Monday, March 22, 2010

Walking the Boards at Sand Shack Surf Co.

So first and foremost my apologies to Sand Shack Surf Co designer, Emma Gilmour, as I told her I would have this feature last week as she kindly gave me the opportunity to review these shoes.

Summer is just around the corner and here in my area of Sunny Florida I am so ready to hit the beach. In the Summer the sand can get incredibly hot and if your feet are tender shoes are imperative.

Emma has created this cute little slip on shoe called the Boardwalker. It comes in 16 different fun colors and patterns!

I will admit I am very late in discovering Surf Co. But I am now a devoted fan. Some other new items include the Moana Bikini and Shack Shorts shown below. I was very impressed by the fit of the prims on the shack shorts.

Also new are her Belmar Jeans. When it comes to Pants I am a die hard fan of the prim leg attachment to give that finished look. Instead of prims Emma used the sock option to give the pants the lean supper skinny look. She gives the option of plain jeans or with a subtle polka dot.

I have again used the colorful Boardwalker shoe and one of her cute new Slouchy Thread Sweater in Violet floral.

So here is the deal! All clothing and shoes I am wearing can be found at Sand Shack Surf Co. Located in the Artilleri Sim. Be sure to check them out!

Here is your LIMO to Sand Shack Surf Co

Other Credits: Hair is Angie by Calico Creations, Sunglasses are Marla by Artilleri and Skin is from Gala's Cupid 2 Collection. IM me if you would like details!

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