Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Cocktails at 5th & Oxford

Due to my awesome grabbiness, I was lucky enough to be in receipt of a review pack of 5th & Oxford's (formally Fleur) new Summer Cocktails line of things! Fleur in the past has been one of my favourite sources of skins, and while I knew Roslin Petion has been known to make clothes, I must admit I hadn't really given them much thought in the past. So when I opened what I was sent, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it not only contained skins from their new Audrey line, but dresses, too! Not only that, but later in the day, I had dropped on me an absolutely gorgeous retro bar, complete with stools and accessories. It had never occurred to me, with all their beautiful sim builds of the past (my personal favourite being the Nouveau with the station and the big long train, so noir, so clever) that one of the team of Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot must be a rather marvellous builder. But I'm getting ahead of myself, of course, as is my way.

I've long been a fan of Roslin Petion's skins, in my overflowing inventory I have just about one of every makeup from the old Fleur Vivant line, and a fair few from the previous Allure line of skins. The new Audrey line of skins has all the glamour and soft beautiful quality that I have come to expect. One of the odd little things I adore about these skins and have noticed with the previous lines, is how wonderfully done the hands are, striking a perfect balance between not being too plain as to be featureless, but also not all veiny and haggard-looking, and the nails beautifully manicured. The makeups of the Summer Cocktails skins are just as the name suggests, summery, light, and fruity. The cheeks have a light flush of colour to them, hinting at a day in the sun and perhaps a couple of drinks, and although it doesn't show up so much on my chosen Fair skintone, the darker tones in the range show a soft highlighting sheen. The skins themselves are simply lovely all over, shading and highlights soft but flawless, and the body parts beautifully drawn. I was particularly taken by the elbows, oddly. I did have to modify the shape of my face a little to make the skin look 'right', but I've been finding myself doing that a lot lately, and it's really rather rewarding in the end.

The dresses too, were fantastic. The Summer Cocktails Dress is a satiny vintage number, slinky and elegant, in six colours, named for yummy colourful drinks, and comes with prim sleeves and belt. The shading and gathers of the fabric are particularly well-done at the bust, which makes me wonder if I spend too much time looking at boobs. It's a distinct possibility. The Summer Cocktails Mini is a more flirty, fun style, a little less grown-up, and with more a nod to 60s hipsters. It clings to one shoulder, and gathers at the waist, and is a party dress if ever I saw one.

And so to the matching bar! In a fabulous retro style, fit to grace the den or the poolside or anywhere else where it's feasible to have a party with a gorgeous retro bar! But unfortunately not the rooftop upon which I live. The bar comes with a myriad of sweet little accessories, plates of olives, slices of lemon, a drinks shaker (which gives out martinis!), soda syphons, and holdable, drinkable drinks! The prims all add up sadly, and my poor little parcel couldn't take it, but it's soso cute, it's worth the relatively heavy primmage if you can at all spare it. the front of the bar, and the stools are colour change too, which means you can match with your decor or mix it up and it remains all good!

5th & Oxford's Summer Cocktails skins, clothing and furniture are really a wonderful way to round off the last weeks of summer and see you into autumn, a memento of long days and longer evenings, of parties and sultry sunshine, and generally a glamourous good time. Available only from 5th & Oxford

Outfit Credits:

Pic 1

Skin: 5th & Oxford Audrey - FAIR - Summer Cocktails 5
Hair: Gritty Kitty - Ghetto - Red
Dress: 5th & Oxford - Summer Cocktails Dress - Appletini
Shoes: LC Vamp - Caliah - Emerald (no longer available)

Pic 2

Skin: 5th & Oxford Audrey - FAIR - Summer Cocktails 1
Hair: Tiny Bird - WillowC - Pomegranate
Dress: 5th & Oxford - Summer Cocktails Dress - Purple Haze

Pic 3

Skin: 5th & Oxford Audrey - FAIR - Summer Cocktails 4
Hair: Magika - Lady - Red E
Dress: 5th & Oxford - Summer Cocktails Mini - Blue Lagoon
Shoes: Periquita - Mary Jane Shoe - Black Stars
Bar with goodies: 5th & Oxford Summer Cocktails Bar

(eyes [marine] and lashes in all by Miriel, no longer available)

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