Thursday, March 5, 2009

The post ellantha Larsson doesn't want you to see! (due to modesty)

I can't in any good conscience claim to be a piercings afficionado. Having my ears pierced in RL triggered my having allergies to EVERYTHING, so I stopped there, and I'm not much better in SL. Although, that's for different reasons. When I started in SL, I had this freebie set of piercings that I thought was AWESOME. It was supersuper basic, just a bunch of little rings stuck to the face, but I wore the lip ring and eyebrow ring constantly with asymmetric pride. At some point I discovered that things like hats would knock them off, and then when I finally discovered prim eyelashes, and facelights, and all the other trappings of fashion (note: I don't wear facelights anymore), it was hasta la vista piercings, and I rarely looked back. Thing is, most piercings in Second Life are either too basic for me to want to forego my various facial attachments for, or too...well...too pointy. It doesn't really follow, to me, that if I want to put pixellated metal through my pixellated face, I should want to pixellated impale everyone within a 10 yard (pixellated) radius. Also named too technically. I'm a novice, I don't know what things are called! So, for the most part, I abstained from the piercings. As I have previously mentioned here, I have a creepy, almost stalkerish (if accidentally occasionally being at the same place at the same time as a person and then obsessively camming over and 'Inspecting' everything they're wearing counts as stalking, anyway) admiration for the personal style of Miss ellantha Larsson. Particularly intregued I was upon spotting her a few months ago by her piercings, which were delicate and original and at the same time hardcore and....piercingy. Upon inspection I discovered were self-made, and eagerly profile stalked in search of a store. Alas, there was none. That is until a month or so ago, when I spotted on the venerable Free*Style blog, a lip ring from a store named ::ellabella::. Could it be?! Ran there I did, and sure enough, ellantha had opened a store, and in it was the dollarbie Garnet Lovin' lip ring (on left in top left picture), a delicate jewelled double lip ring that looked almost like fangs, with a little triple-heart charm hanging down on one side, and a double chin piercing thingy (see, I told you I was no expert on what these things are called) which I snapped right up. Also to buy were the Skully Lip Chains (on the left in the second pic), an assortment of rings piercing the lower lip, linked together with a dainty chain, with a teeeny tiiiiny liiiiittle skull hanging from a chain on the one side. When I next visited the store to buy the Starry Lip Chains (top pic on the right), a less morbid version of the Skully ones, I spotted she'd set up a Subscribe-o-matic, and clicked it for all I was worth. A few days later a gift came through on it which made me SQUEAL! The Rainbow Ravin' set (second pic, right), which, as the notecard warned, required some adjusting to fit me properly, but is SO PRETTY! A single wide ring in the centre of the lip, dotted with four little brightly coloured, slightly glowing dots, and a rainbow star dangling from it, with fine diagonal double-rings on each side, plus a ring at the centre of the nose with a little blue ball captive, and then four little bindi-ish piercings between the eyes in matching colours to the ones on the lip ring. It only comes on the Nose attachment point, but this was easily something worth losing my eyelashes for! With it was a note of a new release, Cog Me, which is simple steampunky greatness, a triple lip ring set, with fine chains linking all three, and a little cog hanging from the middle, plus a plain nose ring. All ::ellabella:: piercing sets (apart from Rainbow Ravin') come on three attachment points, Chin, Mouth and Nose, which is epic win in itself, given my previous whines about my precious prim lashes. Out of the box, the metals are dark, but I've tinted mine a lighter colour apart from Cog Me. ::ellabella:: also has a shapes section, featuring some really beautiful, unique and quirky shapes. But I don't but shapes, so you'll have to take my word for it and go look. They're yummy.

Also for some reason I've been wearing this outfit for days, so I figured I should talk about it. Starting at the top with silentsparrow's Shruggie in Creme, which is the main thing I havn't taken off, I bought the uber pack, and want it melded onto my skin, plz. I'm a big fan of shrugs, in RL too, and this one just makes me happy in my pants. It's softly textured in a chenille sort of knit, and looks all soft and warm and yumcious, fastened at the front with dainty metal hooks and eyes, and with a nice chunky turtle-neck, and sculpted bell sleeves, striped in a way that reminds me delightfully of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Underneath it is the cupcake tank from Elate!, an opening gift from her shiny new mainstore on the Cupcake sim (which I'm thoroughly in love with), which might just be up and running now, maybe, perhaps. Added to it, is Canimal's Lowrise Cargos, in the Boxer version cos I don't want everyone seeing my bottom, and Urban Bomb Unit's Pornstar Hi-Tops, which everyone should have.

::ellabella:: be's located at

Outfit Credits:

All pics:

Skin: Nomine - Sylvan - Ultralight - Vamp Brown
Eyes: Miriel - Marine (standard)
Lashes: Sin Skins - Tipped Fluff Lashes
Shrug: silentsparrow - Shruggie - Creme
Shirt: Elate! - Cupacke Tank
Pants: Canimal - Low Rise Cargos - Brown (boxers)
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit - Pornstar Hi-Tops v2

Hairs, left to right:

ETD - Kiley - Fire (tinted)
/artilleri/ - Sabina II - Cinnamon
Gritty Kitty - Bubblegum - Red
Hiccup - Amelieish - Burgundy
Kin - Shai - Red

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