Monday, June 29, 2009

My Final Hair Fair Post...I think

After finally shopping my way through the Hair Fair, I realize I was a bit more circumspect in my spending then last year. This isn't necessarily a bad thing since I am on a budget. Still I got some awesome hair to show!

So here are the final hairs that I purchased. This entry is going to be heavy on pictures and light on words.

PAPER TIGER 1 in Auburn by Curio (Has 2 hair versions in pack and color change head band)

TARAE III in Umber by JR*Republic ( This one adds very little to ARC if that matters to you)

TIARA in Firebrick by TEKUTEKU (Tiara included by attaches to nose. I had to mod a lot. Hair has resizer script)

Madeline in Brown Shades by Dernier Cri - (Has hair color HUD with several shades to choose from.)

MEGAN in Dark Brown by Calico Creations

BETTY BOOP in Dark Brown by Curio

Hair Fair dates have been extended to July 6, 2009, be sure to check it out

All Skins but Betty Boop Picture are Makeups from June 1 by Gala Skins
Betty Boop picture: Pin Up Skin Jitterbug 1 by Gala Skins

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