Friday, February 5, 2010

Inspiration and Design

Artists, writers, poets, designers, architects have one thing in common. They take inspiration from what they see, hear, and even feel.

I am one that loves when a designer see's an outfit,hairstyle, shoe, skin/makeup plant, building or whatever from RL and uses it as inspiration. To make it their own, they may tweak the pattern or texture or shape. There are many, like me, that size or finances don't allow us to purchase these things in RL. So being able to wear it, live in it or use it in SL is awesome. To show my support I have take this gown by Ivey Deschanel that was inspired by a dress featured on the RL Runway. To make it my own, I tweaked it a bit in photoshop to give my artistic touch. I am sure, Ivey would not mind. (fingers crossed)

There are many designers in SL that are regularly shop at because they have things I would wear in RL if I could. I am sure we can all take a look at our inventory and find something that you love because you saw it in RL first. I welcome my readers to send their pictures in as well. Make sure you include the designers name so I can ask permission to showcase first.

Dress: Sn@tch - Dangerous (for Rezzables Swansong)
Skin: Gala - Cupid - Amore 2 in Sundust Light
Hair: Truth - Cyndi - Auburn
Pose: LAP - Emo - Silence

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  1. you look gorgeous in it! Ty for showing it. I worked really hard to put it together as both an homage to Alexander McQueen who I am a big fan of, and to make it wearable in SL. I'm inspired by many big names and new comers in the RL fashion scene as I think a lot of designers in SL are and hope I show respect to the RL creator in my derivative version. <3