Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Addition for KaliKo 21! Dottie Mae

Ok so I am blatantly promoting my BFF's store. Especially since she used me as the model. This is the latest in her KaliKo 21 line. The dress is called Dottie Mae. I love that she doesn't make the glitch pants actual pants so you have the option of wearing pretty panties underneath. There will be more to come. She also participates in 60L weekends.

Click Here to Visit KaliKo!

My fellow blogger Nivaya Barbosa pointed out that this would also make cute retro lingerie. I have also paired it together with Jeans or Capris. So its quite versatile.

Dress: Dottie Mae by Kaliko
Hair: RiRi By Truth
Necklace: Little Bit of Pretty by Whippet & Buck

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