Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oz! Magic of it! Hunt!

The wonderful Magic Of Oz sim turned one year old this week, and as you've doubtless heard, to celebrate, they're holding one of their legendary hunts. It's to my shame that I've only once visited the sim in conditions where I could have my graphics at full pelt, and been able to admire the incredible build properly, but thanks to their innovative hunt system, I know the place intimately. The sim is crammed with fantastic shops, and unsurprisingly, my compulsive nature compels me! to find everything on offer in these hunts. Slippers, candy canes, my eyes have become attuned to their unrezzed forms in unexpected places like beneath waterfalls, atop craggy mountains and precariously perched on rooftops. The anticipation before the hovertip pops up telling me whose object I've found, and the furtive glance at the minimap assuring me that no-one else is about to dive in and swipe my treasure, I really am excessively fond of Magic of Oz hunts. here for your approval are some of my very favourite things that I found this time around!

My mad priority on these things is finding the silentsparrow prize. What can I say? I'm a fangirl. The logical parts of my brain tell me "You've found silentsparrow, now you can stop" but of course, I don't. This time around, the prize was the completely adorable Grassies set, featuring a green plaid layered skirt and matching armwarmers, two vastly versatile tanks, some pyajmmie bottoms, and a sweet little tattoo, all featuring hyasynth's thoroughly adorable hand-drawn grasshoppers, and as an awesome bonus, tentacle horns (inspired by her Cuttles set), and additional antennae by Radio Signals of Scribble.
Worn with it in my picture, is a skin from another of my personal favourite people in the wholewideworld, Allegory Malaprop. Her prize on the hunt is a pack of beautifully glittery-green makeup'd skins, Moonage Daydream Emerald, two for the girls (Langwidaire), two for the boys (Orpheus), which give the face a beautiful classical silent movie star look, if glittery green makeup can be considered classical (I think it CAN and IS and HAS!)
The boots from MnM in the first picture were the hardest prize for me to find, I don't know if they were scarce, or people were just like *grab*, but when I first put them on, I thought they were just pleasantly made, rather large unisex boots. It wasn't until a later misclick (and then reading the enclosed notecard, like a genius) that I discovered their true secret. Which is BEYOND wonderful to me, and I can't even do justice in words or pictures, but, I am very glad I kept searching until I found them.

Another thing I made it a priority to find was the prize from Balderdash. I Only discovered Balderdash relatively recently, but Saiyge Lotus' jewelry has quickly become some of my favourites. The Oz version of Strange As Angels is delicate and dark and beautiful and love, and takes it's name from one of my favourite Cure songs.

Laughing Academy's gift particularly caught my imagination. When I was little and would watch The Wizard of Oz, I'd always be taken by the solid gifts the Wizard gave to Dorothy's friends, as a child would be, I always wanted to hold them. The 'heart' he gave the Tin Man always particularly seemed like it would be fun to hold (I admit, I had completely missed the /point/ in them, but I loved how they looked). And here they are on a wonderful witch's hat! There is also a Top Hat with the same decoration, and I am a sucker for top hats. The outfit I'm wearing is one of Crie Style's two gifts, and the opulant pearl necklace is from Eye Candy.

Finally, Katat0nik's gorgeous Wish outfit. A sweet little Lolita dress in rich blacks and jades, complete with opulant texturing and bows and ruffles and puffs and everything else that makes Katat0nik's work such a joy to wear. It comes with the jaunty miniature witch hat, the fabulous striped stockings, and even the ruffley buckled witch boots, which will be totally re-useable over the spooky season.

A quick note about the red hair I'm wearing, the only item (aside from my traditional Mirel eyes) that is not from the Magic of Oz hunt. Haedon Quine of Tousled has a new, completely squee-worthy sim, called The Field, and for the opening, she has set out several pink bags around the sim, each containing some hair. Very easy to find exploring the new sim, which is both funny and cute, which can be found here:

The Magic of Oz Anniversary Hunt finishes tomorrow, October 18th, so if you havn't picked up any of these goodies, hurry over there, quick, quick!


Pic 1 + 2:

Skin: Schadenfreude - Langwidaire - Porcelain - Moonage Daydream - Emerald - Magic of Oz Hunt Exclusive
Outfit, tattoos and tentacle horns: silentsparrow - Grassies! - Magic of Oz hunt Exclusive
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Earleen - Sapphire (hunt exclusive shade)
Shoes: MnM - Boro Shoes (hunt exclusive)
Jewelry: Balderdash - Strange as Angels (hunt exclusive)

Pic 3:

Skin: As above
Hat: Laughing Academy Oz Anniversary Witchy Hat (hunt exclusive)
Outfit: Crie Style - Wicked Dress for Elphaba (hunt exclusive)
Necklace: EyeCandy - South Sea Pearl Lariat (hunt exclusive)

Pic 4:

Skin: As Above
Hair: Tousled - Olivia - Candy Apple
Dress, hat and Boots: Katat0nik - Wish (hunt exclusive)

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