Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quick Sparrow Loev!

Yesterday, I was a grumpy Niv, for no reason. It was sad. I was cheered up rather a lot though, when I noticed that hyasynth Tiramisu of silentsparrow had put of a GROUP GIFT. It's highly cheering indeed when hyasynth sets out group gifts, for a number of reasons. Firstly, free silentsparrow goodness. C'mon. That's reason enough. But secondly, and more importantly, I adore the way with group gifts and lucky chair sets, that hyasynth mixes and matches pieces from previous sets, to make awesome new sets. Takes all the work out of it for me. And also gives me the chance to take a different look at pieces I already have, and mash them together neatly. It's good and super.

This particular group gift is the Rose Madder Suite (somewhat matching to her Madder lingerie available in the Starlust Panty Raid). It features the jeans and jacket from the Aconite suit, an Aesthete waistcoat (not shown in my peekshures) and a Jangling Jack shirt, in varying tones of a deep pinkish red. My pictures really fail to do justice to it. The jacket in particular, is decorated all over with opulant brocade patterning, with a couple of ankhs thrown in there just to make you feel like a proper goth. The pants are velvetty and rich and dark and just gorgeous, with the shirt having just enough patterning to be interesting without being obnoxious. It really is terribly ironic that the thing that pulled me out of my bad mood was something that made me feel all moody and gothsome, but there it is. The magic of Miss Tiramisu strikes again.

The gift will be out until August 26th, and is only available to those already in the silentsparrow group, so, if you're not, I'm sorry for dangling this loveliness under your nose, but go join now, and you'll be in time for the next gift! And if you are in the group, go, fetch! It's next to the big blue glass birdy at silentsparrow, wear your group tag and go get it!

I make no apologies for my shameless fangirling! <3

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Curio - Moonbeam FREX [Dark] June - Raccoon 2

Hair: Tiny Bird - Hayden - Pomegranate

Outfit: silentsparrow - Group Gift - Rose Madder Suite

Shoes: ETD - Buckle Ballet Flats - Grapefruit

Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears Pointy Chains n Rings

Mouthmouse!: Modd.G {RandomThingThangs} - Nom-A-Mouse

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