Sunday, February 14, 2010

Taking a Tumble for Stumblebum

I love the look of Goth. Its actually more then a look, its a lifestyle. But I fear I will constantly be on the outside looking in. Still I try and with the help of this new Stumblebum Edition of a Dress by Munchflower Zaius of Nomine, I may have reached the point of at least looking passable.

I have opted not to hunt the grid for a "Gothic" setting. Rather I stayed lazy and took it in Nivaya and I's little bunny meadow. In the backround is the new Hearts Desire Tree by Botanical. This tree is scripted with options to drop its heart shaped leaves and has a little carved heart that you can write things in.

To accessorize my look, I pulled out a few things in my inventory that don't get worn often. The boots are by Nevermore, I have had them since I first joined and they STILL look amazing. She is doing her stuff online now and her boots and clothing can be found online at At only 125L the boots are an absoulte steal!

Rounding it off I grabbed one of the new Cupid skins from Gala a classic hair called Epona from Calico Creations and the Glazed Heart (color change) Necklace from Accessories by Eolande.

If you want this great Stumblebum Exclusive dress from Nomine, run don't walk to her shop today!

So Happy Valentines day from the Dressing in Pixels staff. Think of this day to be not only for romantic lovers. But a day to celebrate love in all is wonderful facets.

Dress: Storm Dust Dress (Sugarpink) Stumblebum Exclusive by NOMINE
Necklace: Glazed Heart by Accessories by Eolande

Boots: Femme Dollfie boots by Nevermore/ ( See link in blog)
Skin: Cupid - Amore 2 - By Gala Skins
Eyes: Tragic Eyes - Watercolor (shine) by Curio
Hair: Epona ( Dark Chocolate) by Calico Creations

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