Friday, August 12, 2011

Boho Berkeley Dress from Kaliko

Kaliope Kara's has created a cute new denim dress with 2 skirt options! A cute babydoll option and a sexy mini dress look.

I am the one on the left by the way.

This weekend her Brick color option is being offered at 60L. Other colors are at regular price of 200L and include; Plum, Forest, Brown and Rose. Each a slightly different pattern.

With the shape of the babydoll dress, she has also included an alpha to hid the hips and butt so they don't stick out. Also, she kept in mind that some have viewers that only support 1 alpha, so a second alpha was done to include the hip/butt and the feet for those who would like to wear sandals that include prim feet.

In the picture we are both wearing these cute brown sandals from J's. They can be found on the SL Marketplace

If you have any questions about other items worn in the picture, please feel free to IM Persephone Paine In World.

60L Weekends begin today (Friday) at 6 PM SLT and she usually leaves the vendor up until Monday Morning.

Be sure to check out Berkely and other great outfits at KaliKo!

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