Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Give You My Heart

From that first moment, you held my heart in your hands. It beat only while you breathed life into it.

A woman's heart is the strongest, yet most fragile gift given. It should never be taken for granted, nor pushed aside when it is inconvenient to hold with kindness. It holds a priceless treasure that can never be stolen from loving hands, but can only be thrown carelessly away.

It will care and defend the one it loves, but wither away when ignored. It has infinite capacity to care for many, but room for only one true love.

A heart is to be treasured and never thrown away. It should only be given to one who is worthy and will spend the rest of their days protecting it.

St. Valentine's Day is not meant for candy, flowers or cards, but for an expression of caring and support for those who have touched your heart and soul. Whether they be child or parent, friend or co-worker, lover or companion; tell them just how much they mean to you. Never wait for one day a year, but say it every day.

Most importantly, tell yourself how special you are. You deserve it!

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

OUTFIT: Vita's Boudoir - I give you my heart!
HAIR: Vita's Boudoir - Sugarplum Coiffure black
SHOES: Similar Quality Italian Ladies Shoes - Roma
SKIN: -Glam Affair- Sofia Funeral 1
EYES: Aimesi - Eyes Grey

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