Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swimsuit Edition?

You might think that my avatar looks a little awkward in a swimsuit, and you'd be right in thinking that. Thing is, I never let her wear one! I never let me wear one, but that's for quite different reasons. Niv never gets to wear swimsuits because she's rarely in a swimsuit-needing scenario. Not the type to hang out on beaches, rarely part of the pool party and hottub set, although, I do have a particularly nice kiddie pool out where I keep my bunnies. But right now, it's hot here (by UK coastal standards...I'm sure most of the world would consider it fairly brisk for July) and while I'm flopping around in front of electric fans, drinking gallons of ice water, and spraying myself with overpriced aerosol cans of water, I figured I should let my avatar have an easier time of things, in this gorgeous new bikini from Adam n Eve. There is of course the slight issue of Niv's pale, pale skin to take into account, but fortunately, dweeb that I am, I keep a folder labelled "Summer Skins", for just this type of occasion, glowing and lightly golden, like I've taken a bath in self-tan, and rolled around in some bronzer to dry myself off. If only real life were so simple.

The skin I've picked out to wear today is my most recent "summer skin" acquisition, from I C COCO. When Persephone first saw me in it, she was startled at how much darker it was than my usual skins, but I couldn't resist how incredibly cute the face was, and the genuinely healthy-looking glow it had to it. I say the face was cute, but I must confess, I had to tweak my shape quite a lot to keep from looking rather goofy. But when it was done, it was worth it. The skin features full, innocent-looking lips, and delicate freckles over the nose, and I'm all about the freckles, as readers may have noticed. I'm also fond of the wispy, natural looking eyebrows, and the rosy cheeks. So it was the perfect compliment for my new bikini!
I've been on rather a yellow kick lately, so this Ringed Bikini in Lemon, from Adam n Eve was a buttery delight to me. The top is a sexy strapless bandeau, shaped at the centre with a white ring, and gathered to a straight clasp at the back. The shading on the folds is soft and immaculate. The bottoms are scanty little bikini bottoms, low cut and skimpy at the front, and high-cut and pleasantly butt-bearing at the back (the I C COCO skins have excellent butt shading, quite showoffable). For the shy/modest/slightly prudish amongst you, the Ringed Bikini also comes with this stylish little wrap. Sculpted and ever so slightly sheer, it drapes over the hips and helps one feel just a little less exposed, without straying into the realms of frumpy. Overall, a very elegant, but all the same, very sexy beach ensemble.
With it, I'm wearing silentsparrow's belladonna:lepidoptera tattoos, in bluesky, it must be an ADHD thing, but when I see a smooth canvas of pixelflesh, I have an overwhelming need to cover it in swirly patterns. And, it would seem, moths. It's for this reason that I'll probably never be a good housepainter. My adorable necklace is by Lazy Places, from the current Gatcha festival going on at Albero, I'm such a sucker for Gatcha thingies, my goodness. My hair is shiny and new from Magika, Sally, it's called, and I was drawn to its epic quiffiness. And the astute among you may have noticed that I am not wearing my usual Schadenfreude ears, but instead, SLink ears, which I don't wear nearly enough, they're really very lovely, and I am wearing now for reasons of laziness (one of the preset skintones for them is acceptably similar to this skin, likewise, the pretty feet!)

Adam n Eve's Ringed Bikini also comes in Pink, Blue, Green, Black and Purple, so even if you're one of those who refuses to acknowledge the existence of the colour yellow (and I know a few!) there's no excuse for not checking them out!

Outfit Credits:

Skin: I C COCO - Scarlett 21 - Freckles
Hair: Magika - Sally - Wild: Red
Bikini: Adam n Eve - Ringed Bikini - Lemon
Tattoos: silentsparrow - belladonna:lepidoptera - bluesky
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied Barefoot - Medium
Ears: SLink - Sachara Ears with Studio Sidhe Kaleidoscope Earrings
Necklace: Lazy Places - Cute As A...necklace from Albero Gatcha fest

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