Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm a Little Bit Country...Day 1

...and I'm a little bit rock n roll. I'm actually a lot more rock n roll, I'm not very country at all, to be honest. Thing is, I don't really like the music. Sure, I like Dolly Parton's Jolene, and the music from Smokey and the Bandit, not to mention the smatterings of Alt. Country that hya plays on the silentsparrow radio stream on the silent sparrow sim, and Johnny Cash if he counts, but for the most part, no, just can't do it. On the plus side, I'm exceedingly fond of the accents and scenery of the southern US, I harbour a kitsch-fuelled desire to visit Dollywood, and I really, really, really like cowboy hats and boots.
I learned this for proper when Emee and I moved our herds of bunnies to a rather countrified sim, our parcel had a stonking great barn in the middle of it, and not much else. So, being me, I just had to decorate. Which posed a slight problem for me. Our previous bunnyhomes had been decorated in a meadow style, acres of wildflowers, lots of trees, that sort of thing. A barn though, that called for something different! Something more farmy. Given that the main store on the sim (Jody's Bunny Barn) is done up in, as the name would suggest, a barn style, with posters of country music and cowgirls and saddle stools and barrels and oh, just all sorts of country wonderment, there was my theme. I tarted our parcel up with wheatfields and squeaky windmills and dirt paths and picnic tables, all the fun of the farm! But this left me with a problem. I'm a great believer in dressing for one's surroundings, and my usual style just didn't cut it. Not at all. And so I threw on some cowboy boots that I happened to have languishing in my inventory. And then I remembered a hat that I had! Oh and jeans. So many jeans. And I discovered, I really liked that style of dress, especially with the sun shining and the fresh air coming through my window.
Of course, I'm British. I'm British and a city-dweller and a half-hearted goth, I have absolutely no business trying to be in the slightest bit authentic about any of this, which is a bonus, since it gives me leeway to be a little more "alt" than country in the whole business, but it makes me feel a little less out of place when I ride my horse over to Jody's Barn to see what she's got on the bidboards there. And so, I would like to proudly commence my series of "Little bit country" posts, which will go on for as long as I can be bothered.

Today's post contains a few bargains, a few oldies but goodies, and some shiny newness. We shall start, I think, with the old bargains! My hair/hat is historically one of my favourites, Ministry, from Gritty Kitty. Given that it's over three years old (in fact, my avatar is only a week or two older than it), and predates sculpties in Second Life, it holds up amazingly well. The all-prim construction of the hat itself is flawless, and the style itself is ageless simplicity, slightly messy, long straight hair, in a wide range of sleek textures. The best thing about this unisex hair? Nowadays, it's free! Or perhaps 1L. I just checked. Fatpack of colours, 0L! Can't say fairer than that.
Another oldie I'm wearing is the jodhpurs from silentsparrow's Nightmare suit, an elegant long-tailed riding outfit which comes in four shades of dark, and is coupled with Daymare, in light pastel shades. And right now, it can be yours for a mere 50L. Up until August 1st only. Everything in silentsparrow's not-so-secret sale area, (underneath the store, watch out for laser sharks) is marked down to 50L until then, at which point it will be ruthlessly culled and you'll have lost your chance at some of hya's most classic outfits at super bargain prices.
My layered top is part of the Buckley Lolita dress from Katat0nik, which unfortunately, if my wanderings around the store are anything to go by, it looks like isn't available anymore. Sorry for being a tease, get used to it, perhaps. Okay I took pity on you, it's listed on XStreet, here.

And so, onto the less-old! My boots are Schadenfreude's new Riga Kicks, sculpted greatness with amazing softly glossy textures, which come in at least a million colours. I am perhaps exaggerating, it is in fact 15, but in true Allegory style, the fatpack of the boots is colour-changeable by HUD. They come as a one-piece full boot, or a two piece shoe-and-upper combo, so you can wear the shoe part to peek out the bottom of pants. The part that fulls me with glee about them in particular is that Allegory has included invisiprim-free versions to be worn with 2.0 alpha layers, so they won't clash with any alphas you're standing on/in-front-of/in. Also, they make the bottom of your legs vanish, so you can float around all spookylike if you so desire. Cowboy boots, they ain't. Yummy boots, they so so are.
My lovely skin is from the new Cupcakes skin line, Dahlia. Longtime customer of Cupcakes as I am, the Dahlia skins I think are my favourite of theirs so far. the makeup I'm wearing here was part of their excellent 1000L Skin Club deal, which sadly is no longer available (hah!) but at the moment they have some fantastic deals in store on certain unnamed makeups in the Dahlia line, as well as others, for only 250L, which in my opinion is well worth checking out.
With all the strawberry madness that's been going on what with the current Strawberry Festival hunts going on on the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims, and the Strawberry Elite bunnies, I havn't been able to bring myself to take of silentsparrow's beautiful Strawberry Vines tattoos, either. So here they are!

So when I'm checking out the new and beautiful bunnies on the bidboards in the friendly relaxed atmosphere of Jody's Bunny Barn, it's nice to know that I can do it in style, even if I am just a very, very little bit country.

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Cupcakes - Dahlia - Cameo - Brownout (freckled) [this makeup no longer available]
Hair: Gritty Kitty - Ministy - Redhot [free!]
Top: Katat0nik - Buckley Lolita Dress - Brown [available on XStreet]
Pants: silentsparrow - Nightmare - Ashes [50L until retirement on August 1st]
Boots: Schadenfreude - Riga Kicks - Brown
Tattoos: silentsparrow - Strawberry Vines (Ornate)
Eyes: Schadenfreude - Geoflake Eyes - Treeflake
Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey Ears - Solid Acrylic Plugs

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