgeous gifties, she likes to spoil is, so it's very worth the joining fee.
I've gone bald to show off the other yummies I've been rockin' for the past few days. These Etherial Fey ears are a collboration between Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude (who made the ears themselves) and Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash (who made the beautiful swirly jewelry on this set). These and the regular varieties of Allegory's Fey ears are now MY EARS. Go buy them, a billion options, all wonderful. Closer inspection of this pic will also show the detail of the gorgeous Treeflake eyes from Schadenfreude.
And LOOK at the perfect softness of the new(ish) Primrose skins from Nomine. Do Love. I've been totally living in these, they make me feel like a big fleshy rose petal, they feel velvetty soft to look at. Which doesn't make any sense, but why should it? The shading of the facial features is wonderful, I love the width of the nose, and how the lips are full without looking like they were stolen from a small child. The makeups are subtle and flawless, and the skins come with 4 different eyebrow colours, so now, the curtains and....eye...curtains..? can match on me, the redhead! Yay!

Shop at the following, to be lovely! silentsparrow , Schadenfreude , Balderdash and Nomine

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Nomine - Primrose - Virgin - Rush (red)
Hair: Tiny Bird - Breathe Me II - Pomegranate
Outfit: silentsparrow - (Rose) Twittery Bird Lucky Chair Suite
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui - Hitomi - Classic
Eyes: Schadenfreude - Treeflake Eyes
Ears: Balderdash&Schadenfreude - Etherial Fey Ears
Lashes: Sin Skins - Tipped Fluff Lashes (tinted pink, possibly no longer available)

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