Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 16 - Frowny Gowny

I've never been much of a ballgown person. Even within Second Life, when I first started, EVERYONE I saw wore gowns, "because they could" and most of them were that box of free gowns that permeated every freebie place, and I was like "This makes no sense! You're not a fairy princess! Stop it!". Don't get me wrong, a nice poofy frock, I like to look at, but there's a time and a place for such things, and for me, it never seems to be the right time or place. Oh, sure, I've been to "proms" at the club I used to work at, or I could subject myself to the numerous Jazz Clubs, but seriously, oh my, No. Even when I used to RP at a Victorian Steampunk sim, I'd go with dour, sensible, not-too-flashy, modest dresses...with the exception of the Ball that was held there once, THEN I hammed it up entirely. I was the belle of the thing, totally. But my only real concession to wearing any part of a gown in SL stems from my lame teenage years. I used to have a local newsagent import some American teen magazine for me, like, Seventeen, or Teen Beat, or Seven Feet, or something inane, I forget. One issue was devoted to THE PROM, something that always held fascination for me, as someone who not only lived in a land of no prom, but also left school at the age of 14, and besides, was sort of, y'know, weird. There were of course, thousands of ads for fancy gowns that made me roll my eyes at the extravagance, but then, there was one that I fell in love with. It wasn't so much a gown at all, rather, a suggestion, that you could wear a ballgown length tulle skirt was a casual, graphicy 3/4 length sleeve top. It was the mid 90s, that sort of thing was cool. And as I've never been much of a dedicated follower of fashion, more someone who holds onto ideas she finds aesthetically pleasing as she sees them and they drift out of style, it has become my way!

This outfit actually come together by accident. The top part of it came to be from a game of "match hya!" a few months ago, when she advised me that I the cropped jacket of Blood Tart made an excellent jacket with all sorts of things, including the Ratties T-shirt I had gained from the Bird of Randomness in the silentsparrow courtyard earlier that day. Ratties is one of my most-worn of the gatcha shirts, I enjoy the shade of red, and rats are adorable, so long as they're not carrying plague, and these cuties are clearly not doing that. But indeed, the Blood Tart jacket looks fantastic with all manner of things, I'm always in the market for lace toppy thingies, and this one can be dressed up or down easily with its sculpted shoulder puffs and draping open bell cuffs coming from the elbow. My skirt, in all its gowny glory, is from the Moonchild Suite, and took me a while to decide to wear, originally I was going to wear pants from the Voltaire Suit, but then the reds didn't go together well and I was all like "Wah". Then Perse said something oblique about raggedy skirts and looking all Cinderella, and while I didn't have such a thing in my silentsparrow folder, I had something even more awesome! The Moonchild Suite combines a rich, bright brocade pattern under-skirt, with an open, contemporary flame pattern on an open overskirt, and has a cute little ruffle at the top, plus, capris in a matching style which I almost second-guessed myself and wore instead, but then, I didn't. My skin is from a store I love, but always seem to forget about. It's by Frick, and combines elements of both the Eloh and Sezmra skin templates to create something both cute and sexy, with original makeups simply to die for, in fact, one of the reasons I tend to forget I have these skins is that often the makeup is a little /too/ original for my tastes. But that's okay, they're gorgeous, and the new-ish Pinup line has more in the way of everyday makeups with a twist, such as this cateye look, with the extra feathering underneath the eye, which is just perfection. And the prices at Frick are amazing too, I got all the makeups in the Pinup line, in the peach skintone, with freckled options and two brow choices, for slightly over half the price of many of my other skins. So, be betterer than me, remember to go to Frick!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Frick - Peach frex light brows - Marie
Hair: Magika - Mika - Red C
T-shirt: silentsparrow - T-Shirt of Random #05 (Ratties)
Jacket: silentsparrow - Blood Tart
Skirt: silentsparrow - Moonchild Suite - Scarlet
Ears: Balderdash&Schadenfreude - Etherial Fey Ears

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