Thursday, April 22, 2010

All the Fun of the Faire!

Alt Faire! Yummy! I've always tended to describe myself rather ambiguously as "alternative". Alternative to what, I don't know, but it's more of a cover-all term than say "goth" or "punk" or "ninja-pirate". "Alternative" pretty much says "normal? HUMBUG" and leaves it comfortably at that. And that's allll good with me.
And to that note - Yay! Alt Faire! Another big for-charity show, but one right up my street, hosted at the four corners of some of my favourite stores, and featuring some of my favourite designers, and a whole load more wonderful talent to boot. Of course, I'm boring an unoriginal and will be showing my usual suspects, but there's a vast array of quirky awesomeness to be found there.
I also like the charity that the Alt Faire benefits, Nothing But Nets. It's a simple concept, distributing mosquito nets in Africa, to help stop the spread of malaria. My own experiences with malaria are very light and British, mind you. My mother spent some childhood years living in Singapore, where mosquito nets were a necessity at the time, so she has all sorts of practical experience with the things. Also, in World War 2, my father's father was a pilot in the RAF, stationed in North Africa, but never saw combat, due to contracting malaria and having to be sent home. He was fine, of course, and my father was born which enabled me to be born, which allows you-the-reader to be sitting here reading my ramblings. The point is, thousands every day fall prey to the disease, and do not survive, but many of these deaths can be prevented with a simple mosquito net to keep the carriers of malaria away at night.
So it's all for a lovely cause! Yay!

As threatened, here is some silentsparrow! Exclusively for the Alt Faire, hya has made a special version of her stunning Mourna dress, named Mourn, only available in purple. Instead of the open-sided silk-like bustled skirt of Mourna, Mourn has a beautifully-moving full calf-length skirt, with a shock of purple lace forming the front and underskirt. Also, instead of having a halter-style top, it is sleeveless, with sexy straps across the back. In my scandallously skirtless pic, I am wearing the other exclusive from silentsparrow for the Alt Faire, the Ash Batty Knitty Sweater (five times fast, try it) and matching socks. My leopard-print tattoo is from silentsparrow's Melody Lee Fantasy Faire exclusive, but I have it on good authority there'll be more on the Fantasy Faire on this blog later. *nods*

The second of my oft-blogged favourites is Schadenfreude's exclusive, the Teal Skunk Electro-Cute dress. If you do not know about Allegory Malaprop's Electro-Cute line, what is wrong with you? Cutey-cute hand-drawn cuties, on all sorts of wearables, jewelery, shirts, DRESSES. And this one is a skunk with a pompadour. An adorable skunk with a pompadour. A SKUNK WITH A POMPADOUR PEOPLE! Why are you still reading this? Go buy it! A SKUNK WITH A POMPADOUR! I'll allow you to continue if you already have it, or promise to do so in the next hour. No excuses if you're a boy, she has manly 'beaters with it on them too. But if you get that, you miss out on the awesome black and white frilly sculpted skirt. And that's a tragedy.

Straying away from my usuals - I am simply just WILD for Mango, Mango!'s Doll skins, another Alt Faire exclusive. I've admired Sileny Noel's skins for a while now, but these, these are just love. they make me look like a cross between a silent film star and a porcelain doll. Simply adore the makeups, the bold eye colouring and the exaggerated cupid's bow of the lips. The one time I attempted to make a skin, the lips were in a similar style to these. Not as pretty, mind you, I'm kinda not very artistic, but the same general effect.
My boots are another Faire find, this time from Ducknipple. I have an ancient Space Invaders dress from that store from perhaps two years ago, and had forgotten all about them, so you can imagine how impressed I was when I found that they were still around and oh-so-good.

The Alt Faire runs from today until May 2nd, and can be found lurking across the four corners of the Nomine, New Kadath, Pulse and Snatch City sims. Do bear in mind that these are working sims, and be prepared for some lag, accordingly. Use common sense! And dig deep for Nothing But Nets

Outfit Credits:

Pic 1:

Skin: Mango, Mango! - Fire Doll - Pale - Freckles
Hair: Clawtooth - The Seas Met - Red Eye Flight (tinted)
Dress: silentsparrow - Mourn
Cardigan and socks: silentsparrow - (Ash) Batty Sweaters & etc
Boots: Ducknipple - Kooks - Silver

Pic 2:

Skin: Mango, Mango! - Cupid Doll - Pale -Freckles
Hair: Clawtooth - Electric Slide - Red eye Flight (tinted)
Dress: Schadenfreude - Teal Skunk Electro-Cute Dress
Boots: (as above)
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears (plain)

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