Monday, February 8, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 8 - Gloves and Sprockets

Right now I'm listening to Richard Cheese's version of Only Happy When it Rains. It cheers me, but it made it very hard to not to name this something to do with rain. To compensate for this, I took an extra picture, think yourself lucky I stopped at that and didn't redo ALL the pictures, as I was tempted to, but then laziness prevailed, as it so often does with me. Look at me with my umbrella. It's raining. I don't look that happy though, I look perturbed more than anything. Maybe because the rain is coming FROM my umbrella. At least here, the rain is coming from the sky, it's penetrated my soul somewhat, I dressed my PoupeeGirl in rainwear today too. It's a nice umbrella though. I got it from the Gatcha festival at Albero in October.

To more sparrow-y matters, though! Today I am sporting either things that grabbed my love instantly, or took a while for me to warm up to but have captured my heart. It's a theme! First off, the skirt. The skirt is from the Toxine Suite. I waited with immense excitement for the Toxine Suite to be released, after falling head over heels with the Suit version. But at the time, we twittery birds were in a Suite drought, because hya, Allegory and Draconic Lioncourt of Draconic Kiss were having a fashion show, and all the Suites to match suits were being released then. When the day of the show came, I bought some L$. Due to lag, I bought some L$ three times. It's the only time I've had over 10k in Second Life. I had no problems spending it though, I never do. and that's the reason why. But anyway. Toxine. I don't do steampunk well, but I love the aesthetic of it. Cogs and sprockets and rust and love. Toxine has all these things, and the Cocoa version is, in my opinion, something special. I've always loved the look of verdigris, the contrast in the brown and the blue, and the Cocoa Toxine liek, totally has that! I've also spent countless hours trying to catch all the Toxine Swim Suites at the silentsparrow fishing spot. I like Toxine. Oh and check out the stunning tattoo that comes with it! Subtle at the front, elaborate at the back. Yay!
Onto something released at roughly the same time which for a long time I managed to resist. My top is from How We Quit the Forest, a dress everyone seemed to love but me, I didn't like the skirt. I felt quite left out. And so should I have, I was wrong! When I finally cracked and bought it, it was for the armwarmers, I'm a fiend for armwarmers, in SL and RL, my arms, they're shy and chilly creatures. But when I actually looked at what was in there, I realized what a fool I had been. For a start, the 3/4 sleeve undershirt with it is totally invaluable. And look at the beautiful antique lace shirt. I now love How We Quit the Forest, it feels nice to be right.
Over it, I'm wearing the corset from the recent Datura set, bloomers from which I wore in yesterday's post, in a different colour. The Mint Datura corset has a similar verdigris effect to it on the aged brocade, and is terribly, terribly pretty. Datura gets to go in the Love at First Sight column. Finally, back to the slow-burning category, my gloves. Oh, my gloves. They are from the Nemu suit, which was released at a time I was out of SL, dutifully bought one of when I got back, and never really looked at. It wasn't until last week when I was checking out the Suit Sale (finishes tomorrow!) that something caught my eye as I was peering round in a buying frenzy. I'm such a nerd. Gloves. Fingerless gloves. With BUTTONS. They're like spats for the hands! I used to have gloves like that in real life! Vintage, thin brown suede, I wore them until they fell apart, and fall apart they did. But these, these will live forever, or at least until whatever it is at any given time people are saying will be THE END OF SL turns out to be the case. Which will never happen. Turns out the suit I never really looked at is beautiful, too. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED IT?
So anyway, rather more rambley than usual, I suggest you go YouTube Richard Cheese's version of I'm Only Happy When it Rains. It's lovely.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Nomine - Primrose - Virgin - Blush
Hair: Calico - Caitlynn - Blood
Shirt: silentsparrow - How We Quit the Forest - Red
Corset: silentsparrow - Datura - Mint
Skirt: silentsparrow - Toxine Suite - Cocoa
Gloves: silentsparrow - Nemu Suit - Sepia
Boots (pic 1): ETD - Rain Boots - Seafoam Daisies
Boots (pic 2): Tesla - Ziggy - Heaven
Necklace: Shiny Things - Copper Industrial Necklace
Umbrella: Weather! Or Not? - Rainbrella
Tattoo: silentsparrow - Toxine - Red
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Plugs

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