Monday, November 15, 2010

Save Starlust! (or WoE is me)

So it looks like the Lovely Elikapeka Tiramisu has opened a new hair store called ElikaTira. Only a few styles out but its good to see she is back. She has a couple of lovely gifts and its still offering my favorite variety pack containing a couple shades each of red, brown, blonde, black and white. I am wearing one of the browns but tinted it a bit to get my preferred auburn shade.

Autumn in Florida is not very apparent. We don't have those lovely colored leaves. It just gets a bit cooler and drier. Still jeans, closed toed shoes and light sweaters are just the thing.

I encourage everyone to head over to Starlust. Several of the designers have stuff for sale to help keep the Starlust Motel Sim up and running. The Shirt I have was made by Ingenue and Comes in a 3 pack. There are also some great poses, outfits, jewelry and oddities to look at.

This time I have included Landmarks/SURL's to the shop. Just click on the shops name

Hair: ElikaTira "Wish" in Brown 8 (tinted with some pink)
Skin: Gala as usual (June)
Top: Starlust Exclusive by Ingenue - Mon Petit (Leaf Peepers)
Sweater: WoE - Jenae Tie-Front Sweater in Cobalt
Jeans: Equilibrium Designs - (Calca)(03)(Azul)
Shoes: Shiny Things - Zimminy Flats in Faded Denim (Group Gift)

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