Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Decor is Fashionable Too!

Thanks to the SCD Appreciation Day I have discovered a new shop called Gwendonlyn Bieler Design

Her Alice Set (shown below) now graces my Skybox. Her work is well done without being overly primmy, plus she gives several options of poses as well.

Gwendolyn just opened her store and the best way I can describe it is a bit of contemporary with a bit of shabby chic. I look forward to what she is going to do next.

Her most recent addition is a Cabana Set that she is giving away for just 1L!

The set includes the deck, cabana, loungers, daybeds, rug, ceiling fan light (that works) and even folded up towels! The front curtains can be closed for privacy too. I would buy beachfront property just to put this out. Alas, I am poor so that will have to wait.

Her items are copy, no mod, no transfer. If you are looking for some new furniture, I highly recommend shopping at Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Designs.

These pictures may seem small, but just click on them to see them full size. The link to her shop is in purple at the beginning of the blog. Stay Tuned for more information on the outfit I am wearing.

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