Friday, February 5, 2010


Oh Valentines Day, that special day dedicated to Love and Romance. You either love it or hate it.

I was one of those on the bitter side of it. I had a totally un-romantic,now ex, husband and I went on and on about how it was over commercialized piece of BS. Well I still think it IS over commercialized plus my Sweetie is loving and Romantic every day of the year. But its nice to give a card and a little token to commemorate the day.

One thing I have noticed is a lot of people either get engaged or married on Valentine's day. The wedding business in SL has been booming. Its the opportunity to have that big beautiful wedding with that dreamy dress that would cost $10,000 plus in real life.

Enter here is Grace Winnfield of Gracie's. I recognized the inspiration of her wedding gowns and IM'd her to talk about our love of a particular show. (Say Yes to the Dress)

We both commented on how a lot of women seem to gravitate towards these sparkly lingerie style bodice princess gowns. I mean it's REALLY popular! Here is her take on that. Though my preference is for simple and elegant. I love this neck ruffle and crystals. This gown comes with a veil, but I opted to use the flowers that came with the hair I am wearing.

Next is another RL inspired gown called Pure Princess

This one comes with several attachments. I will point out that I wore both spine and shoulder attachment for more fullness. This is a lot of prims worth of detail but the look is stunning.

The gown comes with a veil and flower attachement or just the flower as I have shown.

Gracie makes her skirts is various sizes for easy modification and usually includes different ranges of fullness too.

Plus, you are in luck, to make room Grace is having a great sale till the 20th of February!!

Gracie's can be found HERE!

GOWNS: Gracies - Royal Diamond Beauty and Pure Princess
SKINS: Gala - Winter - Frost and Pure Sundust Light
HAIR: Truth - Rose - Auburn ( comes with red, white or black flower hairpiece)

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