Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 17 - The Great Olympio!

I should start this post by saying that I have not been watching the Winter Olympics. Neither did I watch the Summer Olympics. Ever. All too much like sport, for my tastes. Although, Curling is ridiculous enough to be mildly fun to look at for a few minutes. I'm sure my stance won't change when the Olympics hit my fair shores in a couple of years, either. Here is what I know about this year's Winter Olympics. They're in Canada, some guy tragically died, and Canada finally won a medal of some sort for something. I also know they involve doing cold sporty things like skiing, ice hockey, sledding, team snowball fights, shivering marathons, that sort of thing. Oh and ice skating! And the only thing I know about figure skaters are that Torvill and Dean existed some time before I was born, and still slide around grinning on occasion for national entertainment, and there was that girl with the knee-smashing that one time. And that I went ice skating once and fell down much much less than expected. Then I went a second time and made up for it by making a whole chain of people fall down, so that was okay. I'm graceful! Regardless of all my ignorance, today, I am an accidental ice skater, and rather proud I am of the look, too!

While colours can be found in abundance at silentsparrow, slapping in the face those who claim goths only wear black, there is one colour that's rather *ha ha* thin on the ground. Other than yellow, that is. And that colour is White. (which is why I...ha'd...because the snow and and...on the...ground? :D? Eh, fine.) Anyway, there are very few white silentsparrow outfits, only one truly white one that I can think of, and, I am not wearing any part of that one! So, onto what I am wearing. The tutu skirt and upper, wide highwaist belt of my outfit is from the wonderfully springlike Fleur dress, with white highlights and patterning, which I discovered by happy coincidence when I was looking for something blue to wear with what I had originally intended to blog today. The funny thing is, I had just before been talking to hya about texture belts, a few minutes previously, and had completely forgotten Fleur had such a thing. But as you can see, it does. Yay! Underneath that, I am wearing the bodice from the Lottie Ballgown Suite, in Sterling, which is also pretty white, but I consider it more a silver colour. It has gorgeous fleur-de-lis type patterning on it, and a nice lace detail at the bustline. Underneath THAT, I am wearing the undershirt from How We Quit the Forest, which, see, I said was totally useful in all sorts of situations. My piercings are another set from Ellabella, I can't stress enough how awesome and original and simply beautiful Ellantha Larsson's work is, this set has, among other things, a teeeeny tiiiiiiiiiny little rose hanging off it. My necklace is another case of my boring adage of "good primwork etc etc", it's an early Schadenfreude piece, and still looks all sorts of fantastic. And my marvellously elegant skates are by Bax Coen, which have the same glorious styling as her super sexy ankle boots, but in a skate! Hooray!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Cupid - Moonbeam Frex [dark] - Bouquet 1
Hair: Calico - Hannah - Blood
Big Wide Belt, tutu skirt: silentsparrow - Fleur - Ash
Bodice: silentsparrow - Lottie Ballgown Suite - Sterling
Undershirt: silentsparrow - How We Quit the Forest - Ash
Necklace: Schadenfreude - Alcmund
Piercing: ellabella - A Rose By Any Other Name (silver)
Skates: Bax Coen - BAX Ice Skate White Patent
Ears: Balderdash&Schadenfreude - Etherial Fey Ears

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