Thursday, February 4, 2010

Silentsparrow Month! Day 3 - In which we are orange

Before I forget - as I'm spending February as a silentsparrow evangelist - for one week, from the 3rd (yesterday) to the 9th (next Tuesday) of this month, all silentsparrow suits (in the suit room!) are 50% off! Even if you don't want to read my prattlings, run over there and bag a bargain before it's too late! SALE SALE SALE! At Silentsparrow! In the suits room!

Okay so, today I fear I am going to be somewhat of a tease. The gorgeous art-nouveau lookin' corset I'm wearing is No Longer Available. It was part of a Limited Edition hunt in late 2008. hya's LE hunts, as I have squeaked about in past posts, are legendary, and for future reference, here's how they work: You gad about the silentsparrow sim, looking for dear little brightly coloured woodland creatures, and when you find one, you buy it, and it's yours, and you take it and love it and parade around in the pretty clothes that form its innards. Just for future reference. And that means the cute squishy hedgepig I'm holding is also not available anymore, and he's MINE! But if you're one of the 49 others who may have gotten the SolielNoir set in that hunt - HI!
The good news is, the regular red version, RougeNoir, is available to buy forever, even right now, and is just as lovely, it's just red, not orange. Also, it's black a bit. That's how the name works. Same gorgeous bright stained-glass effect, and skirts, and armwarmers and legwarmers and nipplewarmers and everything! And hey, while you're buying it, check out the hot chick in the ad picture! She seems like someone I'd like to read ramblings of. The lacy top I'm wearing underneath is also part of the set, but you'll find one just the same in RougeNoir.

To cover my nipples in the tail end of winter, I'm wearing the Ash henley from the new-ish Chapiteau corset/tops/gloves sets. They're worth buying for the henleys alone, you get an Ash version and a Creme version, and are well-worn works of art, moth-eaten, wonky-closured and loose-buttoned as they are, and so very versatile, you can throw them on with pretty much anything for a cozy, slouchy bit of layering. The jeans I'm wearing are another simplistic gem hidden away in an elaborate suit (which by the way, did I mention, 50% off, right now, SALE!). They come from the Cygne suit, and as with all hya's stuff, are eye-crossingly handdrawn, with every last stitch and rivet you'd expect to find on jeans, and a subtle lotus-y patten on them.
So, also, I'm weak. I got the new Cupid skins at Curio, LOOK HOW CUTE!! Look at my pretty mouth! Look at my dainty nose! Look how adorable I am! Done? Good. Don't stare at me like that, please.
And my ears are another variation of the wonderful Schadenfreude Fey ears, this time with honking great spiral horns jammed through them. They're colour-change with a HUD, you know.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Cupid - Moonbeam Frex [Dark] - Teddybear 2
Hair: Curio - Betty Boop - Red
Undershirt: silentsparrow - RougeNoir Lace Shirt
Shirt: silentsparrow - Chapiteau Henley - Ash
Corset: silentsparrow - SoilelNoir Corset (Limited Edition - with hedgepig!)
Pants: silentsparrow - Cygne Pants - Ash (with belly-cover underpants)
Shoes: UBU - PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
Necklace: Violet Voltaire - Cake or Death - Carrot Cake

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