Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 9 - Rookerations!

Last night was the grand opening of the Rookery, a new gothy hermit club on the silentsparrow sim, owned by hyasynth, Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude, Azazeal Whitfield of October Rust and I think that's it? Azazeal's jaw-dropping build teemed with some of the most gorgeous, talented, charming and well-dressed avatars this side of um...well, there was a whole lot of cool right there, and a rather delightful porcupine too. Conversation ranged from baked potatoes (informative!) to giant viking peen (also informative!), with interludes of bunnies, slightly drunk Achariya, how genuinely beautiful everyone looked, and how sexy the voices of the DJs were. And they were! Azazeal and Mourna Biziou provided some thoroughly excellent music, and vocal candy in-between, and after I crawled off to bed at the sensible hour of 4.30am, the everso cool Recidivist Sideways took over the musicings. I didn't get pictures. I'm far too lame to take pictures. Although, I only crashed once, the whole night! For people wondering "How do I get to this wonderland, this hermit commune, this Tim Burton Viking Hall?", I shall tell you! From nomming on delicious mushrooms in the courtyard of the silentsparrow mainstore, that's how! There's a sign next to them that says "Rookery". Do not try to sit on this sign. It is pointy.

So! Today I treat you to my look from last night! I like to think of it as a sort of clubbing burlesque cutie lederhosen perhaps? I'm wrong to think of it that way, but there it is. I am sporting the hotpants from the Toxine Suite, the same Cocoa one I showed the skirt from yesterday, which have the verdigris cogs and sprockets and gears and...so on, at the waistband and cuffs, and shading on the behind that does not look like you shoved some cantaloupe halves in your pants, and furthermore, a rarity in SL these days, cover your whole bottom. My corset is the Starbunny Chapiteau coset, which was worn by no less than three of us last night at the Rookery, but that was okay, because everyone there was marvellous and we all wore it quite differently and there were no catfights (well, maybe one, but it was rather comical). The Starbunny Chapiteau pieces (tops, skirts&bloomers, locket and top hat) are available exclusively at the Ozimals mainstore, and are based on the SQUEEFULLY CUTE Elite Ozimals bunnies, whose pattern was designed by hya. Mark my words, one day, one shall be mine! Under my corset, to spare my boobies from the public eye, I am wearing another corset, the Luxe corset in Ocean, which, I love the way the little bows peek up at the back. My legwarmers are another Limited Edition goodie, from the CielNoir set, which can still be got in red as RougeNoir, as with the pretty orange corset in my Day 3 post. The tattoos are the faded Sleeve versions of the Song of Anubis tattoo set, the un-faded are incredibly, unashamedly bright and colourful, all scarabs and ankhs and vines and has a ton of options besides faded and unfaded, including with sleeves, without sleeves, full upper body, hand and feet (there's even ink on the palms). The beautiful Someplace to be Flying necklace completes the look, especially in the name of the club. A quick word about my ears, which you may notice are not my normal Fey ears, these are the Schadenfreude MerElf ears, which I put on in concession to seamonsters when I was visiting the incredible Innsmouth sim, well worth a look, even if you don't know Lovecraft.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Nomine - Primrose - Virgin - Temper
Hair: Gritty Kitty - Ghetto - Red
Corset: silentsparrow - Chapiteau - Starbunny
Corset underneath: silentsparrow - Luxe Corset - Ocean (alternate)
Shorts: silentsparrow - Toxine Suite - Cocoa
Legwarmers: silentsparrow - CielNoir (limited edition, RougeNoir still available)
Tattoos: silentsparrow - Song of Anubis
Shoes: Shiny Things - Belles - Teal
Necklace: silentsparrow - Someplace to be Flying - Starling
Ears: Schadenfreude - MerElf Ears

Horns: Schadenfreude - Kinder Horns

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