Friday, February 12, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 12 - Bundled Up

In a country that doesn't know what to do with snow, my warm, coastal little corner of it had about a foot of the stuff dumped on it overnight a couple of days ago. It was rather fun at first, no-one was out, I got new boots (my footwear collection consists mainly of maryjanes and eccentrically designed suede sneakers), saw my first real icicles (I lead a sheltered life) and built a little tiny snowman on my windowsill. South East England being a temperate, salty sort of place, though, it couldn't last, and by the time I ventured to the supermarket last night, in my new boots, all the knee-high fluffy white snow had compacted and the entire town centre resembled a very big, lumpy ice rink. Also, my little tiny snowman had gone off to become clouds. Given that the denizens of my town have little knowledge of this white cold stuff, when people got brave and came out today, it was very comical. I was woken by the sound of industrious Nepalese men (who DO know what to do with snow) breaking up the ice with shovels, around the Oriental Buffet I live across the street from. And a big delivery truck jack-knifed on the narrow cobbled street outside for three hours because he couldn't get his tyres to stick to the road. Good times. I much prefer the eternal pristine whiteness of snow in Second Life, I have decided, and even more so, the choice of outerwear I get to enjoy it in. Those new boots hurt my feet.

To cheer myself up, I threw on the newly-retired silentsparrow Marzipan coat. I'm about a month late blogging this, it was one of the wonderful pieces in the (not-so) Secret Sale room, which are now gone FOREVER, making me feel a bit old, as most of them were new when I first stared shopping at silentsparrow. But still, here it is, it's my blog, my hoard of old things, enjoy the pretty pictures and work on time travel. The Marzipan coat really does make me happy. All stripey and bright and pretty. It puts me in mind of something a fictional Edwardian child with really cool parents who had access to magic fabric dyes might wear. It's at the top of my list of coats I want that don't really exist, along with the coat from the movie Penelope. That's pretty much the entire list, actually. But anyway! It comes with four different bottom options, I'm wearing the Open Front with Bows. Because, bows. And also, if I was wearing the closed version, I couldn't get you to gaze in wonder at my crotch, thusly: gaze in wonder at my crotch! It looks a little bit like a face, doesn't it? Either friendly or menacing, depending on how you look at it. These are the pants from the Ritual suit, a kind of fantasy medieval affair which matches the gorgeous Ritual gown. In a somewhat flowery worn leather, with brass rivets, and a lace-up front, I admit they'd make more sense if I had an extravagant crotch bulge, but I don't, and for that, I am truly sorry. They're wonderful pants though, rich in texture and colour and detailing, and while I'll spare you any more closeups of my nether-regions (in THIS post, at least) the butt shading is pretty sweet too.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: l.fauna - Lapine - Pale 1 - Fresh FR
Hair: Deviant Kitties - Music Kitty - Blood Red
Coat: silentsparrow - Marzipan - Berry
Pants: silentsparrow - Ritual Suit - Penny
Boots: Kookie - Pomski Boots - Ocean Blue
Gloves: Twosome - Gatcha Gloves - Dark Grey (20L from gatcha machine)
Scarf: Scribble - Warm Stripes Scarf - Big Buttons
Piercing (barely visible, but there!) - Ellabella - Shadow of the Day

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