Monday, August 17, 2009

In The Spotlight: MIEL

Niv's turn for some spotlighty goodness! This week Emee has prodded me out of my blogger hibernation, and with good reason, to continue the brand new but surely will be proud and classic tradition of Monday's In The Spotlight spot....light. In The Spotlight will showcase stores that the Dressing In Pixels team consider outstandingly lovely in terms of design, texturing, and general loveliness, while trying to stay away from strongly established brand names. My own personal extra criteria is that when I walk into the store for the first time, I am overwhelmed with the urge to buy it all up and to hell with the financial consequences. With this, my shiny spotlight falls upon a store we found on the Cupcake sim, Miel. Also, a honey cupcake sounds really good right now.

Due to my severe laziness, I had only heard about Miel the other day, with their prize on the Skipping Stones hunt, which I went "Oh cute! I should go looking there!" and then being extraordinarily absent-minded, forgot all about. It was only when I went on an exploratory stroll of Cupcake with Persephone and Emee that I actually found it again and went "Oh cute! I should buy everything!". Which neatly filled my above criteria and indeed I spent like a trooper. The designs are oh-so-very cute, and attention to detail on the clothing is just wonderful.

I've chosen to showcase their SF outfit in Coal. It consists of a babydollish sculpted tunic, with pockets with optional flowers in. FLOWERS! Flowers in my pocket! You see how I was sold by this concept. It's eccentric, cute, and yet rather elegant all at once. Marvellous! Worn with it is the matching shorts, with beautifully made little ties at the thighs, hand-drawn alpha textures that actually make sense as a bow when you zoom in on them. I love it when things look like what they're supposed to look like. It seems like such a simple thing, but it's really a mark of epic win when hand-drawn. All the wrinkles on the clothing are just right, which is another biggie with me, they're not just put there for the sake of it, or not at all, I dig some good wrinkles. I did have to enlarge the prims quite a bit to accomodate my curvylady hips, and belly, but that's what I get for eating all those prim cookies. With the outfit, I'm wearing the WPGIII Scarf in Maroon, sold seperately but a perfect accent to the dress, sophisticated and contrasting and long enough to wrap around an elephant. Being able to wrap things around elephants is not one of my important criteria, but I appreciate it in a scarf. I have my reasons. Trust me. You don't want to know.

Also delicious are Miel's shoes. I'm a sucker for wedges and mary-jane style shoes, and Miel's JANE shoes are all these things and more! Yes, more than two things! They come in three styles, FLOR, which I am wearing in the picture, with sculpted flowers, MONO, a plain style, and a plaid striped style which I suck too much to remember the name of, but dude! They're COLOUR CHANGE. Each style has three different colour styles to buy, a bright, a pastelly light and a neutral-ish, and various parts of the shoe can be colour-changed to glorious mix n' match....glory. To go with these supershoes, cute knee socks, in the same styles and colour choices, with the sculpted top of the socks equally colour change and versitile and infinitely win! I bought the Brights in both cases, in the spirit of breaking out of my box of...mostly black.
On my head, I sport Miel's AM TULIP headband, which has a matching skirt and top, buyable separately and really, how could I resist? I love tulips! And that's another thing I love about the store. various little accessories really complete each outfit, while remaining tasteful and yummily affordable.

So'anyway, I heartily recommend Miel to anyone with a sense for quirky eccentric quality and awesomeness and lovely things and am very quite glad that my absentmindedness didn't stop me from discovering this store. It's love. Sweet, honeysome love. Visit Miel at

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam FREX [dark] June - Daylily 2
Hair: lamb. - Babys on Fire - Sun Dried Tomato
Dress + Shorts: MIEL - SF OUTFIT COAL
Hairband: MIEL - AM TULIP headband - CHAMPAGNE
Ears: SLink - Sachara Elf Ears Pointy Frogs n Beads (I'm in LOVE with these, also!)
Eyes: Miriel - Marine (standard) (no longer available ;__;)
Lashes: Sin Skins - Tipped Fluff Lashes (possibly also no longer available)

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